Check Out The Latest GTA V Download Size [All Platforms]

Did you know that Grand Theft Auto V download size on different platforms (PC / Xbox / PlayStation) can range up to 100 GB?

Updated on Jul 30, 2023
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Check Out The Latest GTA V Download Size [All Platforms]

What is the Current GTA V Download File Size

The current download size of GTA V ranges from 72 GB to about 100 GB. The download size of GTA V depends on various factors, such as the version of the game, the platform on which you wish to install it, or whether you're installing it from a disk. 

PlatformGTA V File Size
PC (Steam/Epic Games Store)72 GB
PlayStation 486 GB
PlayStation 594 GB
Xbox One100 GB
Xbox Series X/S98 GB

Moreover, if you're going to download GTA V on PC, you will be required to install the Rockstar Games Launcher, which will further increase the download GTA size. This is another 1 GB, almost negligible compared to the actual file size of the game.

That said, if you have noticed your device lagging after installing the game, we recommend you to uninstall GTA V, and think about purchasing a better physical disk.

Why is GTA V Download File Size So Big?

The earliest version of GTA V from 2013 was around 25 GB, but nowadays, that's simply unimaginable because of the high-resolution textures and various files that demand tons of free space.

Since its initial release in 2013, Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto V has been re-released for each new generation of consoles and PC. Yet, the improved textures and additions that came with every overhaul have significantly increased the game's file size and still cause FPS problems for never PCs – that's how advanced it is. So yeah, those days when Grand Theft Auto series titles such as GTA IV, GTA San Andreas, or GTA Vice City, and the old GTA Online were only a couple of gigabytes of download size are ancient history.

GTA V Download Size

Besides, GTA V is actually a standalone game and a multiplayer game in one, since you get to play a story mode and GTA Online. Speaking of GTA Online, you'll need to make even more free space if you plan on playing the Cayo Perico heist, which will substantially increase the total download size GTA V on your hard drive.

However, as long as your hard drive doesn't limit you, GTA V offers many options that you can do with your free space, such as hosting your own server in GTA Online! Still, you might encounter some RAM issues there, so make sure that you meet the requirements.

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