These Fortnite Dance Emotes Are Super Rare!

Lazy Shuffle, Tidy, Kiss The Cup - these are just some of the rare dance emotes in that Fortnite players are killing each other over. And here is the rest!

Updated on Aug 27, 2023
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These Fortnite Dance Emotes Are Super Rare!

Fortnite contains a ridiculous amount of different skins, sprays, dances, and emotes (read about how many skins are in Fortnite for more), but some are much rarer than others.

Of course, many of the rarest Fortnite dances and emotes come from the battle pass, where once a Fortnite season is finished the dances and emotes are locked forever.

For that reason, we are only including the rarest emotes that have, at least once, been in the Fortnite item shop and not the battle pass.

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Rambunctious Emote


A Fortnite dance emote inspired by the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, this emote is a fun and loose dance, literally meaning "wild".

Last seen in 2018, and only on sale in the Epic Games item store 7 times, this is arguably the rarest Fortnite emote in the game, and as such this dance belongs in any OG player's locker.

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Vivacious Emote


An explosive Fortnite dance of boundless energy and charisma, the vivacious emote is a full on dance battle show stopper. One of the most epic dances in the game, Vivacious has not been seen in the Fortnite shop since 2019.

Having appeared a total of nine times, it is definitely possible that this popular emote makes a surprise return to Fortnite battle royale, and is certainly something you will want to get!

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Spyglass Emote


A pirates favourite tool and a great emote to use after any long range eliminations, the Spyglass emote sees your character pull out a spyglass and look around the map, all with a foot upon a wooden box.

Last seen in 2019, this emote has only been available to buy for three days in total, making any player to own it extremely lucky.

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Sprinkler Emote


One hand on the head, and the other outstretched and sprinkling, this Fortnite emote is one of the rarest dances going. Released all the way back in 2018, it was last seen in 2020 and has only been available seven times since Fortnite released.

Given the large gap between its initial release in 2018 and reappearing in 2020, it's possible that the Sprinkler emote might eventually make its way back into the Fortnite item shop, although we have no idea when that might be.

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Lazy Shuffle Emote


A cool and collected emote, the lazy shuffle is amongst the coolest dances and emotes in Fortnite, seeing your character doing the classic "shuffle" dance move completely casually.

This laid back dance move was last seen in the Fortnite item shop in 2020, and has only been available to gamers for around eight days in total.

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Head Banger Emote


This one is for the rave enjoyers and Epic Fortnite dancers, as the Head banger emote sees players, well, head banging! Released as part of Travis Scott's Fortnite concert, this is easily one of the rarest emotes in Fortnite.

Last seen in the Fortnite item shop in 2020 alongside the live event, this is one of the rarest dances in Fortnite, having only been available for a total of six days during the event. It has not been seen since, and has been given no new release date by Epic Games.

Anybody who bought this emote at the time is certainly head banging with joy at their good decision!

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Rawr Fortnite Emote


The T-Rex king of emotes in Fortnite, Rawr belongs in any Fortnite enthusiast's locker. Possibly one of the best dances and emotes in Fortnite, Rawr allows you to stomp around like a dinosaur, even letting out a terrifying primal scream to scare away your enemies.

Not seen in the item shop since 2019, Rawr was first added to the item shop in 2018 and has only been seen seven times since.

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Fandangle Emote


One of the crazier Fortnite dances and emotes, the Fandangle sees the player roll back their shoulders and throw out a series of whacky hand movements to show off to their friends.

Last seen in 2020, this emote has only appeared in the Fortnite item store six times, which is why it’s one of the rarest dances in the game.

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Kiss The Cup Emote


Extremely rare and extremely popular as an awesome flex after getting that sweet sweet victory royale, the Kiss The Cup emote is one of the rarest emotes in Fortnite battle royale.

After defeating your enemies and winning the game, a trophy falls into your hands as you kiss the cup, celebrating your victory royale. There have only been two opportunities to buy Kiss The Cup in Fortnite battle royale, making it one of the rarest emotes in Fortnite.

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Widow’s Pirouette Emote


The black widow's pirouette was released alongside the Black Widow skin back in 2019, and remains one of the coolest and rarest emotes in Fortnite.

Part of Fortnite's marvel collaboration and one of the many Marvel emotes now in the game, the widow's pirouette has not been seen since 2019, and has only been in the item shop 6 times.

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Tsssss Emote


Arguably the rarest emote due entirely to its super cool move, this emotes involves a lit torch dropping down from the sky, only for your character to spin it around before putting the flame out with a "Tsssss" sound.

One of the rarest Fortnite emotes you could ever find, this emote has now been out of the game for just about 1,000 days, last seen on November 3rd, 2019. What's even crazier is that out of all the dances and emotes in Fortnite, this one has only appeared in the store twice!

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Bombastic Emote


One of the rarest Fortnite emotes you can find, this emote has only appeared in the Epic Games item shop four times since it was released.

A funky mix of Samba-type dance moves, the bombastic is a fan favourite, but unfortunately has not been seen in quite a while, last appearing in the item shop in 2020.

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Tidy Emote


One of those rare emotes you very rarely see in game, Tidy is an infamously classic Fortnite emote, having been in since the very first day of the game Fortnite release.

Last seen in the Epic Games Fortnite shop in 2018, the Tidy emote belongs to famous rapper Snoop Dogg, performed in his song "drop it like it's hot".

Not seen for over 1,000 days, this is truly one of the rarest emotes in Fortnite, and we pity anyone who refunded this particular skin back in the day!

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Fresh Emote


The classic Carlton dance move from the sitcom Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and one of the oldest Fortnite emotes in the game, the Fresh emote belongs in the Fortnite hall of fame.

Read our article on how to get the oldest skins and emotes in Fortnite for more info.

Not being available for again well over 1,000 days and last seen in 2018, it's unlikely this uncommon emote will ever return due to copyright issues.

And those are our top picks for the rarest Fortnite emotes! From epic dances such as Tidy, Fresh, and Vivacious, to cool emotes such as Tsssss and Spyglass, these are a truly epic host of dances and emotes to have in your locker.

If you happen to have any of these, make sure to show them off in the battle royale, and let everyone know just how much Fortnite gaming experience you have. And if you are new, make sure to check out our nice guide on to Fortnite emotes.

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