The best Camouflage Skins in Fortnite

Sneak up on your opponents in Fortnite Battle Royale with one of the Best Camouflage Skins in Fortnite. You won't even see them.

Updated on Aug 03, 2023
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The best Camouflage Skins in Fortnite

You don’t have to play Modern Warfare, or Black Ops Cold War to show off your camouflage skins anymore. Epic Games has included over 1000 items in the Fortnite Item Shop. One major category of skins that is constantly growing in the Item Shop is camouflage skins. Camo has become a popular fashion trend in Fortnite Battle Royale. If you’re the kind of player that likes a little camo in your game you’re in the right place.

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Plastic Patroller

Let's start this listing off with some military vibes – a Plastic Patroller! The skin takes the iconic toy soldier that everyone is familiar with from their childhood, and makes it into a Fortnite skin. The character skin comes from the ever so popular Jonesy character in Fortnite.


There are three style options to choose from after purchasing the Plastic Patroller camouflage skin from the Epic Games Item Shop. You can equip the Default green option, the Gray variation, or Red variation. Plastic Patroller is also an affordable Fortnite Skin. You can pick up Plastic Patroller for just 800 V Bucks in the Fortnite Item Shop. With a price tag less than the Fortnite Battle Pass it’s tough to pass up on this Toy Soldier.


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Cammy came thrashing into Fortnite Battle Royale in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7. She is a part of the Gaming Legends Series, which means Cammy is a video game character that was pulled from another game. In this case Cammy comes from Street Fighter.


The Tactical variation of the Cammy outfit is where the camouflage really comes into play. Tactical Cammy wears camo pants, and a dark brown shirt. Other than her red hat and long blonde braids, Cammy is ready to blend into any environment. If you’re a Street Fighter fan who wants to utilize a camouflage skin in Fortnite Cammy is the choice for you!


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Insight is a 1200 V Bucks Rare Fortnite Skin. Insight is bundled with The Sight Sling back bling. Insight combines camouflage, technology, and combat gear to take enemies out from afar, and stay hidden simultaneously. The character wears a blue camouflage hood that drapes over her shoulders. Under the hood is dark grey urban camo covered combat gear, with blue accents.


Insight also utilizes night vision goggles to detect opponents in any environment. There is a second style option for Insight which changes the color of her camo hood to purple and pink camo, as well as swapping the blue accents on her clothing to black. Look out for Insight’s male counterpart, Longshot. Insight, and Longshot are both fantastic skins to utilize darkness and camouflage skins to blend in throughout Fortnite Battle Royale.


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Black Knight

Appearing at tier 70 in the Season 2 Battle Pass is Black Knight, a part of the Fort Knights Set. This skin is a little piece of Fortnite history, being the first Legendary Outfit to appear in a Battle Pass. Black Knight was released early on in the game's life, and was only available in the Battle Pass.


These factors combine and may make Black Knight the Rarest Fortnite Skin. Black Knight is the perfect skin to blend in with your surroundings. Black Knight is dressed in all black medieval armor with red accents. The primarily black outfit makes Black Knight blend into the background with ease. This OG skin is the ideal camo outfit to flex on your foes.


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Bushranger is a rare fortnite skin that players can obtain from the Fortnite Item Shop. Bushranger is sold to players for 1200 V Bucks on their own. You can also purchase Bushranger in the Brie Larson’s Locker Bundle for 2000 V Bucks. With the bundle you get the Buzzy Bag back bling, Honey Hitters harvesting tool, and a couple of emotes on top.


The Bushranger skin is a plant come to life. The skin shows a wooded creature with bushy leaves along their entire body. They also have wood limbs for their legs, arms, and even their face is wood. Players may not notice the pinecone grenades slung across Bushranger’s torso. Bushranger is a fantastic skin to camouflage yourself because their natural aesthetic allows them to blend in with trees or bushes easily.


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Elite Agent

Elite Agent is an epic outfit that was added to Fortnite Battle Royale through the Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 3 Battle Pass. Elite Agent is a part of the Black Vector Set. The Elite Agent skin allows players to show how serious they are about snatching dubs with the realistic modern warfare aesthetic that this skin displays.


Elite Agent wears military equipment across her outfit, most notable is the urban camo pants and face cover. She also wears black body armor to protect herself from opponents' shots. As well as a black helmet which matches her dark clothing, so she can camouflage herself easily. Unfortunately, unless you got the Fortnite Season 3 Battle Pass, players will no longer be able to obtain Elite Agent.


Now that you have a list of camouflage Fortnite skins to blend into the background of any Battle Royale match, you’re all set to snatch some dubs. Be sure to crouch walk up and get some stealth elims with your brand new camo skins. If you want to browse through some legendary Fortnite skins check out Fortntie Skins V Bucks 2000. If that just isn’t enough Fortnite skins for you check out The Best 50 Skins For You Stand Out In Fortnite.

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