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The Best Space Astronaut Skins in Fortnite

Learn about the Best Spacesuit and Astronaut Skins in Fortnite by looking at TheGlobalGaming’s Top 5 List. 

Updated on Sep 29, 2022
The Best Space Astronaut Skins in Fortnite

Want to explore the furthest regions of space & also dominate over your enemies? Then look towards TheGlobalGaming’s Best Spacesuit Astronaut Skins in Fortnite. We’ve identified the most popular characters to exist within this category, like the Dark Voyager or Mission Specialist. But what’s required with unlocking these characters? Find out more by reading below. 

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Corrupted Voyager

Spend 1500 V-Bucks to unlock the Corrupted Voyager Skin, which was released during the 10th fortnite season in 2019 to widespread applause. Female gamers favored the darker aesthetic & sinister personality that the Corrupted Voyager portrayed with her outfit, which caused this character to become ranked amongst the best fortnite skins.

Corrupted Voyager

Unfortunately, secondary weapons & aerial vehicles in fortnite aren’t bundled with the Corrupted Voyager Skin. You’ll need to purchase the Voyager Glider separately for 800 V-Bucks. For myself, I’d found this cosmetic character was perfect for evening matches. You’ll have similar experiences after the Corrupted Voyager is unlocked.


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Jonesy wasn’t the exclusive default character to become upgraded in the Space Explorers Set. Ramirez was additionally upgraded & received an iconic spacesuit resembling something NASA Astronauts would wear. However, unlocking the Moonwalker Skin meant reaching the 55th level in Fortnite's battle pass.


Moonwalker has become ranked amongst the rarest fortnite skins. Few gamers will utilize this cosmetic character in 2022. However, I’d argue this makes Moonwalker more interesting. It’d be incredible to surprise professional gamers & long-time supporters of Fortnite with the Moonwalker Skin. They’d know anyone with this character meant business & couldn’t be easily defeated.

Unfortunately, the Orbital Shuttle Glider and EVA Harvesting Tool aren’t bundled with the Moonwalker Skin. You’ll need to unlock your secondary weapon by reaching the battle passes 46th level & spend 1200 V-Bucks to acquire the Orbital Shuttle Glider.


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Mission Specialist

Thousands of gamers unlocked the Mission Specialist Skin in Fortnite when the character was initially released. There weren’t any requirements to purchase this character via the item shop. Instead, gamers surpassing the 1st tier in fortnite’s battle pass were gifted this character.

Mission Specialist

Fortnite players cannot unlock the Mission Specialist anymore. They’ll need to compete in various tournaments where skins are released as prizes. Could you imagine winning these competitions & acquiring an incredible outfit from Riot Games? I can. Otherwise, this astronaut version of Jonesy won’t ever be obtained.


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Could you imagine an alien traversing the cosmos to attack humanity? Well, that’s the purpose of Leviathan. This extraterrestrial has descended onto the fortnite battle royale & is preparing to deceive his enemies into death. But controlling this extraterrestrial means spending 2000 V-Bucks on the item shop. In turn, you’ll unlock one of the best fortnite skins available.


Astronaut skins have dominated the battle pass seasons in Fortnite, causing consumers to become excited whenever another character is announced. But none have managed to overcome Leviathan as the best space astronaut skin in fortnite. That’s because there’s a certain level of fear imposed by Leviathan, causing enemies to flee in fear.


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Hazard Agent

Nuclear cleanup crews are impossible to avoid within the confines of space exploration. Knowing this, Epic Games launched the Hazard Agent Skin for 1500 V-Bucks. It’d become one of their more popular cosmetic items within the fourth fortnite season, which wasn’t surprising considering the Hazard Agent shares similarities to spacemen from Fallout.

Hazard Agent

You’ll be surprised to learn that the Hazard Agent Skin is bundled with the Autocleave Harvesting Tool and Meltdown Glider. What’s so unique about these cosmetic items, you might ask? Well, they’ll expand the available accessories held within your inventory & cause enemies to become jealous.


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Dark Voyager

The Space Explorers Set has unveiled seven playable characters, including the Corrupted Voyager & Dark Voyager. While you could purchase the Corrupted Voyager from the item shop, gamers were required to unlock the Dark Voyager. This meant reaching the 70th tier in Fortnite's battle pass.

Dark Voyager

Reaching the 70th tier wasn’t easily accomplished for most players. Those individuals logged countless hours to acquire the Dark Voyager. In return, they’d unlock an outfit containing darkened materials & glowing lights. This gave gamers an unexpected advantage throughout evening matches, causing enemies to become shocked with the Dark Voyagers appearance.


Astronauts have fascinated multiple generations throughout recent history. That’s why Epic Games have introduced characters themed around space exploration. But there’s the possibility that space exploration doesn’t intrigue you. If that’s the case, might I recommend considering Skin Sets that focus on Genshin Impact or the Best Bears of Fortnite. There are even opportunities to unlock the Master Chief and Love Ranger within the fortnite battle royale. As such, character selection is endless within this game.

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