How To Make Cut Sandstone Slab In Minecraft

Don’t know how to craft Cut Sandstone slabs in Minecraft? Don’t worry, we have come up with an extensive guide to help you make Cut sandstone slabs.

Updated on Nov 15, 2023
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How To Make Cut Sandstone Slab In Minecraft

Everything You Need To Make Cut Sandstone Slab

To make a cut sandstone slab, you have to put 3x cut sandstone into a crafting table in the middle row. In 2 seconds, your cut sandstone slabs will be on the left side of the crafting grid, from where you can move them into inventory.

Here is everything you need:

  • 1x crafting table
  • 3x cut sandstone

How To Make Cut Sandstone Slab

#1 Open Your Crafting Table

To start the process of crafting cut sandstone slabs, you have to open your crafting table in order to have a 3x3 crafting grid that looks exactly like the image below.


However, before opening your crafting table make sure you have enough cut sandstone in your inventory. Using our guide on how to make cut sandstone will take care of the situation if you don't have cut sandstone.

#2 Add Cut sandstone into Crafting Table

Place the 3x cut sandstone on the right side of the 3x3 crafting grid. Within seconds, you will have 6x cut sandstone slabs on the left side of the crafting grid.

However, to get the desired results, place the cut sandstone in the middle row as shown in the image below.


Placement of cut sandstone in any other line, won’t get you cut sandstone slabs.

#3 Move Cut Sandstone Slabs into Inventory

The above process will give you 6x cut sandstone slabs on the left side of your crafting grid. To move the cut sandstone slabs into the inventory, hold them and drag them into the inventory.


Repeat the process again to get the desired number of cut sandstone slabs. 

What is the give command to get a cut sandstone slab

The give command for you to get cut sandstone slab is: /give @p cut_sandstone_slab 1. 

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