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The Best Asian Themed Fortnite Skins

Learn all about the best Asian themed skins in Fortnite by reading this article!
The Best Asian Themed Fortnite Skins

It cannot be denied that Asian culture is colorful and cool. Thankfully, Epic Games released several Asian-themed skins in Fortnite Battle Royale. Check out the best Asian-themed skins available in the game!



Based on the popular Japanese video game, Street Fighter (SF), Chun-Li was created and released through the Street Fighter Skin Set. This skin caught the attention of many players and did not disappoint the Fortnite community because of its accuracy.

Fortnite offers two selectable styles: the ‘Nostalgia’ Chun-Li which is the classic skin characterized by her space buns, a blue-colored embroidered vest, unitard, and shoes. She also wears a studded wristband which is identical to the game. Her other style is the SF’s other variation of the character having a more detailed outfit. Chun Li wears white hair bun covers, a blue-colored qipao, pantyhose, and white combat boots. Her studded wristband is upgraded to spiked bracelets. This skin set is surprisingly cheap and only 1,600 v bucks!

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Jade Racer

Skip the terrifying looks, and pick up Jade Racer if you want a cool-looking biker girl with a hint of Asian culture. Part of the Ancient Reborn collection, Jade Racer sports a colorful outfit and helmet that will surely turn heads on the battlefield. This is one of the leaked skins for Chinese New Year 2022 with Swift.

Jade Racer's color is different from the usual Fortnite China skins because it has a green outfit with black and pink trim. Like Swift you do not have to complete certain challenges to get this skin, Jade Racer can be bought on the item shop for 1200 v bucks.

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One of the few leaked Fortnite skins for Chinese New Year last 2020, Swift is heavily designed with the event in mind. Like the other Asian cosmetic items, it can build its own Fortnite China in game with its vibrant red, black, and gold colors. The whole theme of this skin is really cool because of the menacing mask and cool jacket that will surely leave a mark on the battlefield.

Thankfully, Swift is unlockable through the Fortnite item shop and does not need to be acquired through an in-game event like some Fortnite skins. Not to mention, Swift's back bling, Rat Lantern, perfectly acquires the Chinese New Year spirit. Swift only costs 1200 v bucks, which is cheap considering its beautiful looks and Asian theme

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If you prefer Japan-themed Fortnite skins, then Hime is probably the best of them all. Hime wears the old warlord armor that will leave all your enemies in awe. Not only that, but the colors of this skin pop out, cementing its place as one of the best Fortnite skins to date.

Hime wears gold and blue armor, helmet, mask, and pants, making the entire look of the skin ready to destroy everyone in the game. Additionally, Hime has a cute back bling, a cat called Shiro, that suits the entire Japanese concept of the skin. Hime, being a legendary skin, costs 2000 v bucks and is included in the item shop rotation in game.

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One of the few Fortnite China outfits available in the game, Demi wears a cultural red dress that is hugely available in China. As part of the Scarlet Dragon skin set, Epic Games combined the modern and cultural features of Asia for this skin. As mentioned previously, Demi wears an eye-catching red dress, gloves, heels, and gamer headphones that will surely appeal to many players.

Demi is an Epic Fortnite outfit that was obtainable through the Season 9 Battle Pass of Fortnite Battle Royale. Like other battle pass skins, Demi might not come back to the item shop anymore, but do not worry since Epic Games still release awesome new skins regularly!

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Sushi Master and Maki Master

Sushi and Maki Master was released as part of the Sushi Skin Set, a skin set that appeals to players who love sushi! Even though this isn’t based on a video game, movie, or show like many Fortnite skins are, it is a pretty decent rare skin that represents a big part of the food culture of the Asian community.

This skin showcases how the making of sushi requires knife skill, form, and intricacy and how many chefs would train to have a mastery of sushi. It also shows appreciation for those who devote their time and energy to becoming an expert in appropriate slicing and assembling pieces of raw fish. Both of these skins only cost 1200 v bucks. Because of their huge cultural relevance, Sushi Master and Maki Master are still two of the best Fortnite skins that have an Asian theme!



Naruto Uzumaki

Yep, you read that right! Fortnite has released its very own Naruto skin which many players loved and continually love because of the nostalgia it brings to those who are fans of the very famous anime—Naruto. What’s more amazing is how this is only a part of a Fortnite skin set that includes other beloved characters such as Sakura Haruno, Kakashi Hatake, Hinata Hyuga, Itachi Uchiha, and many more.

Although there are many skins released based on this anime, we will only be focusing on Naruto since he is the main protagonist of the show. This Naruto skin is pretty straightforward and accurate when it comes to the details of the animation with a rarity of Epic. Players can also avail of the other selectable style called the ‘Seventh Hokage’. This skin costs for a reasonable price of 1,500 v bucks.

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It is time to drop from the battle bus with the best Asian skins in Fortnite Battle Royale. Choose anything you want from the skins above to flex on your friends and kill enemies with style!

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