The Craziest Glitches in Rocket League Of All Time

Every game has bugs and glitches. Though Rocket League is well-known for its smoothness, it has a few glitches. You’ll know about these glitches here.

Updated on Nov 04, 2022
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The Craziest Glitches in Rocket League Of All Time

Rocket League has been in the gaming scene for quite some time now, and it has a huge player base. Because of this, the developers constantly work on patches to fix issues as soon as they arrive. So, Rocket League has very few bugs and glitches. Here is a list of current bugs and glitches that might not be there tomorrow. Psyonix often puts easter eggs in the game which are very different from glitches.

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Leaving the Map

This has been in the game for quite some time. There were secret places on certain maps where if you hit your car against the wall just right, you could leave the map. Then you can just fly around all over the world and have a glance at all the great details that Psyonix built.

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The Puck Glitch

Snowy Day is a mode where you play with an Ice Hockey puck. there was a glitch where you could ride the puck for a few seconds and then it would go launching out from under your car. I guess on some level it makes sense that it would go flying out from under your car in a weird way.

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The Aftershock Engine Glitch

The aftershock engine glitch there was a time when new cars were a big deal in Rocket League. Perhaps no car created more hype than when Rocket League introduced the aftershock. With this glitch, the car would cause everyone else in the match to have crazy frame drops and randomly you'd hear deafening plane sounds. You might have thought it to be a cheat, but in reality, it is just another glitch.

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The Scarab Turtle Glitch

For whatever reason the Scarab just couldn't turtle at the beginning. It was like the ball suddenly weighed five times its normal amount some have suggested that this glitch actually makes sense. The scarab's wheels are out in front of the car so maybe its wheels were absorbing most of the impact from the ball.

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The Humping Bots Glitch

This one has never been completely fixed mainly because the bots are still just idiots. if you've never experienced this just go and play a 4v4 with a bunch of random bots. Sooner

or later you'll end up with two or three lost bots just reverting to their primal states and humping random walls.

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The Neo Tokyo Lost Ball Glitch

In the Neo Tokyo map the ball sometimes would randomly just go down into the ramp just be flying through the air and you'd have to hit a power shot and the ball would just sink into the ground and basically never come out and there was nothing you could do about it.

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The No Flip Glitch

This is one of the few mechanical glitches that we have on the list. It's not very often that someone finds a glitch so OP in terms of mechanics that Psyonix actually has to patch it. With this glitch, you could get the speed of a dodge without having to actually flip your car over and thus you could boost and dodge at the same time making it possible to reach supersonic speed way faster.

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The Batmobile Glitch

In Rocket League, every split second counts. Every little bit of speed from things like wave dashes or just fast recoveries on the wall, all of these things matter. For the first two seasons after the release of the Batmobile, its users struggled because the car needed some time to recover after it dropped to the ground.

Can You Get Banned for Exploiting Glitches?

No, you can’t get banned for exploiting glitches. However, players do sometimes get banned by mistake. If that’s the case, you can contact support or use our guide on how to get unbanned.

Fun fact: Psyonix Rewards You for Finding Glitches

Yes, you can purchase it by trading with another player but other than that, there’s only one way to get the “White Hat” topper in Rocket League. It is by reporting a very severe game-breaking Rocket League exploit.

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