Fortnite XP Needed Per Level

Every Fortnite Battle Pass holder is wondering how much Fortnite XP is needed per level. We have the answer to your question!

Updated on Aug 25, 2023
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Fortnite XP Needed Per Level

If you just purchased the Fortnite Battle Pass the first thing you’ll be wondering is how many Fortnite XP points do you need to level up. Some games like Elden Ring, Apex Legends, and Pokemon Go have a complex level system that turns into a code breaking endeavor to find the amount of XP needed per level. Thankfully, the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 leveling system is easy to wrap your head around!

Fortnite Season XP Points Needed Per Level

The first 200 levels in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 require the same amount of XP points to level up in Battle Royale. Fortnite players will need to earn 75,000 Fortnite XP points per level this Fortnite Season.

Fortnite LevelTotal Fortnite Season XP Points Needed
Level 10
675,000 XP Points
Level 50
3,675,000 XP Points
Level 60
4,425,000 XP Points
Level 100
7,425,000 XP Points
Level 150
11,175,000 XP Points
Level 200
14,925,000 XP Points

As you can see, in order to fully level through the standard Fortnite Battle Pass rewards you’ll need a little under 7.5 million experience points. Additionally, if you’re hoping to earn all the Fortnite Bonus Battle Pass Rewards you’ll need to earn a little under 15 million Fortnite Season XP!

XP Points Needed Per Level After Level 200

After Level 200 this Season in the Fortnite Battle Pass Epic Games begins adding additional XP points requirements per level. The XP points per level after Level 200 increases by 400 XP every level. Here is a chart to better illustrate the change in XP requirements:

Fortnite Level
Fortnite XP Points Needed Per Level
Level 201
75,000 XP Points
Level 202
75,400 XP Points
Level 203
75,800 XP Points
Level 204
76,200 XP Points
Level 205
76,600 XP Points
Level 210
78,600 XP Points
Level 225
84,600 XP Points
Level 250
94,600 XP Points
Level 300
114,600 XP Points
Level 500
194,600 XP Points

Thankfully, leveling beyond Level 200 does not earn Fortnite Players any additional in game rewards. However, it is a massive flex in game to show off an above Level 200 Fortnite account.

Fortnite XP Points Needed To Earn Your V Bucks Back

Another important milestone we touched on earlier is Level 60 in the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Battle Pass. In order to make your 950 V Bucks investment back you need to reach Level 60 in the Fortnite Chapter 3 Battle Pass for Fortnite Season 2, and unlock page 7 of the Battle Pass.


After you snag the two V Bucks rewards on page 7 of the Fortnite Season Battle Pass you’ll have earned 1000 V Bucks. In order to unlock page 7 of the Fortnite Battle Pass you need 4,425,000 Fortnite Season XP. Also, be sure to save enough Fortnite Battle Starts to unlock the V Bucks rewards once you’ve reached level 60! If you’re looking to earn even more V Bucks take a peek at How To Get Free V Bucks.

How To Earn XP Points in Fortnite

Now that we have the 75,000 XP goal to reach for, let’s check out some methods to earn enough XP points to level up.

Fortnite Daily Quests

Fortnite Daily Quests can earn you a little over half a level's worth of Fortnite experience points per day in Battle Royale. If you complete three Daily Quests you’ll earn 48,000 total XP points!


We love completing Daily Quests, because often players will naturally achieve a couple of their daily quests. If you look at the Daily Quests listed above you can see three quests that are easily achieved through normal play!

Fortnite Creative Mode

Did you know you can earn XP points in Fortnite Creative Mode? It’s true! Just by being idle in Fortnite Creative you’ll be farming XP. Additionally, some Fortnite Creative maps have an XP token, which indicates you can earn bonus XP.


If you’re looking for an awesome Fortnite Creative Island Code you can check out the Best Creative Codes in Fortnite. If you’re looking to up your Battle Royale skills while earning XP you can hop into the Best Practice Courses in Fortnite Creative.

Earn Victory Crowns

When you earn a Victory Royale in Fortnite Battle Royale you earn a Victory Crown. Victory Crowns give you additional XP bonuses while playing Fortnite!


The best way to earn a Victory Crown is by achieving a fat dub in Battle Royale. Therefore, you should check out the Best Ways To Win Fortnite to level up faster!

Now that you know how much XP is required per level this Fortnite Season you’re probably eager to get earning those Battle Stars. If you’re after even more XP tips check out How To Level Up Fast Using Fortnite XP.

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