Best Fortnite Creative Racing Maps

Race through the craziest maps Fortnite Creative has to offer with these Fortnite racing codes!

Updated on Aug 27, 2023
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Best Fortnite Creative Racing Maps

Do you like moving at the speed of light in Fortnite Battle Royale but can't find the right Creative mode map to suit your needs? Then you've come to the right place! Today we're compiling the best Fortnite racing map codes so you can race your way through Fortnite Creative.

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Fortilla Boat Race | 8531-4886-1806

We've been through a ground race map and a car race map, next up we need to mention a boat race map. This one brings us back to the Fortilla POIU, which in one of the previous Fortnite Season's maps in Fortnite.


If you want to hop into this Fortnite racing island be sure to punch in the Fortnite Creative code 8531-4886-1806 to join the fun. Also, get in the boating vibe with the Best Bikini Skins.

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Rockets Vs Cars Ultimate | 0211-7730-5637

The first of our Fortnite racing map codes brings us to Rockets Vs Cars Ultimate. In this awesome racing map, you'll be ripping down the race track while other players attempt to destroy your car using rocket launchers!


If that sounds appealing to you hop into the fun with Fortnite Creative map code 0211-7730-5637. Also, since Rockets Vs Cars Ultimate currently has a Halloween theme to it you should be sure to dress in the Best Halloween Skins or Scariest Fortnite Skins.

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Squid Game Red Light Green Light | 9534-6337-4996

Next up we have a throwback racing map, Squid Game Red Light Green Light. This map strips away all the non-racing Squid Game challenges and leaves you with red light green light. When the light turns green spring to your heart's content, but if you aren't quick enough to stop on red you'll find yourself eliminated from this immersive Squid Game Fortnite Creative racing map.


You can access Squid Game Red Light Green Light with the Fortnite Creative map code 9534-6337-4996.

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Dakar's Halloween Race | 7214-3853-0538

The next of our racing maps brings us to Dakar's Halloween Race. This map brings you through the iconic Tilted Towers POI with cinematic glory as explosions surround your vehicle


Use the code 7214-3853-0538 to join in on the Halloween race today!

5 /10

Octane Death Race | 8399-2986-4200

Continuing on with the unique racing games brings us to Octane Death Race. Race impossible obstacle courses in suped up cars through this awesome Fortnite death run!


You're going to need some protection considering the danger of this course, so be sure to equip one of the Best Knight Skins for a full suit of protective armor. Once you're all protected use code 8399-2986-4200 to join the fun!

6 /10

Need For Drift | 4161-6375-3962

Need For Drift brings an open-world aspect to Fortnite racing map codes. Need For Drift being open world means there are loads of potential racing games for you and your friends, all that's holding you back is your creativity!


Use the code 4161-6375-3962 to hop into Need For Drift today. Or, if you're worn out on all the fun racing maps try out an awesome Parkour Map instead.

7 /10

Aqua Drift Race | 4484-4147-7979

Another of our favorite Fortnite racing maps is Aqua Drift Race. Aqua Drift Race brings you around a racing island with sharp turns along an aqua-blue race track.


Of course, you'll want to look the part to enjoy this map, so check out the Best Blue Skins. After your new skin is equipped punch in the code 4484-4147-7979 to join the race!

8 /10

Figure 8 Jumps | 8551-3819-8153

The next map we're diving into is Figure 8 Jumps. Figure 8 Jumps is a racing map with massive jumps that every Fortnite racer can enjoy.


Our favorite part of the Figure 8 Jumps map is the unlimited boosts on the cars. The added feature of unlimited boosts allows for a massive wind-up in speed before jumps which allows you to throw yourself across massive gaps. See for yourself by using code 8551-3819-8153 to join the race!

9 /10

Super Color Race | 6185-5780-0023

If you're tired of repetitive colors in your Fortnite racing maps we've got the perfect map to break the pattern. Super Color Race takes a traditional race track and makes it anything but traditional by pumping in numerous vibrant colors.


If you want some more color in your Fortnite racing maps join Super Color Race with the code 6185-5780-0023. You'll also want some colorful skins to equip while racing so take a peek at the Best Red And Black Skins or Best Green Skins.

10 /10

The Impossible Tower | 3871-0075-0370

Finally we have The Impossible Tower. This race takes you vertically through a massive sky-scraping tower with a mysterious aura.


If you want to race your way to the top use Fortnite Creative code 3871-0075-0370.

Now that you're ready to get first place on the best racing maps you might be interested in the Best Creative Codes for more Fortnite Creative fun! Additionally, you can check out the Best Maze Map or Best Trickshot Map for more specific Fortnite Creative browsing.

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