GTA Online: In-Depth Guide To Shark Cards Prices (Breakdown)

This article will help You navigate the world of Shark Cards and understand the ins and outs of this in-game currency.

Updated on Jul 21, 2023
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GTA Online: In-Depth Guide To Shark Cards Prices (Breakdown)

If you ask any player of Grand Theft Auto Online whether buying a Shark Cash Card is a good deal, most will tell you no. The game has been making huge profits for Rockstar Games for years, and Shark Cards are the main reason for that.

Still, investing in these cards can definitely improve your GTA Online experience significantly quickly, so if you want to know their exact prices and details regarding this in-game currency, read on.

What Is The Purpose Of Grand Theft Auto Online Shark Cards?

GTA Shark Cards are a form of premium in-game currency that can be purchased with real-world money and used for various microtransactions in Grand Theft Auto. Each Shark Cash Card contains a certain amount of GTA$ and a distinct real-world price, and must be redeemed in order to add GTA Online money to your account.

Once redeemed, the purchased cash will be automatically deposited to your character, and you'll be able to use it right away. Unfortunately, there’s no official method of gifting GTA Online Shark Cards, although it’s still possible to give money to your friends in Grand Theft Auto V using several methods.

There are currently six different cards (Great White Shark Card, Hammerhead Shark Card, Megalodon Shark Card, Tiger Shark Card, Whale Shark Card, and Hammerhead Shark Card), but new ones are usually added to the game with the release of new DLCs.


Rather than having to rely on your criminal activities in Grand Theft Auto Online, purchasing Shark Cards in Grand Theft Auto Online will certainly make things much easier for a player who's willing to spend wisely to add funds to a character's bank account and solve the money problem, at least in Grand Theft Auto Online.

This so-called cash therapy isn't appealing to the majority of GTA Online players, who, in fact, believe this is completely unfair (despite the fact that everything can be acquired for free, with enough effort and time) and makes Grand Theft Auto Online pay-to-win, because buying Shark Cards is a shortcut to getting GTA Online money without having to grind for it.

How Much Do Grand Theft Auto Online Shark Cards Cost?

The following table offers an overview of the current prices for Grand Theft Auto Online Shark Cards.

Shark Card

GTA$ Amount

Real-Life Price In $

Real-Life Price In €


Red Shark





Tiger Shark





Bull Shark





Great White Shark





Whale Shark





Megalodon Shark





In addition, the average price for every $1 million of GTA$ is $12.49 or €9.31, and Shark Cards cannot be used in Story Mode - but exclusively in Grand Theft Auto Online. Other than buying Grand Theft Auto V Shark Cards through official sources, such as Xbox, PlayStation, or Steam store, you can also purchase Cash Cards through third-party services that sell them for a cheaper price than the official ones.

On top of that, you can also get any Shark Cash Card in Grand Theft Auto V cost free, though it will require some extra work.

What Shark Card Is The Best Deal?

For those who are looking to maximize their in-game cash and GTA$, the Megalodon Shark Card is the best option because it saves $139.21 and gives you $8 million worth of in-game cash for just $99.

Do Shark Cards Ever Go On Sale?

Yes, Rockstar Games will periodically have discounted prices on all Shark Cards, although these offers only last for a limited time. If you wish to buy Shark Cards for a discounted price at any given moment, you can always use third-party websites instead.

Is Buying Grand Theft Auto Online Money Worth It?

Honestly, it's absolutely not worth it since some of the most luxurious vehicles of Grand Theft Auto Online cost more than $4 million. For instance, the Luxor Deluxe plane costs $10 million, so even if you spend $99 of real-life currency for a Megalodon Shark Cash Card in Grand Theft Auto V, you still won't be able to get it.


The fact that purchasing every single vehicle possible in Grand Theft Auto Online (excluding the properties, weapons, vehicle upgrades, outfits, and other items) will cost you around $4500 of real-life currency says everything. It's like a bottomless hole, and believe us, you don't want to fall into it.

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