ColemanA Rocket League Settings [Esports Spotlight]

What settings does ColemanA use to give himself a competitive advantage when playing our favorite car soccer game? Find out in this article.

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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ColemanA Rocket League Settings [Esports Spotlight]

Coleman "ColemanA" Arehart is a North American born Rocket League professional player and coach. Coleman was born in the United States, and we're going to take a deep dive into what settings this coach and player uses to give himself and his teammates a competitive advantage.

Camera Settings

Every Rocket Player knows how important settings in this soccer game are. People have always tried to find the perfect camera settings to use, but ultimately, it is up to every player to choose their preferences. So, here are ColemanA's camera settings. 

Camera PresetCustom
Camera ShakeNo
FOV (Field of View)110
- 1.0
Swivel Speed
Transition Speed
Ball Camera

Who is ColemanA in Rocket League Esports

Colemana is an interesting persona in the Rocket League community. He started his career as a professional Rocket League player in November of 2015 in Team Turbulence, a team that has since disbanded.

Colemana retired in 2020 as a professional Rocket League player after failing to achieve any remotely notable success. In fact, he didn't even win a single penny prior to retiring. This might be one of the reasons we were unable to find any verifiable info about his Rocket League deadzone settings and binds. He was born in the US, and began his professional Rocket League career in April of 2016. 

Interestingly however, he came back near the end of 2021, and as a coach no less. He is currently the coach of Prestige Royal, however, he has not been able to do much better as a coach compared to when he was a player. Any notable successes are still lacking.

It is thankless to predict the future, but ColemanA might have a future in the hoops game mod, where he actually achieved his first minor success, winning a Ranked Hoops 2v2: Week 83 tournament in July of 2023 and gaining his first financial rewards from Rocket League, although on a miniscule scale.

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