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The Best Military Fortnite Skins of All Time

Some prefer Default Skin, while others are into fancy skins like Supersonic or Rex Skin. Here you will find all the best military skins ever released!

Updated on Dec 23, 2022
The Best Military Fortnite Skins of All Time

Fortnite is a battle royale game, making it a great battlefield for skilled players. Of course, what more suits the whole theme of the game other than military skins. As you may have known, there are hundreds of Fortnite skins available today, but here are the best military skins in Fortnite if you dig that theme.

1 /10

Rex Skin

If you thought that dinosaurs do not belong in a battle royale game, then Rex will definitely prove you wrong. Not only that, but this dino-looking skin is also military themed adding to his awesomeness.

However, Rex would not suit players who want a lot of details and flashiness in their outfits since this Fortnite skin is plain looking and has the usual green color that is common in a lot of Fortnite skins. Rex is a legendary skin in Fortnite that costs 2000 v bucks.


2 /10


If you want a more modern look, then Insight will be the best choice for you! Compared to the other skins in this list, Insight has a modern covert military look. This skin definitely looks like hunting the VIP in the lobby because of his sleek and camouflage look.

Insight has a colorful jacket that has a military pattern, gloves, pants, and gadgets that will help hunt down enemies. The most noticeable feature of this skin is the mask covering his face. Insight is one of the coolest Fortnite skins to date because of the unique military look!

Thankfully, Insight only costs 1200 v bucks and was released on Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 6. It has not been returned to the item shop yet, but there is a high chance that Epic Games will re-release it for the player base!


3 /10

Assault Trooper

This skin looks like the default skin just with different makeup and colors. It has a tank top, military boots, and pants. Not to mention, it also has iconic dog tags like the default skin. Assault Trooper gets a lot of hate because it really looks similar to the default skin. However, it is still a great buy if you want to have a different theme.

Due to its brown color, it does not blend with Fortnite's terrain like the default skin. Still, it is slim and feels light to use, so this will suit players who want that style! Assault Trooper was released on the first season of Fortnite Battle Royale, making it older than all the skins in this list. It is also cheap, priced at 800 v bucks, this skin will not break the bank!


4 /10

Default Fortnite Skin

Of course, Fortnite's beloved default skin will also be included in this list. Right off the bat, it is obvious that this skin is military themed. Epic Games often changes the look of the default skin, but it consistently has a vest or tank top, combat shoes, and military pants.

The default skin is simple and easily blends with the terrain in game. If you want to hide in bushes easily, then use the default skin to blend with it. Another fact about the default skin is that it changes every single game, so you won't stay with the same one every time (including gender and look changes) Also, since this is the default skin in game, players do not have to buy it to use it!


5 /10


If looking like a military jet pilot is your jam, then supersonic will be the best choice as a cosmetic for you. Supersonic has a cool modern-looking armor and jet fighter helmet that will surely leave your enemies in awe. On top of that, supersonic has multiple styles that have different colors, and each has unique looks. Military accessories also add a bit more flair to the skin.

Being one of the legendary skins, with the likes of Black Knight and Arachne, expect supersonic to cost a lot of money, priced at 2000 v bucks. Nevertheless, it is one of the best military skins to date and offers a unique modern look, making it worth the price.


6 /10

Tech Ops

Another unique take by Epic Games on military skins is the Tech Ops skin. It has a unique look, similar to Batman Who Laughs, which has a huge spiky helmet that covers the eyes, the only difference is that Tech Ops probably sees through it with night vision. Some might say that this skin looks bland, but it still offers great variety to your locker.

Not only that but there are also military accessories that Tech Ops wears. He has a military top, belt, shoulder armor, boots, and pants. You will instantly notice his green color on the battlefield. Thankfully, Tech Ops cost 1200 v bucks and returns to the Fortnite item shop regularly


7 /10

Squad Leader

Movies often portray military leaders as sleek-looking guys that also look strong. Well, Squad Leader suits that portrayal. Like the other military skins in this list, Squad Leader has the usual military outfit, a vest, combat boots, and pants. He even has accessories that will help him with his mission, including a high-tech watch and black gloves.

Players will mostly take notice of his faded haircut and actor-looking face. Even though Epic Games designed this skin with this theme, he fits the battlefield and looks ready to guide his teammates to victory. Like the Elite Agent skin, Squad Leader is a rare battle pass skin that is unlikely to return to the Fortnite item shop!


8 /10

Elite Agent Skin

Some people want to be an agent of some sort, and others might find it even more appealing especially when used in a Battle Royale game. Elite Agent is one of the few Fortnite military skins that have a secret agent theme that will surely make your opponents scared.

Elite Agent's outfit shows that she is always on the move. The unique mask, outfit, and helmet show why she really is an elite agent. This skin does not look bulky too, which might appeal to players who want a slim character with a less distracting model.

Unfortunately, the Elite Agent skin is a rare battle pass skin that will not be returning to the Fortnite item shop soon, so it is best to wait it out until Epic Games decides to re-release this cool skin!


9 /10

Plastic Patroller

This skin will let you relive all your childhood imagination and memories. It's like playing Toy Story in Fortnite Battle Royale. From the name itself, Plastic Patroller is a plastic military man themed skin that will leave your enemies in awe

Plastic Patroller really looks like an army toy with a vintage helmet, vest, pants, and accessories. It is also probably one of the best Fortnite skins because of its uniqueness and colors. In fact, it has three variations that players can choose from, the default green, gray, and red.

To make things better, Plastic Patroller is an uncommon skin that only costs 800 v bucks and usually returns to the Fortnite item shop!


10 /10

Munitions Expert

Now, if the default Fortnite skin looks great for you, try using the munitions expert skin. This skin is one of the earliest released cosmetics in Fortnite Battle Royale. It features the usual army outfit with a green helmet, boots, and tank top.

Like the Rex skin, it is not flashy and looks like the default skin in the game. Munitions Expert will surely not appear in the Fortnite item shop for a very long time, but you should keep your eyes peeled just in case Epic Games rerelease rare military skins. Munitions Expert was released in the very first season of Fortnite but thankfully, Epic Games makes it available in the item shop from time to time. This skin costs 1,200 v bucks.


That ends the list of the best military skins in Fortnite. There are a lot of skins in Fortnite, but those mentioned above are the best skins if you want a military look. Remember, all skins are unique and have different styles and themes, as well as different costs, which is why you should buy the one that you like the most.

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