Check Your Fortnite KD Stats Using These Methods!

There are many options to track your Fortnite KD Stats, like FortniteStats or PlayerAuction. In this article, we will go through the best of them!

Updated on Aug 03, 2023
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Check Your Fortnite KD Stats Using These Methods!

When looking to improve or to impress your friends as you spectate them, your first stop should always be your fortnite player stats.

How To Check Your KD ratio

Your kd is the ratio of kills to deaths, meaning a kd of one would mean you get one kill for every death. There are two ways to find out your Fortnite stats and kd: either through the Fortnite career tab or a Fortnite tracker website, of which there are many.


Find Your KD In-Game

To find stats such as matches won, matches played, and total kills you will need to login to Fortnite, and on the main menu navigate to the careers tab across the top.


Once in the career menu, simply go to your profile via the buttonon screen. This is where all your statistics of total number of wins, kills, and matches played will be displayed, along with your performance stats on top 10 and top 25 placements.


On your screen you should see stats for every game mode, from solos to squads, and even any limited time game mode you may have played. Unfortunately, despite having some very useful Fortnite stats, Epic Games does not explicitly tell you your kd ratio in Fortnite battle royale.

How to Estimate Your kd From Epic Game Stats

You can, however, still work out an estimate of your kd with the Fortnite stats given. Fortnite players will on average die only once or twice per game, depending on how often your squad revives you.

Because of this, all you need to do to track your kd is divide the number of kills by the number of games. This gives you your kills per game, and should be only a little higher than your actual kd.

Find Your KD On FortniteStats

There are many websites you can use to find your Fortnite battle royale stats, one such website being Fortnite


Though not officially affiliated with Epic Games, Fortnite stats is known to be very accurate, typically accessing Fortnite's database via API (Application Programming Interface) to track stats for players across the world.

Websites like Fortnitestats give you an awesome opportunity to compare yourself with friends and other players, as well as checking worldwide leaderboards and rankings. This works across all platforms, from xbox and playstation, to PC. If they play Fortnite, you can find them!

Fortnite Tracker: Another Website For Finding Your KD!

An equally reputable Fortnite tracking website is, which can provide loads of information on Fortnite players.

To use it, all you need to do is input your Fortnite username to find your stats, and within an instant you can see your kd, wins, score, and total battle royale matches played. If your stats are too low, be sure to check out our article on the best controller aim settings to improve your gaming!


What is great about Fortnitetracker is that their massive database of players from anywhere in the world means you can search up any player you like! As long as you have their Fortnite username.

PlayerAuctions: all the Fortnite stats you could want!


Just like the other websites, provides stats on all Fortnite players, including popular streamers as well as professional and experienced players too.

Simply find out their username, search for it in the site, and discover what sort of sweaty players you're up against. Playerauctions also offers a super useful feature for you to compare the average player against professionals, giving you even more information.

It may take a few hours to update, but every match you play will affect your score, moving you up or down the rankings against all other Fortnite battle royale players.

Another Way to Find Your KD: FortniteScout


Just like all the other websites, simply enter any Epic Games username to view their stats and kd. Just remember when entering information on the internet, it's always best to be cautious. Your username is public information, and giving it away is unlikely to cause any serious harm, meaning using all these websites should be safe so long as you only enter non-valuable information.

If you decide to search for a Fortnite tracker site yourself, however, make sure to never enter sensitive or valuable information. Passwords are bad - and if any site asks for bank details leave immediately.

What is a Good kd?

Part of the fun of gaming, whether it's on xbox, playstation, or PC, is being able to compare yourself to friends. But what exactly is a good kd to have? And is a good kd better than a good win ratio? If you want to increase your kd and win more games, check out our article here.

In mathematical terms, a kd of 1.00 is good to have. This is the overall average for Fortnite players, and puts you squarely in the middle of the pack. Of course, this depends on how new you are to the game, and with every match you play this score will change.

If you've been playing for a while, a kd of 1.5 would place you as a decent player, while managing a kd of 2.00 or more while playing marks you out as someone very good at the game.

What KD Do The Pros have?


Of course, very good at the game is comparative to the rest of casual players. Where a kd of 2.00 is awesome for the average player, if you search for Professional players you'll find kds as high as 50 - 100, which is mind boggling!

A search for popular streamers such as ninja will give kds around the 9 to 15 mark. No one expects you to reach a kd of 10.

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