8 Tips To Get Better At Fortnite

Are you struggling to reach your potential in Fortnite Battle Royale? Check out these tips to get better to reach your full potential!

Updated on Aug 29, 2023
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8 Tips To Get Better At Fortnite

Epic Games has created a multi-faceted game with Fortnite Battle Royale. Since there are so many different skill related aspects in the Epic Games Fortnite Battle Royale it can be tough to know what steps you should take to improve your game. Thankfully, we're here to show oyu how to get better at Fortnite!

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Practice Building

The first part of the game that players tend to struggle with is building, becuase the building mechanic is not found within other battle royale games.

Since building is a unique mechanic, and this is probably the first time you're using it, you need to practice building. To practice it you can simply hop into your Fortnite Creative island and learn how to do basic builds like building ramps or building walls.

After you've gotten the hang of placing the general pieces you can begin starting to build structures. When you get to this point we recommend reading up on theBest Structures To Build and grinding these structures over and over until they're muscle memory.


Finally, once you've practiced building in your Fortnite Creative practice time you can hop into a1v1 Arena to test your skills against real players.

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Practice Shooting

Whenever you're playing video games and want to improve practice mode is the way to do so. If your aim is lacking you should dedicate some time each day you play to practicing shooting.

Hop into your favorite Fortnite Creative Aim Map and grind out some different drills every day. We have two important tips to ensure success with Fortnite aim trainers.

Our first tip is to track progress. Mark down your scores in your aim trainer drills so you can see progress taking effect as you practice for weeks or months.


Our next tip is to do a variety of drills with different weapons. If you only practice aiming with a sniper rifle you'll find yourself struggling in game with an assault rifle or shotgun. Therefore, you need to mix up your practice to incorporate the full range of weapons in Fortnite Battle Royale.

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Know Your Weapons

Speaking of weapons, Epic Games has incorporated loads of weapons that spread across every category of weapon class in Fortnite Battle Royale. Since Epic Games has included a massive variety of weapons in the game you need to know which weapons are the best in each class to make sure you're holding the best inventory.

At the very least you should check out theBest Weapons in Fortnite to get a broad overview of the best weapons.


However, we recommend studying deeper and looking into the best weapons for each weapon class. If you're looking for study resources you can check out theBest Shotguns,Best Assault Rifles,Best Pistols,Best Sniper Rifles, andBest SMGs.

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Adjust Your Settings

There's a chance you aren't hitting consistent head shots simply because your controls aren't optimized. Thankfully, we have the resources for you to get better Fortnite Settings.

If you're a controller player you should check out theBest Controller Aim Settings. And for the mouse and keyboard plat style you can check out the Best Keybinds and Best Sensitivity Settings.


Remember, sensitivity settings and keybinds settings are a really personal aspect of the game. Therefore, finding the right settings in Fortnite is all about trial and error. After you adjust your settings play a few games and see if your new Fortnite Settings work for you. If they don't adjust again and test again. Keep clicking that gear icon and repeating the process until you have settings you're comfortable with.

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Learn From The Pros

Epic Games has made a hard game. Thankfully, there are masters at the game who you can learn from. Learning from professional players is among the best methods to get better at Fortnite.

We recommend finding a pro player who has a similar play style to you and watching their Twitch streams and YouTube videos regularly.


Another way to go about learning from the professional players is by emulating their controls. You can check out some pro players controls like Dr Disresprct's Controls and Emad's Controls.

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Practice The Early Game

Epic Games has made Fortnite into a game with two distinct sections of a Battle Royale game. First is the early game, which is right when you hit the ground after leaving the Battle Bus.

To practice this part of the game is pretty simple, drop into high traffic POIs with a lot of enemy fire. By immersing yourself in the toughest start of the game POIs you'll be forcing yourself to get better at this part of the game.

You'll also be forcing yourself to get out of your comfort zone with weapons. You may find yourself only holding a sniper rifle and assault rifle in a close range battle when the game starts, which forces you to get creative with how you're going to win this fight.


A common mistake we see new players make is dropping out of the Battle Bus way to the side of the map and then they just gather resources for the first half of the game. When you do this you're giving up valuable practice time.

When you play a solo match it will make you better when you drop out of the Battle Bus in areas where multiple enemies will be.

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Practice The Late Game

The second part of Epic Games Fortnite Battle Royale that you should practice is the late game. At the end game stage the game becomes completely different as players have more building materials, better weapons, and other stuff like limited time mythic items. You can find yourself getting a final blow in a split second in the end game.

By preparing yourself for the late game you'll significantly increase your chances of snatching a Victory Royale.

Unfortunately, practicing the late game is harder than when the game starts, because you can't get good consistent practice in the basic Epic Games Battle Royale mode. Therefore, we need to turn to Fortnite Creative.


To practice late game Battle Royale we recommend hopping into a zone wars or box fight game mode. Even better if you can find a game mode that incorporates both zone wars and box fights!

You can find our favorite zone wars, Tilted Zone Wars, in the Best Practice Courses.

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Learn From Your Deaths

If you can learn from your deaths in any Battle Royale games you'll find yourself increasing your skill level at an exponential rate compared to other players. Generally, it is good to learn from your misplays; you don't need to sit out every time the game doesn't go your way.

Unfortunately, Epic Games hasn't included a kill cam feature like Call of Duty, which is an exceptional way to learn from your deaths. Thankfully, Epic Games has included a replay feature which is less accessible, but still a great way to learn from your mistakes.


After you get eliminated in a Battle Royale game, hop into the replay feature and see if there are any different decisions you could have made to potentially get a Victory Royale.

For example, after watching a replay you may find you were leaving a part of your box open which got you eliminated by a sniper rifle. Also, you may find that you weren't using the Best Building Material for the time, which left you susceptible to getting sprayed by an assault rifle.

If you don't know how to access the replay feature we got you covered in How To Replay Games.

Now that you have all the tips needed to drop out of the Battle Bus confident into Epic Games Fortnite Battle Royale we're sure you'll have a Victory Royale in the near future. If you want more tips to get a Victory Royale check out Best Ways To Win. Feeling confident in your Victory Royale ability? Check out the Funniest Fortnite Skins instead!

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