How Much Would It Cost To Buy All Skins Fortnite

Want to have all the skins in Fortnite and want to know how much you will need to spend using real-life money?
How Much Would It Cost To Buy All Skins Fortnite

Epic Games released a multitude of skins throughout the years, and all the skins each have uniqueness and themes that someone will want to get all of them. As you may have known already, each skin in Fortnite does not come cheap and it would cost a fortune to buy all skins in the famous battle royale game. If you are curious about it, here is a guide about how much it would cost to buy all the skins in the game.

How Much Would It Cost To Buy All Skins Fortnite

Calculating the average v bucks for the skin price, the number would be 1375. Since Epic Games released over 1350 skins over the years. The largest V buck package costs 79.99 dollars or 64.99 euros, multiplying that number by the average price will equal 1,856,250 v bucks. However, not every skin is bought by v bucks since some are included in the battle pass, Fortnite crew, and rewarded on some special events. The rough estimate would only cost you around 1,000,000 v bucks.

If you are going to buy all the Fortnite skins then it is going to cost you around 23,000 dollars or 22,500 euros, which is a lot for real life money. Of course, not everyone has the time and money to cover how much skins cost, but some people are avid collectors and try to buy every single thing that appears in the Fortnite item shop.

Whether you bought a ton of V-bucks or are trying to finish the new Fortnite Battle Pass tiers, you might be contemplating buying several items and skins to beautify your locker. If you want an estimate of the total price that'll cost to buy every single skin, here is a rundown of it:

Rundown Of All Fortnite Skins

Epic Games has over 1350 skins released in the game, and skins each have a different V bucks cost.

What Is The Most Efficient Way Of Getting Multiple Skins?

As mentioned earlier, Fortnite skins cost a lot of money, but if you are looking to get multiple skins in the game, then the best way is to buy the current season's battle pass. Each Fortnite battle pass only cost 1000 V bucks, and you can earn those v bucks again if you finished all the battle pass tiers.

Not only that but there are also multiple battle pass items that you can retrieve with stars. However, you may not be able to get feature-packed cosmetic items or exclusive skins just by buying battle passes, so it may be best to weigh your options and choose the best skin that you want when you spend money.

Can You Get More Skins For Cheap?

If you do not want to spend less real-life money to buy skins or the battle pass, then you can try several alternatives to get Fortnite skins.

  • Buying a Twitch Prime: sometimes Twitch Prime gives away V bucks, skins, or items to players who bought the subscription. This is great for players who play a ton of Fortnite and use Twitch at the same time
  • Wait for holiday V bucks sales- Holidays are gifting seasons, but it also means that there will be discounts all over the place, so take your time and find several deals that you can get!
  • You can also use some popular methods to earn money playing Fortnite

Are There Skins Not Available In The Fortnite Item Shop?

If buying another battle pass is not your jam, then you can try getting exclusive skins not shown in the Fortnite store. For example, the oldest exclusive skin is Blue Team Leader which is rewarded to Playstation Plus subscribers. There was also a time when you can get the rare galaxy skin by purchasing a Note 9 or Galaxy Tab S4. These are just two of the several exclusive skins available in Fortnite, so try to get your hands on one of them to flex them to your enemies and friends!

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