How To Fix When Fortnite Keeps Crashing

You’ll never come closer to quitting Fortnite than having your game crash in the final circle. Thankfully, we know how to fix Fortnite crashing!

Updated on Aug 28, 2023
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How To Fix When Fortnite Keeps Crashing

There's nothing more frustrating to gamers than having their game crash seconds before snagging a Victory Royale. Game crashes have been an annoying part of gaming as old as games, especially for PC players. Thankfully, if you play Fortnite you don't need to worry about crashes anymore because we're going to go through all the methods to fix it when Fortnite keeps crashing!

How To Fix When Fortnite Keeps Crashing on Console

If you're on console you're in luck, because console troubleshooting is far less intensive than PC troubleshooting. There are only two easy methods you'll need to test in order to stop your Fortnite crashing issues.

Check for Updates

The first method to fix when Fortnite continuously crashes is to check for an update. Epic Games blesses their user base by keeping Fortnite fresh with regular updates to swap out weapons, tweak the map, fix bugs, and add new Fortnite Skins.


The flip side of Epic Games keeping the game fresh is that regular updates can cause problems for players who don't have the up-to-date files. Which is why the first thing you should do if you're having trouble with Fortnite crashes is to check for an update.

Reinstall Fortnite

Our other method to fix it when Fortnite keeps crashing on any console is to reinstall Fortnite. Unfortunately, Fortnite is a large game, so this is a time consuming method to solve your Fortnite crashes.

How To Reinstall Fortnite

While we mentioned reinstalling Fortnite is time consuming. It's also super easy!

Here is how to easily reinstall Fortnite Battle Royale:

  1. Find Fortnite in your console's game library and select Uninstall.
  2. Locate Fortnite in your console game store and reinstall Fortnite.
  3. Launch Fortnite and see if it keeps crashing.

That's it! Now you've finished reinstalling Fortnite you'll be right back to snagging Victory Royale's without worrying about your game crashing. If you want to win even more Victory Royale's be sure to check out the Best Ways To Win and Best Fortnite Creative Practice Courses.

How To Fix Fortnite Keeps Crashing on PC

Unfortunately, PC troubleshooting can get fairly intensive because there are so many different problems that can cause crashing on Fortnite PC. Lucky for Fortnite players we are here to guide you through the many different methods to stop Fortnite continuously crashing on PC.

Verify Game Files

The first method to stop your Fortnite PC crashing is to verify your Fortnite files in the Epic Games launcher. Verifying your game files checks if there are any files missing or corrupted game files, and installs the files automatically from Epic Games.

How To Verify Game Files

We know what you're thinking; "wow verifying your game files sounds great, how do I do it?" You've come to the right place!

Here is how to verify your Fortnite game files in the Epic Games Launcher

  1. Open your Epic Games Launcher shortcut and navigate to your Games Library.
  2. In the games library click the three dots next to Fortnite and select Verify to verify your game files.
  3. Wait for the Epic Games launcher to verify your game, then run Fortnite and see if your crashes have ceased.

Hopefully verifying your game files fixed your crashing PC!


If so you can move onto reading about the Best Assault Rifles or Best Shotguns in Fortnite!

Run Your Epic Games Launcher As Administrator

Our next tip to stop your crashing frustrations is to run the Epic Games Launcher as administrator. If there is something in the User Access Controls interfering with your Battle Royale experience running Fortnite as administrator will bypass the User Access Controls, and stop your crashing.

How To Run Epic Games Launcher as Administrator

Lucky for you running your launcher as an administrator is a piece of cake, plus we're here to help you through the process!

Here is how to run Epic Games Launcher as an administrator:

  1. Right click your Epic Games Launcher shortcut, or right click file on your Epic Games Launcher and select Run As Administrator.
  2. Navigate to your Library and select Run Fortnite.

We told you it would be easy!


If your crashing problems are resolved you may as well check out the Best Nvidia Settings while we're rooting through PC performance optimization.

Update Your Graphics Card Drivers

If Fortnite keeps crashing on pc and you haven't updated your graphics card driver in a little while, there's a significant chance this is the root of your problems.

How To Update Nvidia Graphics Card driver

If you've got outdated graphics card drivers, but you're not sure where to start updating your graphics card drivers you've come to the right place!

Here is how to easily update your Nvidia graphics card drivers

  1. Open Nvidia GeForce Experience application and select the Drivers Tab.
  2. If there is an update available you can press the Download buttonat the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Once the graphics drivers are installed, restart your PC.

Now you can launch Fortnite and hop into a Fortnite game to see if Fortnite keeps crashing!


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Lower Your Graphics Settings

Another potential reason why your game crashes regularly is because you're playing Fortnite at graphics settings that are more intense than your graphics card can handle. The best way to fix Fortnite crashing if your settings are too high is too lower your graphics settings.

Unfortunately, there are loads of graphics settings to root through in the Fortnite settings menu. Lucky for you we've already talked at length about the best settings to lower in order to up your performance, and alleviate your game crashes.

If you'd like to check out the best Fortnite settings to boost your FPS and stop your Fortnite crashing issue check out Best FPS Settings.

Disable Background Applications

Oftentimes PC gamers will have a majority of their resources being taken up by applications being run in the background. When you have background applications eating up your PC resources it can easily cause crashing issues within Fortnite Battle Royale.

Thankfully, it's easy to stop applications from running in the background on a Windows PC.

How To Disable Background Applications on Windows PC

If you want to avoid another Fortnite crash disabling background applications is an easy fix!

Follow these steps to disable background applications:

  1. Open Task Manager. You can easily access Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete and pressing Task Manager.
  2. Identify applications that are using a majority of your resources. You can sort by resources used by clicking on any PC hardware component tab.
  3. Right click unnecessary applications and select End Task.

Now that you've disabled your pesky background tasks hopefully your Fortnite should stop crashing!


If you've solved your Fortnite crashing problems, we're happy to have helped you! Hopefully we can help you further by showing you the Best Color Settings. Additionally, we can help you win more games by showing you the Best Aim Maps to improve your Fortnite skills.

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