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Does Fortnite Have Bots?

Have you been seeing some suspicious activity from players in Fortnite? You might be on to something! We'll tell you everything about Fortnite bots!
Does Fortnite Have Bots?

Are you suspicious that not every player you run across are real players when you play Fortnite? Well, you might be on to something. Stick around if you want to learn everything about when you're playing against bots in Fortnite!

Are There Bots In Fortnite Battle Royale

In the base non-competitive Battle Royale game playlists there are bots that are used to make sure there are lobbies filled to max capacity.

These Fortnite games with bot lobbies include Solo, Duos, and Squads Fortnite lobbies. Epic Games has decided to add bots to these game modes to give them more options for skill based matchmaking.

Bot in Fortnite
Bot in Fortnite

By allowing bot lobbies Epic Games is able to fill out lobbies with bots instead of including players that are too good or too bad at the game to match the rest of the lobbies skill based match making.

How Many Bots Are In Fortnite Battle Royale Game Modes

The amount of bots varies depending on the lobby you are in. The better skill based matchmaking league you are the fewer bots there will be present in your lobby.

Some Fortnite players have theorized that the amount of bots can vary as wildly as 75 bots in a low skill lobby, compared to 20 to 30 in a high skilled lobby.

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Are There Bots In Arena?

There are no bots in competitive playlists of Fortnite Battle Royale. Therefore, if you want to avoid playing against bots in Fortnite you can always swap over to Arena to make sure you're playing in bot-free game lobbies.

Fortnite Arena
Fortnite Arena

There are not bots in Arena because Epic Games calculates your skill level based on eliminations in Arena. If there were bots you would be able to farm hype off bots and find yourself in a high skill level of Arena without actually deserving to be there skill-wise.

If you want to grind up through the ranks of Arena you can check out Fortnite Building Tips and Best Ways To Win for some valuable advice that will get you into the next bracket of Arena.

Are Bots Good At Fortnite?

Bots are not good atthe game. Most multiplayer games that have bots are not able to make bots competitive against even the lowest tier of players. Fortnite is no exception, Fortnite bots are not good at Fortnite.

However, from time to time you may find a bot gets a couple of lucky shots off and deals a great deal of damage, or even eliminates you.

Why Are There So Many Bots In My Fortnite Lobbies?

If you're just starting out in Fortnite the game will put you into bot lobbies by default. The same goes when you're playing Fortnite with new players.

The game puts new players into a bot lobby when they first start the game for their first few matches to get a game sense of how you are at the game.

Therefore, if you play on a new alt account, or you're playing with a new friend there will be way more bots in the lobby.

Will Fortnite Remove Bots?

As you progress in skill level and the game realizes that you're at least an average player the number of bots will decrease and you will face fewer bots in the game.

How Do I Know If I'm Playing Against Bots In Fortnite

There is no concrete way to tell you're playing against a bot. However, there are a couple of valuable tips we can share to easily identify likely bots.

The first way to know if someone is a bot is to look at their name. Bots will often have names like Red Head or Demon Kong which are not typically used by real players.

Another way to check if you're playing against a bot is to look at how they play. Bots will make a sporadic movement, like turning 90 degrees while shooting at a player. When a player makes strange movements like this you can be sure you're playing against a bot.

Finally, bots will not build well. If you find a player who randomly places a couple of walls, but doesn't build efficiently like the other players in your lobby it is likely a bot.

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Do Fortnite Bots Have Skins?

Fortnite bots do wear some stylish skins. Bots typically wear skins from the previous season's Battle Pass.

If you want to stand out from bots you'll have to drop some V Bucks on the Best Clown Skins or Best Cowboy Skins.

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