Most Important Fortnite Building Tips

If you want to become a better Fortnite player the best way to do so is by learning to build with our Fortnite building tips!

Updated on Aug 28, 2023
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Most Important Fortnite Building Tips

Are you getting frustrated by your opponents out building you over and over again in Fortnite Battle Royale? You don't have to be frustrated anymore, because we have the Fortnite building tips for you to master the Fortnite building mechanic in no time!

Learn The Basics

Our first of the Fortnite building tips is to learn the basics. Getting to know the basic structures in Fortnite will put you leagues ahead of a novice Fortnite builder. To learn the basic building structures you can check out our Best Structures article.


After studying the basic structures hop into your Fortnite Creative mode island and grind out the basic build structures repeatedly until they become muscle memory. After learning these structures you'll be well on your way to becoming a builder pro.

Focus On High Ground

The next of our Fortnite building tips is to focus on high ground. Getting an edge in a build fight in Fortnite comes down to being on top of your opponent. When you have high ground you have a massive advantage in any build fight. Therefore, the best way to ensure you beat your opponents in a build fight is to get high ground.


Building ramps is the best way to achieve a height advantage. Learning different height-gaining building strategies like tarping will help you to gain a height advantage consistently. While some of these skills like tarping are advanced techniques, the time it takes to learn them is well worth it.

Check Your Settings

Building is a tough part of Fortnite because it involved multiple unique inputs in a short period of time. For new players that have never encountered building in a game before getting the settings right is a massive barrier to entry.

Thankfully, we can expedite your building settings process. Check out the Best Keybinds if you're a PC player to find the best controls for you! As for controller settings you can always check out a pro controller player settings. For example, Scoped Controller Settings.

Learn To Edit

Another key for our Fortnite building tips is to learn to edit. Building is only half the battle. If you want to be a true builder pro you need to go through the process of learning to edit.

You should be able to smoothly edit basic structures like walls and ramps. In order to quickly edit you'll have to practice.


We recommend checking out some Fortnite Creative mode edit courses like the ones found in Best Practice Courses. Traditional modes like Fortnite Battle Royale are great fun, but they don't offer the same degree of practice that you can achieve with community-made practice courses.

Use Your Trap Slot

Epic Games has included several different items that are in your trap slot which can help you building. While in build mode you can access the trap slot to place traps like spike walls, fortified defenses, or quick getaways like launch pads.


Every Fortnite season has new traps, which means you have a new opportunity to get an edge over nontrap using opponents.

Always Be Covered

Keeping yourself covered is an important one of our Fortnite building tips. A common mistake new players make when building is to not have themselves covered from every angle. When you aren't covered from all angles you leave yourself vulnerable to third party fire. Therefore, you should always have four walls keeping you protected on all sides when in a heated build battle.

In general, when you're playing Fortnite you should almost always be building walls to protect you from potential enemy fire. There's nothing worse than being sniped and eliminated when all you had to do was build walls to stop that from happening.

Stay On Top Of Your Resources

The next of our Fortnite building tips is all about resources. You should learn to quickly farm resources as you're moving across the map in Fortnite. The best tip for farming resources if to make sure you're aiming for weak points while farming. By hitting those blue circles while farming you speed up the process of farming in game.

Another tip on resources if to learn the best material for every situation. Every situation you're in will have a different set of best materials. If you're looting and not in danger you should be using wood. If you're in a last circle build battle you should be using a stronger material like metal for more resilient building.

For more tips on resource management check out the Best Materials.

Learn To Fall

Fall damage is a heartbreaking way to be eliminated in Fortnite. Plus, if you're taking one of our previous Fortnite building tips seriously, always have high ground, you'll find yourself facing potential fall damage constantly.


Thankfully, learning to fall safely is easy! You need to simply construct walls off the side of a structure. After three walls are built you can build a ramp to catch yourself. As long as you don't fall past three wall distances you will lose height without taking damage!

Practice Relentlessly

An important skill like building structures can only be achieved through practice. The game's building mechanics are tough to wrap your head around, so you need to practice constantly.


Unfortunately, playing Battle Royale does not give you the degree of practice you need to up your building skills. Thankfully, Epic Games has allows players to create loads of Creative Mode games that will turn you into a builder pro.

The best place to learn to build in Creative is 1v1 Arena's. The building aspect of Fortnite is really accented when you hop into a 1v1 Arena mod like the one's in the article linked here.

Know When Not To Build

The final of our Fortnite building tips is to know when not to build. While building is an integral part of the game, there are times when building is not the best course of action.


Building structures like walls directly gives your position away to opponents. Sometimes when playing Epic Games Fortnite Battle Royale you want to use stealth to your advantage, and building will give your stealth advantage away.

Therefore, when you think you can get the jump on an opponent without them noticing you be sure to refrain from building.

Now that we know there's more to it than to simply build ramps we're sure you're well on your way to being a building pro. For more tips beyond building in Fortnite you can check out the Best Weapons, Tips To Get Better, and Best Ways To Win.

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