Best Merc Design Ideas in Rocket League

Want to create the best design possible for the Merc? Then look no further than our top 5 designs for this epic battle car.

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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Best Merc Design Ideas in Rocket League

Could you imagine the Merc Battle-Car becoming your favorite vehicle in Rocket League? Well, that could potentially happen by recreating the designs that we have selected for you. These designs are adventurous & exciting to experience in-game. So, Why not learn more about the best Rocket League Merc designs?

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The Dragon Lord with Athena Decal

What happens when you combine EDM with the Merc Battle-Car? You receive the Dragon Lord Car Design in Rocket League. To rebuild this illuminated design, you’ll need to combine cosmetic items like the Pixelated Shades Topper or Sparkles Rocket Boost.

  • Body: Merc
  • Decal: Athena (Merc)
  • Wheels: Zako
  • Rocket Boost: Sparkles
  • Goal Explosion: Dueling Dragons
  • Topper: Pixelated Shades
  • Antenna: Player’s Choice
  • 1st Paint Finish: D5 Row D/Color 5
  • 2nd Paint Finish: D14 Row D/Color 14

This design is constructed with one of the Best Goal Explosions in Rocket League, the Dueling Dragons. This allowed my experiences to feel more exciting & worthwhile.


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The Birthday Parade with Wet Paint Decal

Epic Games has introduced cosmetic items themed around holiday events. In return, this allowed players to construct the Birthday Parade Car Design for the Merc. This vehicle required items that were obtained via the Rocket Pass. As such, regular players are best suited for this livery.

  • Body: Merc
  • Decal: Wet Paint
  • Wheels: Equalizer
  • Rocket Boost: Rainbow
  • Goal Explosion: Party Time
  • Topper: Rainbow
  • Antenna: Rainbow Flag
  • 1st Paint Finish: D10 Row D/Color 10
  • 2nd Paint Finish: B9 Row B/Color 9

This design feature two very rare items: the goal explosion and the decal. This makes this car a little harder to reconstruct.


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Santa’s Helper with Snowstorm Decal

As previously mentioned, Epic Games have released cosmetic items themed around holiday events. Those decorative items allowed players to develop the Santa’s Helper Car Design. This livery incorporated the Snowstorm Decal with the Christmas Wreath Wheels to recreate the festive holidays.

  • Body: Merc
  • Decal: Snowstorm (Global)
  • Wheels: Christmas Wreath
  • Rocket Boost: Sparkles
  • Goal Explosion: Happy Holidays
  • Topper: Santa
  • Antenna: Holiday Gift
  • 1st Paint Finish: D8 Row D/Color 8
  • 2nd Paint Finish: F7 Row F/Color 7

Access to the Rocket Pass is needed to collect these cosmetic items.


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The Watermelon with Watermelon Decal

Want to recreate the sensation of summer & feel the sunshine’s warmth? Then we’d recommend considering the Watermelon Car Design. It’s rated amongst the Best Rocket League Merc Designs. Additionally, this vehicle maintains one of Rocket League’s Best Antennas.

  • Body: Merc
  • Decal: Watermelon (Merc)
  • Wheels: Watermelon
  • Rocket Boost: Green Sparkles Recommended
  • Goal Explosion: Juiced
  • Topper: Worried Watermelon
  • Antenna: Warm Watermelon
  • 1st Paint Finish: D2 Row D/Color 2
  • 2nd Paint Finish: D15 Row D/Color 15

I’d found the Juiced Goal Explosion to be visually impressive. Watching various fruits explode from every angle was shocking & enjoyable. You should recreate this design. You won’t be disappointed.


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The Galactic SUV with Supersonic Legend Decal

Travel from the New World into the Rocket League Racing Game by unlocking the Galactic SUV Car Design. To recreate this design, you’ll need to access cosmetic items earned from the store and the Rocket Pass.

  • Body: Merc
  • Decal: S1 – Supersonic Legend (Global)
  • Wheels: Spiralis R2
  • Rocket Boost: Standard Red
  • Goal Explosion: Planetary
  • Topper: Halo
  • Antenna: Player’s Choice
  • 1st Paint Finish: D6 Row D/Color 6
  • 2nd Paint Finish: A1 Row A/Color 1


Rocket League Pros & Beginners can unlock these Best Rocket League Designs with some dedication. For instance, competing in tournaments or special events will increase your in-game opportunities at unlocking rare items. Additionally, you aren’t limited to competing with the Merc Hitbox. You can also select from the Best Hotshot Designs in Rocket League.

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