Best Easter Eggs in GTA [Top 5 All-Time List]

Check out top 5 easter eggs in the GTA franchise, including the Halo-themed Republican Space Rangers show in GTA IV & V.

Updated on Feb 27, 2024
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Best Easter Eggs in GTA [Top 5 All-Time List]

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Halo Easter Egg - GTA IV & V

republican space rangers' halo easter eggs GTA V

If you check out the Weasel channel on your television in GTA IV and GTA V, you’ll see a show called Republican Space Rangers, which is one of the best Easter eggs that many people may not know of. This show is based on the very popular Halo franchise, specifically the first Halo game, with characters dressed very similarly to the characters in the Halo game.

Throughout the game, you’ll also hear the characters names, like Master Chief, being referenced as well. With how popular Halo is, it’s pretty cool to see hints of it being crossed over into another popular gaming franchise. Additionally, if you go to the clothing store in GTA V Online, you can purchase the exact suit from the Republican Space Ranger show.

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Bad Fellas Movie Poster - GTA III

movie posters from gta III

One of the ways Rockstar Games does a great job of making the GTA world look so real is by adding in small details like movie posters hanging around on buildings. If you’ve seen the various posters hung throughout GTA III, you may have noticed how similar many of them sound, for instance, the Bad Fellas movie poster.

This poster advertising a fake movie in GTA is obviously a play on the movie Goodfellas. But that’s not the only one; there are many billboards and posters hidden in plain sight throughout GTA III that are advertising real-life movies and games.

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Frozen Alien - GTA V

gta 5 frozen alien

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The frozen alien is easily one of the most popular easter eggs scattered throughout Grand Theft Auto V, and it's pretty unforgettable honestly. Depending on how you look at it, it’s kind of a two-parter easter egg as there is also a sunken UFO in the water near the frozen alien. Many GTA players think that the UFO belonged to that alien, which is a pretty cool little storyline, regardless of whether it’s true or not.

By now, it’s pretty easy to locate the frozen alien; however, it took me a while to find it at first, as I imagine it was for many others as well. You’ll come across the alien while you’re working through the beginning mission of GTA V; during the cop chase scene, you’ll be led to a hill, which is where the frozen river lies at the bottom right side.

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Moon Size Alterations - GTA: Vice City

shooting at the moon in gta vice city

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Did you know you can change the size of the moon in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City? It’s possible to do so in Grand Theft Auto III too, as well as in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. To change the moon's size, you have to use any weapon that shoots in first-person, I prefer a sniper rifle.

Once you shoot at the moon, the size of it will either increase or decrease. This is by far my favorite easter egg from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City; it’s nothing super special, but it definitely is a fun way to switch up the background behind your character a bit.

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Bigfoot - GTA V

bigfoot sighting gta 5

Bigfoot is another really well-known easter egg in Grand Theft Auto V, and he can be spotted during two different missions throughout the game. The first mission is called Predator, which takes you on a mission to the O’Neil brothers' land to aim a thermal sniper into the woods; bigfoot will be visible at the right of the woods. Be careful and make sure you’re not wasting too much time, as you will fail the mission if you don’t hurry.

You can’t shoot bigfoot, although that would certainly add a little something cool to the mission. Nonetheless, you can catch a sighting of Bigfoot a second time during the mission called The Last One, during which you actually do get the chance to hunt Bigfoot and shoot at him. This is a pretty fun mission; however, personally, I think it’s also fun to scope out to find a golden peyote plant to consume so that you can play as Bigfoot yourself.

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