GTA V Server Locations: What You Need To Know

Find out the server providers and locations mapped worldwide of GTA 5 Online so that you can check where the closest server is for You.

Updated on Jul 21, 2023
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GTA V Server Locations: What You Need To Know

If you wish to play GTA 5 at the highest possible level, without ping interruption, it is very important to learn about GTA 5 exact server locations. Finding a suitable location plays a crucial role if you wish to have an uninterrupted game. Even if you have amazing internet speed and great PC, you can still encounter issues depending on your server of choice.

The general rule of thumb is to choose a server that is closest to your home country (ideally, a server located in your home country). Worst case scenario, you should find a server on your home continent. In this article, I will talk about GTA 5 exact server locations and how they impact your gameplay.

Server locations

Here is what we presume are the server locations for GTA 5. Keep in mind that Rockstar games are very secretive regarding the server location, so this is the data we have gathered after a thorough investigation:

  • Europe
  • The US and surrounding area
  • Asia and Australia


According to some inside sources, there is a chance that the company doesn’t use servers but instead, uses the peer-to-peer connections for placing gamers together in a lobby. However, it is really hard to tell as we haven’t received any confirmation from the company itself.

Whether the servers exist or not, online lobbies are available for all the platforms including PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

GTA 5 exact server locations

Given everything that was mentioned, if the servers do exist in their traditional physical form, they are likely located in New York, at the Rockstar Headquarters. But, we don’t know where European and Asian server locations are.

How does server choice impact your game?

Server choice is crucial for any online game. As mentioned, the closer you are to a particular server, the better your connection is going to be. It is something that directly affects your ping, whether you’re playing the standard GTA 5 or GTA RP modes.

If you are lagging a lot, this is a good indication that either your internet connection is bad or that you’re connected to a server that is far away from your home address. Anyway, both of them could be a problem. Just to make sure that you’re on the safe side, you should find a way to check your ping so you can be certain that this was the issue.

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