10 Best Military Skins Ever Released in Fortnite

Some prefer Default Skin, while others are into fancy skins like Supersonic or Rex Skin. See all the best military skins ever released in Fortnite!

Updated on Nov 16, 2023
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10 Best Military Skins Ever Released in Fortnite

1 /10

Rex Skin

If you thought that dinosaurs do not belong in a battle royale game, then Rex will definitely prove you wrong. Not only that, but this dino-looking skin is clearly military themed, adding to his awesomeness, and I consider it one of the best skins for 2000 V Bucks, maybe even one of the best skins in Fortnite.

Rex Skin Fortnite

However, Rex might not suit players who prefer outfits with a lot of details and flashiness, as this Fortnite skin is plain-looking and has the usual green color that is common in many other Fortnite skins.

2 /10


Insight, on the other hand, is a 1200 V Bucks skin, but it's a perfect choice for players that prefer a more modern look. Players often see it as one of the best camouflage skin, and well, I. can't really disagree with that, but it also has that military look.

Insight Skin Fortnite

Insight features a colorful jacket with a military pattern, gloves, pants, and gadgets that aid in hunting down enemies. The most noticeable feature of this skin is the mask covering his face.

3 /10

Assault Trooper

Assault Trooper skin might seem like your typical default at first glance, with its tank top, military boots, and pants. It even rocks the iconic dog tags like the default skin. But don't let that fool you! While the Assault Trooper does catch some flak for looking a bit too much like the default skin, it's still a pretty cool pick if you're aiming for a military vibe.

Assault Trooper

It's slim and has a light feel, perfect for players who dig that style! Plus, it's one of the OG skins, as it has been released in the first season of Fortnite Battle Royale, and it's also a 800 V-Bucks skin!

4 /10

Default Fortnite Skin

And yeah, for the default Fortnite skin, you can spot its military theme a mile away, what with the vest or tank top, combat shoes, and military pants. Epic Games keeps us on our toes by switching up the look now and then, but these core features are like the bread and asser of the default skin.

Default Fortnite Skin

Best part? It's totally free. Yep, you don't have to spend a single V-Buck to rock this skin, so you can save your V-Bucks for some sweaty Fortnite skins.

5 /10


If you've ever dreamed of zooming around like a military jet pilot, this skin will surely be your go-to. With its modern-looking armor and a jet fighter helmet, it makes it look super premium; like, I personally prefer it more than the overhyped Black Knight skin.

Supersonic Fortnite Skin

Supersonic isn't just about one look; it's a whole wardrobe! It comes with multiple styles, each rocking a different color and a unique vibe. And let's not forget all the military accessories – all this justifies it being one of the most expensive Fortnite skins.

6 /10

Tech Ops

This one has a unique look, similar to Batman Who Laughs, which has a huge spiky helmet that covers the eyes. The only difference is that Tech Ops probably sees through it with night vision, and some might say that this skin looks bland, but it still offers great variety to your locker.

Tech Ops Fortnite Skin

He has a military top, belt, shoulder armor, boots, and pants; yo, this is easily my pick for the best green Fortnite skin.  Thankfully, Tech Ops costs just 1200 V-Bucks and returns to the Fortnite item shop regularly, so you'll have plenty of chances to get it — do not miss it!

7 /10

Squad Leader

Movies often portray military leaders as sleek-looking individuals who also appear strong. Well, Squad Leader fits that portrayal perfectly. Like the other military skins in this list, Squad Leader features the usual military outfit, including a vest, combat boots, and pants. He is also equipped with accessories that aid in his missions, such as a high-tech watch and black gloves.

Fortnite Squad Leader Skin

Players will mostly take notice of his faded haircut and actor-like face. Although Epic Games designed this skin with this theme, he fits perfectly on the battlefield and looks ready to guide his teammates to victory. Similar to the Elite Agent skin, Squad Leader is a battle pass skin that is unlikely to return to the Fortnite item shop!

8 /10

Elite Agent Skin

For those who dream of being an agent, or find the concept even more appealing in a Battle Royale game, the Elite Agent skin is a perfect choice. It's one of the few Fortnite military skins with a secret agent theme that will surely intimidate your opponents.

Elite Agent Fortnite Skin

Elite Agent's outfit shows that she is always on the move. The unique mask, outfit, and helmet show why she really is an elite agent. This skin does not look bulky too, which might appeal to players who want a slim character with a less distracting model.

Unfortunately, the Elite Agent skin is a rare battle pass skin that will not be returning to the Fortnite item shop soon, so it is best to wait it out until Epic Games decides to re-release this cool skin!

9 /10

Plastic Patroller

Plastic Patroller skin will let you relive all your childhood imagination and memories. Like, come on, doesn't it give a bit of Toy Story vibe?

Plastic Patroller Fortnite Skin

It's basically an army toy with a vintage helmet, vest, pants, and accessories. For me, its red variant is one of the best red skins you can get in Fortnite.

To make things even better, Plastic Patroller is an uncommon skin that only costs 800 V-Bucks and often returns to the Fortnite item shop!

10 /10

Munitions Expert

For those who think the default Fortnite skin is pretty neat but are looking for a bit of an upgrade, let me introduce you to the Munitions Expert. This skin is a true OG, one of the early birds in the Fortnite Battle Royale scene. It rocks the classic army look with a twist – featuring a green helmet, boots, and tank top that give it a bit more edge.

Munitions Expert Fortnite Skin

Now, it's not all about the flash and sizzle like the Rex skin. Munitions Expert keeps it low-key, somewhat similar to the default skin, but with its own unique style. So, if you're all about that classic military vibe from Fortnite's early days, Munitions Expert could be your go-to skin.

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