Fortnite Keeps Crashing | Methods how to fix

It is really irritating when a game that you play crashes, it becomes even worse when you do not know the reason for it. Here are multiple fixes for Fortnite that keeps on crashing

Epic Games releases patch fixes and updates frequently, so the game will be free of problems most of the time, but it is resolved right away when it does. Still, it is difficult to pinpoint what causes the crash because of numerous possible reasons. But do not fret, since here is a guide about why Fortnite keeps crashing that will spare you some headaches!

Fixes For Fortnite Crashing In PC and MacOS

Of course, the number one thing that you should do when experiencing crashes is to fix Fortnite Battle Royale. There are multiple ways to do it, and it may be hard to remember all the steps. Here are multiple possible fixes when Fortnite is crashing. 

Check If You Meet The System Requirements Of Fortnite

All games have system requirements that a PC should meet to run smoothly. This may be the cause of Fortnite crashes. Fortnite Battle Royale is an esports game, but the requirements for the game, since it uses the modern Unreal Engine 5, are slightly demanding, which old computers might not be able to meet. 

The minimum system requirements are available in the Epic Games Launcher. Here are the said requirements just in case you missed it

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
  • CPU: Core i3-3225 3.3 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • GPU: Intel HD 4000
  • HDD: 16GB of free space

As you can see, the requirements are not that demanding compared to modern games. However, it is definitely time to upgrade either your RAM, Graphics Card, or CPU if you do not meet the minimum system requirements for Fortnite. 

Update Your Graphics Card Drivers

One of the most common reasons for crashes is outdated graphics card drivers. Nevertheless, updating drivers for your GPU is straightforward. Go to your GPU manufacturer website, either AMD or Nvidia, and search for the graphics card you currently have. 

Download the latest driver and install it before playing. This does not ensure that you will be able to run the game without problems, but fixing one of the few possible reasons will be a big help when troubleshooting.

Verify The Fortnite Battle Royale Game Files

There are rare instances where the Fortnite game files get missing or corrupted and may cause Fortnite crashing. It is better to be sure that your game files are complete and will be running smoothly. If you want to fix Fortnite by verifying your Fortnite Battle Royale game files, here is how you do it:

  1. First, open the Epic Games launcher on your PC. Then launch Fortnite from your library
  2. Click the three dots beside the Fortnite title
  3. Find the verify option, and wait until it finishes. 
  4. If the Epic Games launcher did not return any problems, then your Fortnite game is good to go!

Fixing Fortnite By Repairing Visual C++ Redistributables

Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables are software that many applications need to run properly. Fortnite is also built using these libraries. If Fortnite keeps crashing, then repairing C++ Redistributables is a great way of checking whether these libraries are the culprit. This process may be confusing for some people, but here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it:

  1. Go to the Microsoft C++ redistributables download page.
  2. Download all the supported versions of redistributables
  3. Run the setups, then click repair. Choose install if the repair option is unavailable
  4. Restart your computer, and try running Fortnite to check if it crashes

Disabling Fullscreen Optimization

Fullscreen optimization allows your Windows PC to optimize all the applications and games when they are running in fullscreen mode. Sometimes this might be one of the reasons why Fortnite is crashing because the game does not like the optimizations that it receives from Windows. You can try disabling this feature if you are having Fortnite crashing issues.

  1. Press the Windows key and search file explorer and proceed to the Fortnite folder in “C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Fortnite\FortniteGame\Binaries\Win64”
  2. Right-click “FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping” and choose properties.
  3. Go to the compatibility section in the properties tab and tick “Disable Fullscreen Optimizations.”
  4. You have successfully disabled fullscreen optimization. Now you can try running Fortnite if it still has some issues.

Lowering Graphics Settings

High graphic settings might put your computer under a lot of stress, especially if the hardware is outdated. Lowering graphics settings will sometimes fix stuttering and incompatibility with Fortnite. Follow these simple steps to lower your graphics settings in Fortnite Battle Royale.

  1. Launch Fortnite through the Epic Games launcher
  2. Click the blue stacked bars on the upper left side of your screen, then press the cogwheel icon with the three stacked bars in front of it on the bottom left of your screen.
  3. Choose settings, scroll down and find the “Quality Presets” option, and put it on low.
  4. Doing this will make the graphics of Fornite look uglier, but it will give more performance and hopefully fix if Fortnite keeps crashing.

Running The Epic Games Launcher As An Administrator

Running an application or game in administrator mode allows it to bypass a security feature in Windows called User Account Control (UAC). Try running the launcher in administrator mode to prevent it from being limited. Here are the steps:

  1. Right-click the Epic Games launcher shortcut on your home screen, then choose “Open File Location.”
  2. Right-click EpicGamesLauncher.exe and choose properties.
  3. Go to the compatibility section and tick “Run this program as an administrator,” then click apply.
  4. Every time you run Epic Games, there will be a prompt before running it in administrator mode. Make sure to choose “Yes” every time you see this prompt. 

Reinstalling Fortnite

This should be the last resort of Fortnite players when all the possible fixes above do not work. Sometimes game files really get corrupted to the point that verifying them does not fix the problems. 

  1. Launch Epic Games and find Fortnite in your game library
  2. Click the three dots beside the Fortnite title.
  3. Choose uninstall and wait until the process finishes.
  4. After uninstalling, find Fortnite again in your Epic Games library, then click the game icon, and the installation will start.
  5. After installing Fortnite, try to run the game and enjoy playing the famous battle royale!

Fortnite Mobile And Console Crash Fix

Fortnite mobile and console versions do not have complicated steps to fix crashing issues. Usually, it is caused by network problems, game updates, or broken game files.

Check The Game Updates

Game updates are important to have to keep Fortnite running in accordance with the servers. Consoles have different methods for checking game updates, but the most common spot for this option is in the options menu when choosing Fortnite. Updates can either be downloaded automatically or manually, but checking if Fortnite is updated should be done regularly to prevent problems.

Uninstalling And Reinstalling Fortnite In Mobile And Consoles

Like the Windows and macOS versions of Fortnite, uninstalling and reinstalling will often fix crashing issues because of the possibility of corrupted game files. Each way of uninstalling and reinstalling different consoles and mobile phones is different, but it is straightforward, so you will surely have no issues doing the process.

For Fortnite mobile crashing, long-press the Fortnite icon on your home screen and choose the uninstall option. This applies to both Android and iOS phones.

On the other hand, consoles have different methods, but highlighting Fortnite and pressing options or menu, then choosing to uninstall applies to almost all consoles. 

That was the end of the guide that teaches the various options and fixes when your Fortnite keeps crashing. When it comes to Windows and macOS, there are many reasons and fixes for Fortnite that crashes, so make sure to follow all of the options and steps if you have to!