The 10 Best Quotes of All Time GTA [Iconic]

Discover the most iconic quotes from the GTA series, ranging from witty social commentary to hilarious character interactions!

Updated on Feb 27, 2024
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The 10 Best Quotes of All Time GTA [Iconic]

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"What Did You Expect? It's America!" - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

CJ shooting a gun - GTA: San Andreas

Carl Johnson, better known as CJ, is known to be one of the funniest characters in the Grand Theft Auto series, for both his personality and the things he says. One of his all-time best GTA: San Andreas quotes occurs when the character threatens an enemy with his gun and says, “What did you expect? It’s America!" implying that his enemy should have expected him to pull out his gun.

Now, this is a clear dig at the problems being faced in America, which Rockstar Games has been known to include in their games for some time now, and while it can be pretty controversial, I got to admit it’s a great quote for CJ, adding some extra comedy to the scene.

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"I'm Cranked Out on Speed Most of the Time, But I Am Productivity Personified" - Grand Theft Auto V

Trevor artwork from GTA V

Aside from his very obvious title as one of the best criminals to walk the streets of Los Santos, I feel like GTA players have also given Trevor Philips the title of being a meth head. Whether that’s true or not, this quote he states when speaking to Ron Jakowski in Grand Theft Auto V matches perfectly with the vibe and overall appearance we get from Trevor.

Personally, despite what we think about Trevor, he is one of the most dedicated criminals in the series even while he's high on speed. Whether he is put in charge of blowing up planes or taking out enemies, this quote easily shows how determined Trevor is when it comes to his jobs.

"All You Little Men Are Scared of Strong Women..." - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Catalina from GTA: San Andreas

Catalina is definitely another one of the funniest characters to come to the GTA series. Though we don’t see much of her throughout GTA: San Andreas, she has still made her appearance worthwhile, especially with some of her quotes.

Personally, I think her best quote is when she is pretty much lecturing CJ; she says, “All you little men are scared of strong women! If we’re passionate, you say we’re crazy. If we’re upset, you say we're hysterical.” As many would likely say in today’s generation, this was quite the girl boss move for Catalina to make.

"War Is Where the Young and Stupid Are Tricked by the Old and Bitter into Killing Each Other" - Grand Theft Auto IV

Niko Bellic from GTA 4

This is another quote that resembles life in America a bit too. Niko Bellic, the main protagonist in Grand Theft Auto IV, is a retired veteran of an unknown war. During his time in the war, he experienced the many atrocities that happened, which altered his mind and traumatized him.

Between that and how deeply intelligent Niko is, he has an interesting, yet true, perspective on war, which he shares in this quote. This is arguably his best quote in the game because it shows how brave he was to talk about his time in the war despite the trauma; it definitely adds some emotion to the storyline and almost makes us feel connected with Niko.

"I'll Have Two Number 9's..." - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Big Smoke order from GTA: San Andreas

In GTA: San Andreas, during the drive-thru mission, CJ, Big Smoke, and a few others pull up to a drive-thru restaurant to kill some time while an attack is happening near Grove Street. Everyone in the car orders a basic meal, but Big Smoke then speaks up with his order: "I'll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda."

Not only does this scene successfully buy the Ballas some time to attack, but hearing Big Smoke order that much food was definitely a funny moment, whether it was due to the amount of food he ordered or the fact that he was ordering so much given his weight. Either way, it’s one of the best quotes and truly an unforgettable one.

"Go To College. Then You Can Rip People Off and Get Paid for It. It's Called Capitalism." - Grand Theft Auto V

Michael quote on capitalism from GTA V

Once again, Rockstar Games takes a stab at including aspects of modern-day America into GTA game play and succeeds with a quote about capitalism. Not only is this quote true, unfortunately, but it’s also pretty funny the moment Michael says it. And who better to say this quote than someone who likely strikes us all as a man with much wisdom and truth, Michael De Santa himself?

Michael has always struck me as someone who knows how intelligent he is, and he isn’t afraid to put that out in the open, especially in this scene while he’s giving Franklin Clinton some much-needed life advice. At this point in GTA, Michael seems to have outgrown the criminal acts and matured; however, judging off this quote, it seems like he still has a bit of crime left in him.

"Now, I Know You Blind Man... But You Gotta See This!" - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

CJ blind quote from GTA: San Andreas

Anyone who has played San Andreas would easily remember this hilarious, almost low blow of a quote that CJ says to Wu Zi Mu at the beginning of the Key to Her Heart mission. This quote makes for a perfect start to a very fun mission, as well as the humor of CJ excitedly saying this to a blind man.

This quote stands out from nearly every other quote CJ leaves us with in San Andreas because it's one that GTA players can’t forget. CJ has always been a top favorite GTA character due to how unapologetically fun he really is, and this line definitely gives us a sprinkle of his outgoing personality, which is great for right before a heist.

"All We Had to Do Was Follow the Damn Train, CJ!" - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Train quote from GTA: San Andreas

Honestly, what makes this quote one of the best is how unforgettable it is; however, not all San Andreas players will know of it. The only way you’d have heard Big Smoke say this if you ever failed to pass the “Wrong Side of the Tracks” mission, since he says this each time the mission is failed.

The difficulty of the mission, mixed with hearing Big Smoke repeat this line multiple times over the course of many failed attempts, makes it a pretty painful memory for us, though it’s kind of iconic too.

"Actions Have Consequences. You Screwed Me Over..." - Grand Theft Auto IV

Niko threatening Dmitri GTA IV

Many of the best quotes we can expect from the GTA series come from the protagonists we all know, but this one is from an antagonist from Grand Theft Auto IV, Dimitri Rascalov. Dimitri has a reputation for causing problems for other characters in GTA, but this time it’s come back to hit him harder when Niko threatens him.

As Niko is threatening him, Dimitri says, "Actions have consequences. You messed me over, now you're going to pay for it. Shame, That's the second-to-last Thing that Goes into Your Head." This quote is a personal favorite because it shows how determined Niko is to handle business regardless of his enemies trying to scare him.

"You, Trevor, Are the Proto-Hipster." - Grand Theft Auto V

Michael calls Trevor a proto-hipster GTA V

The final quote on here is this quote that’s said by Michael as he and Trevor are on their way up to Paleto Bay to meet up with Lester. This is part of a conversation that the two start having about Trevor; it’s honestly a pretty funny conversation, and definitely one I remember greatly.

The comment about Trevor being a hipster gets brought up as Michael is talking about Trevor’s lifestyle, his clothing style, etc., which, of course, Trevor denies. The conversation continues on for a bit longer before Michael settles on referring to Trevor as a proto hipster.

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