Rarest Gliders in Fortnite

There’s no better way to show off in Fortnite Battle Royale than shoving one of the rarest Fortnite gliders in the face of your opponent.
Rarest Gliders in Fortnite

There are plenty of awesome gliders in rotation right now like Flying Fish, Snowflake Umbrella, and Royale Dragon. However, those are not the kinds of rare gliders we’re after. To truly flex on opposing Fortnite players we need the rarest cosmetics in the whole of Epic Games’ Fortnite Battle Royale history.


Jolly Roger Glider

The Jolly Roger Glider is similar to the Raptor Glider in the back story. The Jolly Roger Glider was released, but wasn’t adorned by Fortnite players. Despite a reasonable price tag of 500 V Bucks, players stayed away from this Fortnite Season 1 glider, leading to a 1000+ day Fortnite Item Shop dry spell.

Hopefully Epic Games will grace us with the Jolly Roger Glider in Battle Royale again, but for now all we can do is wait. If you somehow manage to get Jolly Roger, combine it with an Sweaty Tryhard Skin.

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Raptor Glider

The Raptor Glider may not seem rare at first glance. However I assure you it’s one of the 10 rarest gliders! The Raptor Glider is rare because it hasn’t been seen in the Fortnite Item Shop for over 1300 days!

Raptor Glider Fortnite

Typically, when cosmetics are going through a dry spell of that length, the cosmetic items will probably never return. However, that’s not always true! So keep an eye on the Fortnite Item Shop, you never know when Raptor Glider will return.

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Discovery Glider

The Discovery Glider is among the rarest Fortnite gliders in history, because it’s from one of the most iconic Fortnite promotions of all time. That’s right, the Samsung Galaxy Epic Games crossover promotion.

Discovery Glider Fortnite

Players may recognize this promotion from the Most Expensive Skins article, with the Galaxy skin. Needless to say, if you run into this glider, you’re up against a serious player.

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Comet Crasher

Comet Crasher gave players the ability to glide into battle on an asteroid out of space! Gave some players at least. Comet Crasher was a Tier 90 Battle Pass reward in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2.

Comet Crasher Fortnite Glider

Therefore, many players were not able to level up enough to receive this rare cosmetic item. You should pair Comet Crasher with one of the Best Astronaut Skins to show off your space pride.

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Aerial Assault One

If you’re fortunate enough to have one of the rarest Fortnite skins, Aerial Assault Trooper, we have the glider for you. Aerial Assault One, the optimal glider for getting high kills dropping out of the Battle Bus.

Aerial Assault One Glider

Aerial Assault Glider is another OG Season glider from back in Fortnite Season 1. Being from Season 1 Aerial Assault Glider was released with Fortnite characters like Skull Trooper, Renegade Raider, and Ghoul Trooper.

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Rainbow Rider

Rainbow Rider is a Fortnite Season 3 Battle Pass skin. Since Rainbow Rider is from an OG Fortnite Season Battle Pass, it’s widely regarded as a rare Fortnite glider. It’s a dang shame Rainbow Rider isn’t more common, because the colorful design brings a lot of life into Battle Royale.

Rainbow Rider Fortnite Glider

The colorful rainbow and shooting star accents across this glider are guaranteed to fill your Battle Royale lobbies with pure joy! Unfortunately, the gift of giving joy is exclusive to OG Fortnite players. For more OG cosmetics check out Fortnite Skins Only OG Players Own.

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Rhinestone Rider

Drop down to your Victory Royale in sparkly style with Rhinestone Rider. Also, if you have one of the Cutest Fortnite Skins, now is your chance to use it, because Rhinestone Rider is about as cute as gliders get!

rhinestone rider fortnite glider

Unlike most rare gliders, Rhinestone Rider is not a Battle Pass or promotional glider. Rather, Rhinestone Rider is on a multi-year dry spell from the Fortnite Item Shop. Therefore, despite being affordable at 500 V Bucks, Rhinestone Rider is one of the rarest gliders in Fortnite.

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Mako Glider

Mako Glider is exactly how the name sounds, a customizable glider. Players could get Mako Glider in game in the Fortnite Season 1 Shop. Since the end of that season shop, Mako Glider has not been available again.

Mako Glider Fortnite

Mako Glider may be the rarest Fortnite glider, being from way back in Season 1!

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Laser Chomp

Laser Chomp is a Legendary rarity Fortnite glider that players can purchase for 1500 V Bucks from the Fortnite Item Shop. The Laser Chomp glider is amongst the rarest gliders in the game of Fortnite.

Laser Chomp Fortnite Glider

Many players refuse to purchase the Laser Chomp Glider in game because of the hefty 1500 V Bucks price tag, making this for sharks, one of the rarest gliders. Stick with the ocean theme and equip a Summer Beach Skin to go with Laser Chomp.

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Sir Glider

If you have one of the Best Fortnite Knight Skins like the Rarest skin Black Knight, you’ll want to get the Sir Glider to pair with them. Sir Glider is one of the rarest gliders in the game, being from the Fortnite Season 2 Battle Pass!

Sir Glider Fortnite

Battle Pass cosmetics from back in Fortnite Chapter 1 will always be the rarest cosmetics in the game, and Sir Glider is no exception to the rule.

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Whether you’re on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, or PlayStation 5, we know you wish you had these rare gliders. Heck, maybe you already do! If you’re an OG player you might have Laser Chomp collecting dust and not even realize. Before you click away we recommend you check out a couple related articles, like Top 10 Best Gliders, and Best Fortnite Dance Emotes.