How To Choose The Most Optimal View Distance in Fortnite

Having more optimized view distance settings can mean the difference between a Victory Royale and a second place finish; any pro player knows this.

Updated on Aug 29, 2023
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How To Choose The Most Optimal View Distance in Fortnite

Epic Games has loaded dozens of different Fortnite settings into the game. In order to get into performance mode players must research every setting to find the best Fortnite settings in order to win more games. Thankfully, you don’t have to find too many resources, because we have the answers to what is the best view distance in Fortnite, as well as other related settings to optimize your game this Fortnite Season.

Best Fortnite View Distance Settings

We recommend using Epic view distance in Fortnite Battle Royale, because the drop in FPS between Near to Epic is only a handful of frames per second. Additionally, there is an advantage to a higher view distance setting in game.

While players render at the same distance regardless of the best view distance Fortnite settings, other clues to player positions, like their Building Materials and Building Structures, render at a further distance.

The further render distance on builds may allow you to spot enemy players building in game, giving you the advantage of first to spot the enemy. The advantage from a higher view distance means: The best Fortnite view distance setting is Epic, or as close to Epic as your PC can handle.

How To Change Your Fortnite View Distance

Have we swayed you to change your view distance in the Fortnite settings? Great! Let’s hop into the Fortnite settings and get your view distance changed into performance mode.

Here is how to change your Fortnite view distance:

  1. Open your Fortnite Settings menu and stay in the Graphics Settings tab.
  2. In the Graphics Quality section you can adjust your View Distance under 3D Resolution and above Shadows.

That’s it! Just two easy steps to simply change your view distance sensitivity in the Fortnite graphics settings.


Now that you’ve upped your view distance you may experience performance issues, or have some more questions related to view distance. Keep reading to find answers, as well as other global settings that will allow you to use a higher view distance game setting.

Does Fortnite View Distance Affect Enemy Players?

Despite Epic Games’ in-game settings saying “View distance sets the distance from the player that other players and objects can be seen,” there does not seem to be an effect on enemy player rendering distances. Players in the Fortnite community have ran tests on the different rendering modes and found no difference in player rendering distance.You can check out Complete Fortnite Hitbox Guide for more on enemy player models.

Does View Distance Affect FPS?

View Distance settings have a minor effect on your FPS, but it could be a noticeable effect to some players. The difference between Near and Epic View Distance Fortnite Settings is about a 3% loss to your frames per second. If you have an advanced graphics card good enough to run Fortnite at 144 FPS then the difference between Near and Epic View Distance will only be 4.32 FPS.


If you want a more in depth look at the view distance comparison check out Peezs’ Youtube video

While a Near View Distance will afford a higher FPS, we believe there are better avenues like lowering Shadows, changing your quality preset, or turning off Ambient Occlusion in the Nvidia Control Panel to get a higher FPS. For more best settings options check out Best Settings Nvidia and Best FPS Settings.

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