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How To Make White Banner In Minecraft

In this article, we'll show you how to craft a White Banner in Minecraft.
How To Make White Banner In Minecraft

Everything you need to make White Banner

White Banner is the original Banner in Minecraft. By using White Wool and Stick to craft, White Banner is really easy to craft and you can even modify them to other colors and shapes.

  • 6x White Wool
  • 1x Stick

How to craft White Banner in Minecraft

#1 Collect 6x White Wool

You can find White Wool in pretty much any generated structures in Minecraft like Woodland mansions, Villages, and Pillager outposts.

white wool in woodland mansion

In any type of village, you can find chests to loot for White Wool. Each chest has a 55.8% to contain 1-8x White Wool.

white wool in chest

Using 4x String, you can simply craft 1x White Wool without a crafting table.

string to wool

And the original way to get White Wool is to kill a Sheep, they drop 1x White Wool on death. You can also use shear on them to get 1-3x White Wool.

white sheeps

#2 Collect 1x Stick

Stick can be found by breaking natural blocks like Leaves and Dead bushes. They have a small chance to drop 0-2x Stick.


You can also find Stick by fishing and chest looting. Chests in the village have a high chance to contain 1-12 Sticks.

stick in chest

The best way to get Stick is to craft it from 2x Planks of any type. You can also use 2x Bamboo to craft 1x Stick.

planks to stick
bamboo to stick

#3 Finish off crafting a White Banner

When you have 6x White Wool and 1x Stick, open your crafting table and put 6x White Wool in the top two lines to create a rectangle, then put 1x Stick in the middle of the third row to craft 1x White Banner.

craft white banner

What is the give command to get a White Banner?

The command to give yourself a White Banner is: /give @p white_banner 1

Now you have a White Banner, you can decorate it further or just hang them over your house.

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