Looking for a working Robux Generator? A close look at Free Robux Generators

This article will reveal whether free Robux generators for Roblox are genuine or not!

Updated on Dec 28, 2022
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Looking for a working Robux Generator? A close look at Free Robux Generators

Let's face it, all of us, regardless of our financial status, like getting stuff for free or at least a way to make cutbacks, and this also applies to video games.

So chances are that if you're a Roblox player, you probably sought methods of getting free Robux, especially when considering the prices of Robux, and in your endeavor, you encountered a free Robux generator.

This article will uncover all about free Robux generators, whether they are genuine and safe, and whether you should use them. So keep scrolling if you want to learn all about Roblox Robux generator tools.

What Are Free Robux Generators?

Basically, a free Robux generator is a tool found on various third-party websites that promise Roblox players free Robux once they enter their Roblox username and other Roblox account details. 

If you try searching for a free Robux generator on a search engine, you'll probably discover thousands of websites containing this kind of tool. In most cases, these tools look identical - they have a field where you're supposed to enter your personal details, human verification check, and the "Generate Robux'' button.

An example of free Robux generator, that actually has a decent design unlike others.

Although their design may differentiate, the principle is always the same - they will always ask for your Roblox username and, sometimes, even some additional details.

What these tools also have in common is that websites they are found on will always have weird domains and clickbait titles such as "Free Robux 100% legit method" and such.

Are Free Robux Generators Legitimate?

No, free Robux generators are not legitimate, and every single one of them is a scam, made to steal accounts and sell them illegally later. In fact, each time someone uses a free Robux generator to generate free Robux will almost certainly risk losing the account permanently. 


As you know, Robux is an in game currency from which Roblox Corporation profits since Roblox is a free game platform. Just think of how much financial damage free Robux generators would make if they were actually legitimate because all Roblox players would be using them, and no one would ever have to spend money if Roblox Robux generator was the thing.

Another example of free Robux generator tool.

So now that you know that you can't generate free Robux using the Robux generator tool, you're probably wondering why they are constantly being created and published online, no matter how many times they are being shut down? 

The answer is quite simple, actually. As we all know, the majority of the Roblox player base consists of kids and teenagers. So, in a way, individuals who create and publish these Robux generators want to take advantage of their gullibility and lack of suspicion in order to steal their accounts.

In addition, these individuals will also create various YouTube videos to “prove” how legit their generators are and how anyone can use them to get free Robux. In fact, many of these generators are advertised through YouTube videos, which is how people find out about them.

Unfortunately, this seems to work fine for these evil-doers because many of these youngsters fall into this trap. So one of the reasons why we wrote this article is to educate our readers and prove that there's no way to generate free Robux using the Robux generator and that such a thing is 100% a scam.

Is There A Way Of Getting Free Robux Then?

Believe it or not, yes, there are few available methods of getting free Robux! Some of these methods are official and can be accomplished exclusively through Roblox Corporation, while others are more off the record and can be accomplished through third-party services. One of the finest examples is Freecash, a get-paid-to service that you can use to complete online tasks and get free Robux as a reward. 

Another decent example is Idle Empire, which does the same, but has much fewer options than the previous service. 


Even though none of these third-party services aren’t affiliated with Roblox Corporations, both Freecash and Idle Empire can safely be used to obtain free Robux, which is verified by thousands of users taking advantage of these services.

There are four available Roblox gift card denominations on Freecash, while there's only one available on Idle Empire.

Nevertheless, all these methods are a legit and absolutely more exceptional choice than risking your account using a free Robux generator.

That is why we strongly advise you to avoid Robux generators at all costs and instead earn Robux using these methods if you wish to save money or simply buy Robux through the official game website, app, or through third-party websites. You might also want to learn more about the top-rated sites to buy and sell Robux, and the best giveaways, where you can grab a few Robux for free.

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