Is It Safe To Buy A Genshin Impact Account? Can You Get Banned For It?

Are you planning on buying a Genshin Impact account? If yes then read on to find out if it is a safe option for you or if there is a risk of getting banned.

Updated on Sep 12, 2023
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Is It Safe To Buy A Genshin Impact Account? Can You Get Banned For It?

Buying and selling accounts is an old and common tradition among gacha game players like Genshin Impact and even other titles such as Apex Legends. Many players consider buying an account to get a headstart rather than making an effort to grow and build it. There are several ‘account sellers’ providing pre-built accounts on various platforms. But, is it safe to buy a Genshin Impact account? Can you get banned?


Genshin Impact does not encourage practices such as sharing accounts, playing on reroll accounts or bought accounts, and usage of third-party software.

Can you get banned for buying and selling Genshin Impact accounts?

If you want to, then you can buy or sell Genshin Impact user profiles. But remember by doing so you will be violating Genshin Impact’s terms and conditions.


It will only get you in trouble as Hoyoverse clearly states that transferring Genshin Impact accounts is strictly prohibited. If the developer finds you involved in such practices you will instantly get an account ban.
Remember that Hoyoverse can give you an IP ban, hence you won't be able to play Genshin Impact on the same device ever again.

High Risk of Getting Scammed

Apart from getting a banned account, you are also running a risk of getting scammed and losing your money while considering buying or selling an account. Many sellers or buyers may turn out to be frauds.


While getting a pre-built account seems tempting you may get an account you didn't like or not get any account at all.

The Same Account May Get Used By Other Players

Sellers buy or create multiple accounts at a time. There is a chance that someone might be using the same account that you bought from the seller.


This can result in you getting hacked and losing everything you earned after buying it.

It Might Come With Irrelevant Items

Since these Genshin Impact accounts are not used by you they are not customized to fit your playstyle. You may not get your desired characters and weapons, or the account may be filled with ascension materials that are not relevant to your characters.


Rather than wasting money on such accounts, it is recommended that you make your own and decide what characters, weapons, and artifacts you need.

What kind of sellers to avoid?

Accounts that are bought/sold/stolen are often involved in other actions that go against the game's integrity and can cause problems.
If you still want to do trade we recommend you use safe websites to buy and sell Genshin Impact accounts. Also, avoid buying accounts from sellers that are engaged in the following unethical activities:-

Using Other Servers

Using private servers may allow you to play the game your way but can also get your account banned. These servers give a person an advantage over other players such as access to all the characters, infinite Primogems, etc.


You should stick to legitimate and safe ways to earn in-game currencies.

Not Downloading The Game From Official Sites

Make sure to have enough download space on your device for Genshin and only get it from the official website, unofficial sites or distribution parties may add malicious elements to the game. By downloading the game from an unofficial source, you are putting all your data and details in danger.


Hoyoverse and Genshin Impact team have made the downloading process very simple and smooth for new users. PC players can go to the official website to download the game, and mobile players can do the same through the google play store or apple app store.

Sharing Login Information

There is a common mistake many players often make. They end up sharing their login credentials with someone else. The person can steal your account, destroy your builds, waste materials, etc. They may even sell it to someone else for more money.


To protect your account, do not share your email id, password, or any other private information with anyone.

Using Unapproved Payment Methods

Don’t use any unapproved payment methods for in-game purchases. Always use the shop in the game to buy materials. Do not apply any cheat programs to get more in-game currencies or materials.


If a player is found out doing any of these they may get their login blocked, get suspended, or their account may be blocked temporarily or permanently.

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