How to Flip a Car in Fortnite

Whether completing your punchcard challenges, or simply trying to make a quick getaway from enemies, this is how to flip a car in Fortnite!

Updated on Aug 27, 2023
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How to Flip a Car in Fortnite

First introduced by Epic Games in Chapter 2 Fortnite season 3, cars have been tearing up the battle royale scene ever since, proving an ideal target for fun and destruction from jumping out the battle bus to the final circle.

In the Battle royale frenzy, a player's worst nightmare can be an overturned car. Flipping a car is often the easy part, but first things first, you will need to find a Fortnite car in order to flip it.

This is especially important for those completing the pitstop punchcard quests of flipping an overturned fortnite car. So load up the game, choose your skin, and don't forget to thank the bus driver as we show you how to flip cars like a pro!

Where Do I Find a car?


Fortnite cars and other vehicle types can be found all across the map, from believer beach to Dirty Docks. The best place to look for a vehicle is of course a gas station, or possibly a racetrack, and here are all the locations to look for when searching for your car:

Normal Cars

  • Catty Corner
  • Craggy Cliffs
  • Holly Hedges
  • Pleasant Park
  • Lazy Lake
  • Misty Meadows
  • Steamy Stacks
  • Boney Burbs
  • East and South of Corny Crops
  • Believer Beach
  • Sludgy Swamp

Remember, locations can change every season, much like they did after Orange aftermath, so keep an eye out on where cars might be spawning next. For Fortnite players looking to complete the pitstop punchcard quests, Believer beach is where you want to be, as there is already a flipped car in Fortnite for you to find.



For Fortnite fans who want to flip a larger overturned vehicle such as a tank, you will need to check The Daily Bugle, The Fortress, Command Cavern, Tilted Towers, Coney Crossroads and Rocky Reels.

How Exactly do I flip a car?

Assuming the car is already the wrong way up, its wheels in the air and the car upside down, the process should be extremely simple. Whether the overturned Fortnite car is of your own chaotic driving, or if you simply encountered a wild overturned car on the map, you should be able to simply press your interact buttonto flip a car.


The interact buttonfor PC is E, unless you have changed your key binds. While for Xbox the default interaction buttonis X, and on Playstation to flip a car you will need to press or hold the square buttonto flip their cars and get back into action.

How Do I Flip A Car Over the Wrong Way Round?

Whether it's for fun, or to complete those pitstop's punchcard quests, there are a few ways of flipping cars onto their roofs, after finding a car in Fortnite of course.

After hopping into a game and finding a car in Fortnite, it's time to flip cars! The first and simplest method is to build a ramp.

  1. First, you will need to find some materials to build your ramp. Make sure you're not in the no-build limited time mode though! Grab your pickaxe and rocket launcher and start destroying some trees! Check out our article here for the best Fortnite pickaxes.
  2. With materials gathered, it's time to flip! Build out a small ramp ahead of your car in Fortnite, and then get into your vehicle.


  1. Next, interact with your car and drive it along the edge of the ramp. At some point on the way up, your car should fall onto it's back and become a flipped vehicle.
  2. Boom! Just like before, all you have to do to flip the car the right way up is interact with an overturned car as normal. Job done!

What if I have no Mats?

No worries! There are many ways to flip your car over, with the easiest no-mat way being to drive. Once you gain access to your vehicle, go top speed and drive up hills, mountains, and other structures! At some point, your car should flip.

If you need to quickly get back on the chase, escape enemies, or simply complete a quest, knowing how to flip a car should help you in Fortnite! Check here for more Fortnite tips on how to drop items or how to change your language.

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