What are All the Arena Awards In Fortnite?

Fortnite’s battle royale crucible just got even hotter! Along with the pride of competing against the best, you can now earn free rewards in Arena mode.

Updated on Aug 25, 2023
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What are All the Arena Awards In Fortnite?

Fortnite's arena mode has long been its version of "ranked" gameplay, along with a few added twists and turns to the gameplay.

A competitive mode of Fortnite, Arena mode encourages players to go on the offensive and take as many fights as possible.

Seeing the potential of arena mode, Epic Games has decided to finally reward Fortnite players with cosmetic rewards for playing in Arena mode. Although, these free arena rewards still need to be earnt by progressing up to the Contender league or higher.

How Does Fortnite Arena Mode Work?


Fortnite Arena mode works much like any normal Fortnite battle royale game, with only a few minor changes. There are only three game modes available: solos, duos, and trios. There are three leagues - the open league, contender league, and then the champion league.

Each player can progress through the leagues and divisions by earning Hype points, and in the higher divisions of Open Division IV and onwards, each game will cost you Hype points to enter, in order to keep the divisions competitive.

What Rewards Can I Get in Fortnite Arena Mode?

There are several free arena rewards which players can earn, and which reward you will receive depends on your division placement at the end of the season. The division Fortnite players should be focusing on is the Contender league division 1.

Epic Games are offering an exclusive weapon wrap skin, which will change depending on whether you are in the champion league or contender league, as well as more specifically which champion or contender league division you are in.

What Does the Skin Look Like?


Each Weapon skin will have a purple, black, and yellow colour scheme, along with the icon of the league and division the player achieved.

For example, those who reach a contender league division by the end of the season will have two pickaxes crossed together as their symbol, while players who reach the champion league will have the champion league symbol of a crown.

How Do I Rank Up Through Divisions?


So, the contender league, or contender league division one at least, is where you need to get to if you want to get those free rewards Epic Games is so generously handing out. But how do you get there?

As Fortnite's arena mode is a competitive mode designed to test your skills in both building and battle, the first thing you'll want to do is be good at the game. Make sure to check our article on the best controller aim settings for those on console, or the best keybinds for PC players to make sure you're as prepared as possible.

Next, it's important to remember the gameplay differences in Fortnite arena mode if you want to get those arena exclusive rewards. Firstly, your mats are now capped at 500, in order to increase the time players spend shooting, instead of fighting. Check our article on the best building materials in Fortnite to make sure you use them wisely!


Along with capped mats comes siphon and Storm Surge. While Siphon gives a health bonus upon eliminations, storm surge deals passive damage to players with the least damage done in the game.

Both of these mechanics are designed to encourage players to go on the offensive and play as aggressively as possible.

What Are Hype Points?

Hype points are the ranking system that will push each player up to the next league or division, and you will need to gain Hype points as much as possible to get those free rewards.

Players receive Hype points for getting kills and surviving in the battle royale, with equal weighting given to every game mode. Epic Games awards these Hype points the same in every division, meaning if you are at an open league division four level for example, you should progress quickly up to that division.

How To Get Fortnite Hype


Here are the different things you can do to get Hype:

  • Victory Royale - 60 Hype points
  • Reach top 25 - 60 Hype points
  • Reach top 15 - 30 Hype points
  • Reach top 5 - 30 Hype points
  • Each Elimination - 20 Hype points

And don't worry, Hype does stack, meaning if you reach the top 5 but no kills in any game mode, Epic Games will reward you with 90 Hype in total.

How Many Hype Points Do I Need For Each Division?

Your Hype does not reset with each division, so as you climb the rankings you will require more and more total Hype to level up. Here is the full list of the divisions and the Hype you need to reach them.

What Are Bus Fares?


Since the amount of Hype you get per game in each game mode, league, and division stays the same, it's clear that getting to the top is difficult. This is made even harder by the bus fare system.

After open league division three, each game will cost you a certain amount of Hype to enter, with that amount going up for each division.

Although players cannot de-rank via this method, this can put the brakes on your grind up to the champion league, so make sure you are getting those kills to secure your new arena exclusive rewards.

What About Fortnite Zero Build Arena Mode?


A limited time mode added by Epic Games, Fortnite zero build arena offers its own exclusive free rewards. As the name suggests, Fortnite's zero build arena mode is the exact same as normal arena, except players cannot build anything.

All Fortnite Zero Build Arena Rewards

With the same division system in zero build arena as the normal arena mode, there are three arena rewards available, one for each league reached by players.

For succeeding in the open league and gaining 400 Hype, players will receive the Drippy Drift Spray.

To get more free rewards in zero build arena, players will need to finish in the Contender League to get the GGG Emoticon.

And for those pros who make it to Champion League in zero build arena, you will get the coveted GOATICON Emoticon!

With both the prestige and the free rewards awaiting you, there’s no time to waste! Jump into Forntite’s arena modes to get those rewards before the season ends.

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