How To Make Pumpkin Seeds In Minecraft

Ever wonder how to grow Pumpkin in Minecraft? Or enjoy the Halloween vibe with a Jack-o-Lanterns? In this article, We'll show you how to craft Pumpkin Seeds.
How To Make Pumpkin Seeds In Minecraft

Everything you need to make Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are items to use to grow Pumpkin. Although the value is minimal, Pumpkin Seeds are still one of the items you can’t just get right away. That’s why if you find Pumpkin Seeds in the early game, don’t throw them away!

  • 1x Pumpkin

How to craft Pumpkin Seeds in Minecraft

#1 Collect 1x Pumpkin

Pumpkin usually generates in a batch in most of Minecraft biome. As long as the ground is grass and the block has one air block above it, there is a chance for Pumpkin to be generated. But still, the chance to find Pumpkin in the natural environment is rarer than finding Diamonds.

pumpkin in plain

The fastest way to break the Pumpkin is to use an Axe.


If you already found Pumpkin block or have a pumpkin farm, feel free to skip to step 3.

#2 Break 1x Pumpkin Stem

You can get 1-3x Pumpkin Seeds just by breaking Pumpkin Stem. They are usually generated in Woodland Mansion, in Taiga and Snowy biome, or in the Village.

pumpkin stem

You can also find Pumpkin Seeds in looted chests in the Dungeon, Mineshaft, Village, or Woodland mansion. They normally contain 1-5x Pumpkin Seeds.

pumpkin seeds in chest

#3 Finish off crafting a Pumpkin Seeds

When you have a Pumpkin, simply put it in the crafting grid to get 4 Pumpkin Seeds. No Crafting Table is required.

pumpkin seeds

What is the give command to get Pumpkin Seeds?

The command to give yourself Pumpkin Seeds is: /give @p pumpkin_seeds 1

Now you have Pumpkin Seeds, plant them and harvest more Pumpkins to make more Seeds.

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