Best Fortnite Mouse Settings

Struggling with your in-game settings menu? Don't struggle anymore after you find the best Fortnite mouse settings!

Updated on Dec 23, 2022
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Best Fortnite Mouse Settings

Getting the right settings is a challenge that everyone playing Fortnite has to face. With so many different complex settings to sort through even professional players can struggle to refine their settings. Thankfully, we have plenty of experience with mouse settings and we can guide you through the settings menu to get the best possible Fortnite mouse settings for you!

Best Fortnite Mouse DPI Settings

Let's start out with your DPI. DPI means dots per inch, which refers to the amount of dots your mouse will register in a physical inch of space.

Generally, pro players skew towards a lower DPI. We recommend sticking between 400 and 800 DPI, because any higher and you may find your mouse is too sensitive. However, some pro players like Chapix prefer a higher DPI around 1600.

Best Fortnite Mouse Sensitivity Settings

The best mouse sensitivity settings for Fortnite will depend on your DPI and personal preference. You'll have to go through some trial and error to find the right mouse sensitivity settings for yourself.

A good rule of thumb is to make sure you do a full 360 degrees turn when you drag your mouse from one end of your mouse pad to the other. Once you've successfully gotten your sensitivity settings refined to complete a 360 turn with one swipe you've found your perfect sensitivity.

Sensitivity Settings Menu
Sensitivity Settings Menu

The next note on sensitivity settings for Fortnite is between the x axis sensitivity and the y axis sensitivity. Always make sure your x axis sensitivity and y axis sensitivity are equal. If you have mismatched axis sensitivity you'll find it harder to properly aim in-game, because your vertical sensitivity and horizontal sensitivity will be mismatched.

For comparison here are Fortnite World Cup Winner's Bugha's sensitivity settings:

Bugha Fortnite Sensitivity Settings

Mouse Sensitivity X


Mouse Sensitivity Y


Please note that mouse settings are personal, so these will not make you a better player instantly.

Once you have a decent sensitivity picked out it's time to grind your aiming! Our favorite way to grind out some aiming is in the Best Aim Maps, and be sure to check out some Shotgun Aim Tips too!

Best Fortnite Mouse Targeting Sensitivity Settings

The next of our Fortnite settings to dive into is mouse targeting sensitivity. Mouse targeting sensitivity is the sensitivity multiplier that is applied when you're aiming down sights with a non-scoped weapon in-game. Examples of weapons mouse targeting sensitivity impact the ADS sensitivity of are SMGs and Shotguns.

Aiming With Assault rifle
Aiming With Assault rifle

Since it's rare you have to do a significant turn while aiming down sights we recommend you drop this setting below 100%. 

Here are pro players Calc's Fortnite targeting sensitivity settings:

Calc Fortnite Targeting Sensitivity Settings

Mouse Targeting Sensitivity


An 80% mouse targeting sensitivity is a great place for anyone to start off finding the right targeting sensitivity for you.

Best Fortnite Mouse Scope Sensitivity Settings

Mouse scope sensitivity is the same as mouse targeting sensitivity, with one key difference. Mouse scope sensitivity is for scoped weapons like Sniper Rifles and certain Assault Rifles with scopes.

Aiming With Scoped Weapon
Aiming With Scoped Weapon

Just like targeting sensitivity, we recommend you choose somewhere around 80% for your scope sensitivity. However, we should mention that some players prefer to keep their scope sensitivity at 100%, which highlights that sensitivity for Fortnite is always a personal preference.

Here are pro players Calc's Fortnite scope sensitivity settings:

Calc Fortnite Scope Sensitivity Settings

Mouse Scope Sensitivity


An 80% mouse scope sensitivity is a solid point for most Fortnite players to hit wicked snipes.

Best Fortnite Mouse Polling Rate Settings

The final of our Fortnite mouse settings is the polling rate. The polling rate is how often your mouse sends signals to the game. A higher polling rate means less input lag. A decrease in input lag will allow you to make more precise aim adjustments in Epic Games Fortnite Battle Royale.

Now that we know a high polling rate is best, let's find out what polling rate you should aim for. Most gaming mice allow for 1000Hz, which means your mouse sends a signal every millisecond. Compared to the standard 125Hz that's a pretty significant increase! Therefore, we recommend you get a mouse that allows for a polling rate of 1000Hz.

Now that we've given you the basis to find your perfect settings we should mention there's always the option of copying settings from pro players. We've dissected pros like Deyy and Jacobbb in case you want to copy their controls and not worry about any trial-and-error headaches. And if you want to experience Fortnite in a whole new way, check out our article on whether the game is playable on the Oculus Quest 2.

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