Best Easter Skins in Fortnite

Easter is a colorful and fun holiday celebrated around the world. If you want to bring the celebration to Fortnite, check out the best easter skins in the game!

Best Easter Skins in Fortnite
Best Easter Skins in Fortnite

For some people, Easter is the most important holiday for them, and some players even buy Fortnite easter skins to celebrate the fun holiday! Thankfully, Epic Games released a ton of holiday skins in Fortnite. If you want to buy several skins that resemble the Christian holiday, then check out the best easter skins in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Bunny Brawler

The bunny brawler skin is the first cosmetic in this list that resembles an Easter bunny. It has two styles, white and black, that players can choose. Bunny Brawler is a part of the pastel patrol set and costs 1,500 v bucks.

The black version has a scary-looking mask that will surely haunt your enemies. At the same time, the white version shows her face which will leave everyone breathless.

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Rabbit Raider

If you prefer a male version of the bunny brawler, then you should get the Rabbit Raider skin. It also has two styles as the Bunny Brawler. The black skin has a sinister theme while the pink color has a cute but slightly scary style.

Like the Bunny Brawler, Rabbit Raider is also part of the Pastel Patrol Set and costs 1,500 v bucks.

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If you want to look fly while celebrating Easter, then the best choice is Dutch. He wears a suit and bunny mask that makes him cool and scary at the same time. To make it better, Dutch has four different color styles available, which are default, doodle, midnight, and chocolate.

Dutch is part of the Dapper Rabbit set and priced at 1,200 v bucks and is available in the Fortnite item shop during the holidays and occasions.


You never thought that Easter will get scary right? Nighthare will prove you wrong. If you want to scare enemies inside the island then this is the best skin for you. Nighthare has a sinister-looking bunny suit with long ears and reddish eyes.

Not only that but there are also tally marks on Nighthare's outfit, which may resemble the number of enemies that he has killed for as long as he can remember—or the eggs that he found, we will never know. The Nighthare bundle costs 1,500 v bucks, so make sure to buy him right away when you see him!

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Bun Bun

Of course, since rabbits are usually tied with Easter, Fortnite Battle Royale also has another bunny skin called Bun Bun. He is cute and scary at the same time. Bun Bun  is a chocolate bunny that has a ripped body and weird face.

In terms of his outfit, Bun Bun wears candy wrappers, which may mean that he is hiding something about the mysterious world of Fortnite. The Bun Bun bundle costs 1,500 v bucks, which is the average price of holiday skins in Fortnite.

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Pastel Skin

Now, if flashy skins are not your jam, then the pastel skin is for you! It looks like the default Fortnite skins but with a pink color and new accessories, such as Easter egg grenades.

The Pastel skin only costs 800 v bucks, which is really cheap especially if you want a great Easter-themed skin that will not break the bank!

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that ends the list of the best Easter-themed skins in Fortnite. Make sure to save some v bucks so when they appear in the item shop again you will waste no time buying them! Hopefully, Epic Games will release more holiday themed skins in the game to have more choices and styles!