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The best Fortnite Baseball Map Codes You Need To Play

If you love baseball, or just playing fun Fortnite minigames with your friends, then these are the Fortnite island map codes you need to know!
The best Fortnite Baseball Map Codes You Need To Play

Baseball is one of the world's favourite sports, an icon of the American sporting scene and is a lot of fun to play. When Epic Games allowed the players to create maps of their own, one of the first things to be created was baseball in Fortnite.

Fortnite baseball can vary from being actually able to play baseball to exploring the iconic stadiums and pitches recreated in the Fortnite world.

With many different creators working on similar maps, there are loads of different Fortnite baseball codes for you to choose from! Here are our top picks for the best Fortnite baseball maps currently available.


Fortnite Baseball - Skittlz | 8211-7002-4996

Baseball Map Batting

Created by popular sports map creator Skittlz, this Fortnite baseball code allows you to actually play baseball with your friends in a Fortnite version of a baseball stadium.

Once again, Skittlz has recreated a real-life sport in Fortnite by using Fortnite ballers - those bubble-like balls that players can drive around the map. Although a little large, these are excellent for this Fortnite baseball code because they are hittable.

With one swing of the player's pickaxe, these balls can either be flung forward or up in the air if you look at the sky as you swing. With these cool game mechanics and a well-designed map, you can play through every aspect of a baseball game, all with a small group of friends.

You can "catch" the ball to get players out by getting in the baller before it touches the ground, or get players out by driving the baller to a base before the striker has run there.

If you love Fortnite sports maps, you should read our article on the best Fortnite football map codes and the best Fortnite basketball map codes for more fun maps!

To access this map, you must copy code next to the title above, use the island code button, enter it, and join the creative map. Job done!


Baller Baseball - Skittlz | 9403-3200-0933

Baller Baseball Liberty Bell

The king of creating baseball Fortnite codes strikes again, this time with a massive and detailed stadium for players to explore. This Fortnite baseball code is really for those super baseball fans, as it combines details from 30 real-life famous baseball stadiums.

Baller baseball, much like Skittlz' other epic maps, also allows the player to actually play baseball by using the Fortnite baller as a substitute for the ball. Along with the hours of fun playing baseball, you can also enjoy the hunt for all of this map's easter eggs.

From the train from the Houston Astros stadium to the Liberty Bell from the Philadelphia Phillies, see if you can find and recognise all 30 of the different stadium features throughout this Fortnite baseball code map.

To join the map, enter the code above and invite your friends! And if you enjoy searching for things, make sure to check out our article on the best Hide and Seek map codes in Fortnite.


Playable Fortnite Baseball - Skittlz | 6932-3820-8218

Baseball Map Pitcher

Very similar to the previous maps, this is one of the baseball Fortnite codes you need if you want to play a competitive match. Along with the standard use of ballers and a cool map layout, this playable Fortnite baseball map adds a scoreboard.

Players can manually add the scores for two different teams, meaning you can challenge your friends to a game of baseball and actually track the score, allowing you to celebrate a clear victory once you win.

Or, of course, the scoreboard can also record and immortalise your defeat should you lose. If that terrifying thought doesn't scare you, you should test your nerves by reading our article on the best Fortnite horror map codes, and playing some of the maps on our list.


Baseball Mania - KK-Slider | 7822-8072-4886

Baseball Mania Fortnite Gameplay

Finally a map not made by Skittlz, Baseball Mania is a fun mini-game version of baseball, with many of the same rules of baseball condensed into a pinball-machine-like map. Two teams of players will compete against each other, with the map automatically keeping score.

One time shoots a pad in the centre to "pitch" the ball, while the batting team can shoot the pinball arms at the right time to send the ball into the bins lining the edge of the pitch. Each bin represents a number of bases run, with straight down the middle being a home run.

To incorporate the catching element of baseball, the fielding team can snipe the ball to stop any runs being made, and the first team to reach 10 points wins. This map is a fun twist on traditional baseball, and can be a lot of fun when played with friends.

And those are all the Fortnite baseball codes you need to try out with your friends! Make sure to see how many home runs you can score, and explore the baller baseball map to find all of the hidden features.

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