Best Fortnite Easter Eggs

Easter eggs have always been a big part of Fortnite, but you need to know where to look. Thankfully, we have you covered!

Updated on Aug 29, 2023
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Best Fortnite Easter Eggs

Everyone loves a good easter egg in their game. Thankfully, Epic Games knows how important easter eggs are to the gaming community and they've included some in Fortnite Battle Royale. Now we'll hop into our favorite Fortnite easter eggs!

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My Name Jeff Glider

The first easter egg we'll take a look at is the 21 Jump Street reference on one of the game's popular gliders. On the bottom of the Paper Airplane Glider, you can find "My Name Jeff" written on the side of the wing.


This one is a tough one to spot, since you never look at the bottom of a glider in the normal game. However, if you want to take a look for yourself you can Replay A Game to look at this hilarious easter egg.

Also, if you want to get yourself a rare glider for this rare easter egg you can always check out the Rarest Gliders.

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Homer Simpson Donuts

Another comedy-related easter egg brings us to The Simpsons. Specifically Homer Simpson. Back when Steamy Stacks was a POI you could find donuts scattered around the nuclear inspection office, just like Homer in the show.


Unfortunately, Steamy Stacks is no longer a POI in-game. However, Epic Games loves to recycle POIs in future seasons, so hopefully, we'll get this Simpson's easter egg back soon.


In the meantime, you can get yourself a Food Fortnite Skin to remind you of the Steamy Stacks donuts.

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Lieutenant Llama's Llama

Another easter egg is the llama that never rotated positions. Before we explain the easter egg you should know that llama's are supposed to be randomly places around the map every game, so they're never in the same position twice.


Epic Games changed that up when they implemented a permanent llama by the character Lieutenant Llama. This easter egg was a llama hunter's dream. Players could guaranteed get loads of materials and healing at the start of every match! Speaking of llamas you should get yourself one of the Best Animal Skins.

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Helms Deep Sand Castle

Finally, we have the Helms Deep sand castle in Fortnite. Lord of the Rings fans will immediately recognize that Helms Deep means a Lord of the Rings Fortnite collab. This could potentially signal future Fortnite skins that are crossed with popular Lord of the Rings characters.


You can find the castle in-game to take a look for yourself and compare it with the real Helms Deep. The dead giveaway for us is the massive hole in the castle wall, which is an obvious reference to the movie.


If you decide to take a look at Helms Deep yourself be sure to dress the part in a Knight Skin.

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Mr Muselk's Failed Rescue

This easter egg has to be our favorite, because it came from a viral Fortnite video that is too funny to make up.

in case you missed the video we'll lay it out for you. Fortnite streamer Mr Muselk found a player who fell down the side of the map, and didn't have enough Building Materials to make their way back to the fight. Essentially, he was left to wait for a lonely elimination in the storm.

Thankfully, our hero Mr Muselk went on a rescue mission to save our fall victim. However, in hilarious fashion, as Mr Muselk was driving down in a golf cart to grab the fallen player he hit the player and eliminated him.


Epic Games got word of this funny incident and placed a tombstone and golf cart in the area the event happened on the map.

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Darth Vader Kneeling

Another interesting easter egg brings us to the Darth Vader NPC boss in Battle Royale. You may have noticed Darth Vader Kneels when being eliminated, this is a reference to Star Wars Battle Front.


As you can see, the kneeling death animation is identical in both games.

For more Star Wars in Fortnite head over to the Best Star Wars Skins.

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EGO Plane At The Rave Cave

You may recognize the plane head that can be found in the Rave Cave POI from a popular TV show. The plane shown is a reference to the plane from the hit show Lost.


The EGO plane has made an appearance in several Fortnite season's, so it's no surprise we're seeing it again in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4.

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We have another Simpson's easter egg to show you, which is truckasaurus. Truckasaurus is a popular Simpson's reference that can now be found in Fortnite!


If you've been paying attention you may have noticed truckasaurus being built in the past couple of Fortnite Season's.


If you want a dino skin like Bronto or Tricera Ops to go with truckasaurus check out the Best Animal Skins!

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Indiana Jones Boulders

Finally, we have the Indiana Jones boulders spread across the Battle Royale map.


When you dislodge these boulders in-game the boulder will roll forward crushing anyone in its path, which is an obvious reference to Indiana Jones.


If you've seen the recent Indiana Jones Battle Pass it will be no surprise they fit an Indiana Jones reference in the game. Speaking of the Battle Pass, check out How To Gift The Battle Pass.

Now that you've heard about some fantastic Fortnite easter eggs you better start hunting for them! Before you do though, you should be hunting in style in a Superhero Skin or Robot Skin.

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