How To Make Prismarine Wall In Minecraft

If you already have an ocean temple and want to decorate it with details, a wall may be suitable! We will show you how to craft Prismarine Wall in Minecraft.

Updated on Aug 30, 2023
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How To Make Prismarine Wall In Minecraft

Everything you need to make Prismarine Wall

Prismarine Wall is one type of wall block in Minecraft that is mainly used for decoration purposes and creating boundaries. Although the block isn’t that beautiful, crafting Prismarine Wall may be a challenge for some new Minecraft players. So make sure to bring some bucket of milk, a few doors, and your fastest pickaxe.

  • 6x Prismarine
  • 1x Crafting Table

How to craft Prismarine Wall in Minecraft

#1 Collect 6x Prismarine

Prismarine is the main block of the Ocean Monument structure in Minecraft. They usually spawned in the ocean biome which contains a large amount of Prismarine blocks. But beware, you can easily mine the Prismarine block because Guardians and Elder Guardians will bother you a lot!


You can get Prismarine by using 4x Prismarine Shard in a crafting grid. This is the only crafting recipe for Prismarine.


Prismarine Shard is a unique drop from Guardians and Elder Guardians. They normally drop 0-2x Prismarine Shard on death, and up to 5x with Looting III enchantment.


Luckily, you can make a Guardian farm pretty easy so to craft Prismarine in large quantity is not a big problem.

#2 Collect 1x Crafting Table

You will need a crafting table to craft Prismarine Wall since they will require a 2x3 area in the crafting grid. To get a crafting table, simply chop some wood to craft Planks, and use 4x Planks to craft 1x Crafting Table.


#3 Finish off crafting a Prismarine Wall

When you have 6x Prismarine and 1x Crafting Table, place and right-click the crafting table and put 6x Prismarine straight in two lines to craft 6x Prismarine Wall.


Another way to get Prismarine Wall is to use the Stonecutter, you place 1x Prismarine into it to craft 1x Prismarine Wall.


What is the give command to get a Prismarine Wall?

The command to give yourself a Prismarine Wall is: /give @p prismarine_wall 1

Now you have Prismarine Wall, it will be perfect for aqua and ocean building themes.

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