Fortnite Error Code 91: Reason & Fast Fix

Fortnite Error Code 91 can be caused by many factors. Regardless of why you experience it, here you will find a quick fix!

Updated on Aug 03, 2023
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Fortnite Error Code 91: Reason & Fast Fix

Epic Games never misses when it comes to any Fortnite Error Code. Be it you launch the Fortnite game on your Epic Games launcher or play it on your XBOX One and Nintendo Switch, error codes can appear due to many reasons. Even including corrupted game files.

One Fortnite error code causing a problem for an unfortunate player is Fortnite Error Code 91. So if you’ve been hit with the 91 Fortnite error, don’t worry because here you will learn how to fix Error Code 91 Fortnite and start hitting kills with the SMGs!


The Reason behind Fortnite Error Code 91

If you’ve been hit with Fortnite Error Code 91, you’re probably tried to jump into the Battle Royale with your friends, but the game hits you with a connectivity issue and an error message. This means that Error Code 91 is caused by the Fortnite party service system. You’ll usually be hit with an error message like “Party services are currently experiencing technical difficulties“, or “The party is currently not responding to join requests. Please try again later“.

One reason for the party system to misbehave is if you didn’t start the Fortnite game from the Epic Launcher properly. Some technical difficulty may have happened which caused Fortnite Error Code 91.

Another reason may be due to the Fortnite server you’re playing on. Epic Games can cause a server issue on the game server you’re residing in, which in fact can cause the party system to not work. This means that Fortnite Error Code 91 may not even be your fault.

The third reason is a bit more complex, which has to do with corrupted game files. Especially after a game update, your Fortnite game files may endure damages, which can cause Error Code 91. Besides corrupted game files, your Internet connection may be messed up too which makes it impossible to enter a party with your Fortnite players.

Knowing why you’re getting this common error is a key factor because next up you’ll learn how to fix the issue behind Fortnite Error Code 91 to play with your favorite pickaxe!

How to Fix Fortnite Error Code 91

Restart Fortnite and Device

The first solution you can try to fix Error Code 91 is to restart the Fortnite game and your device, be it a PC or a gaming console. To fully restart Fortnite, you can either just close and reopen the game, or click on Ctrl+Shift+Esc, select the Processes tab above, and locate anything Fortnite or Epic Games related. Select the processes and click on End Task. And to restart your device, simply shut it off and on.


This should hopefully fix your Fortnite Error Code 91. If not, just follow the next solution which has to do with the Epic servers. But if you don’t want a party with your friends, then you should totally appear offline.

Check Epic Games Fortnite Servers

The second solution you can do to fix Fortnite Error Code 91 is to check the Fortnite server status. The Epic Games server isn’t pinpoint perfect, so it can cause you an issue with the party system. You can check the game servers on the official Fortnite Server Status Twitter.


But what if the servers are in perfect shape? Then the party service may be suffering due to corrupted game files, which gives you that clumsy error message.

Verify Epic Games Fortnite Game Files

Has Fortnite caused you issues as of lately, or have you updated the Fortnite game from the Epic Game launcher and got hit with Error Code 91? Well, you may be suffering from corrupted Fortnite game files. What you should do in this situation is verify those game files, and here’s how you can do it step-by-step:

  1. Open up the Epic Games Launcher, login, and go through the Verification process if necessary
  2. Go to your games in the Library option and locate Fortnite
  3. Select the three dots Settings icon to open the game Settings menu
  4. Click on Verify


After this, your game files should be fixed to the latest version alongside Fortnite Error Code 91 and other issues. But if not, then your party problem alongside the error message may be caused by your Internet connection.

Restart Internet Router

Restarting your router not only can it fix Fortnite Error Code 91, but it can fix other issues with your game too, such as lag and high ping. And restarting it isn’t as hard as it seems. Find your router, unplug it, wait for 1-5 minutes, and plug it back in.


Restarting your router should make you even more powerful with the best weapons in Fortnite! But if your Fortnite Error Code 91 is bothering you again, then the last solution you can try is to

Contact Epic Games Support

The Epic Games support team exists to help out the player base with any error code they may face. So if your Fortnite Error Code 91 still persists, you can contact the Epic support team here.

Some players have reported changing to a private party has helped them fix Fortnite Error Code 91, but it doesn’t always work. So if you’re interested in a related post and related articles about Fortnite error codes, you should check out Fortnite Error Code 93!

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