How to play Rocket League on Splitscreen (PC, Xbox, PS, Switch)

Local multiplayer is a fantastic thing but sadly it's not too common these days since online multiplayer is simple to do. For most people, online multiplayer is preferred since the players don't need to be in the same room. However, local multiplayer is something special and those who were sat at home during that time of hardship will know that it's also necessary. Most gamers who grew up with a gaming sibling will remember playing them on split-screen and this is still something built into some games. It gives us all a nice piece of nostalgia playing games like this. Playing games using split-screen helps to bring us all closer together as well.

Rocket League can have up to four players max playing on one screen thanks to split-screen multiplayer. Using this might not be as common as split-screen originally was but it’s still a fantastic way to play with other people. Setting up the split-screen is a little bit different for each console so we’ll be taking a look at how to do this.

How to play Rocket League Split-Screen on Nintendo Switch

While consoles are great for split-screen and local-multiplayer in general, the Nintendo Switch was made with it in mind. Nintendo has done a great job with their latest console and for Rocket League, this is the perfect platform. The joy-con controller also means the console comes with two controllers built into them so you don’t even need to purchase a new controller.

Plus the ability to take the Nintendo Switch away from the house makes this a perfect platform for playing with others anywhere you go. The small console and the dock are perfect for travel which makes this an easy console to bring to friends and the console itself is perfect to take wherever you please. So the Nintendo Switch and Rocket League are perfect for each other!

Firstly, make sure you’ve detached the controllers from the console so that it recognises them as different controllers. Then you can continue to follow these instructions once the game has been launched.

  1. Press the Minus button to activate a single Joy-Con (If the player is using both Joy-Cons or a pro controller then press the Plus button)
  2. Player 2 then needs to log into their Nintendo account OR they can Ski[ it to use a temporary local file
  3. Both players need to press SL and SR on their single Joy-Cons to confirm the controllers (or press L and R on double Joy-Cons or a Pro controller)

Doing this means that Player 2 will join the party and then you can both play Offline or Online together. The game supports up to four-player split-screen so repeat this process for each controller.

How to play Rocket League Split-Screen on PC

It’s possible to play Rocket League in split-screen through the Steam platform on PC. This is a rare thing for PC games and those on Steam aren’t too common. Or commonly used either. However, this is something that’s perfect for large monitors and when you have friends over.

  1. Connect all controllers you want to use to Steam
  2. On the main menu, someone needs to press a button to connect the controller to Rocket League:
    Steam Controller: Start button
    Xbox One Controller: Menu button
    PS4 Controller: Options button
  3. Player 2 will auto-join the party so they can play offline or online with player 1

Controllers can be connected to Steam using the instructions available for them. Xbox One controllers, for example, can be connected using a blue-tooth dongle that’s inserted into the USB port of a PC. It’s not complicated to get the controllers to work with Steam but those three above are the only ones that are supported for Rocket League on Steam.

These are the only recommended controllers options for Rocket League. However, some players have done extra work to get other past generation controllers and other ‘unconventional’ options to work as well. If you don’t know what you’re doing then we advise you to stay away from these as they often involve modding and potentially using hacks to get them to work.

How to play Splitscreen with a controller and keyboard on Steam and Epic Games

A keyboard and mouse combination doesn’t work for splitscreen natively. There is a program called x360ce which lets you map your keyboard like an Xbox 360 controller and this does require some manual set-up to work. Using one controller per person is much easier to set-up but that program is an option as well but somethimes each player has other preferences. So here is how to set up splitscreen with Keyboard and Controller on Steam and Epic Games:

  1. Download x360ce
  2. Extract the files in the same folder as the RocketLeague.exe
  3. Execute x360ce.exe as administrator
  4. Set-up the controllers
  5. Open the x360ce.ini with notepad or another text editor
  6. In the Mappings section, rename the PAD# that is blank after the = sign to PAD1, this will be the keyboard ingame
  7. Rename the old PAD1 to the number between 1 and 4 that was previously blank
  8. Save and launch Rocket League

If you need a visual guide than check out these video on how to set it up on Steam: and on Epic Games:

Note for Anthony (Editor in Chief): we need to make a more visual and complete guide out of this section so that our readers won’t need the videos anymore.

How to play Rocket League Split-Screen on Xbox One

Getting split-screen to work on Xbox One is pretty simple and you shouldn’t have any issues getting this to work. Consoles provide the easiest options when it comes to setting up a split-screen game which makes the Xbox One perfect for local multiplayer. Setting up for a games night is simple and means you can all jump straight into the fun without the fuss.

  1. Connect the controller to the Xbox One using the Connect Buttons, Kinect or Micro-USB cable. The Connect button is the best way, however.
    For the Connect Buttons, press and hold the Xbox button to turn it on. While flashing find the button on the disc drive side of the control and press it. Then press the Connect button on top of the Xbox controller.
    If you happen to have a USB to Micro-USB then the fastest thing to do is connect the controller to the console using it and they’ll automatically pair.
    For Kinect, you can repeat the process for Connect Buttons above, press the Connect buttons on the console and controller then hold the controller up to the Kinect.
  2. Each player needs to have an Xbox account or Guest account when you connect the controller
  3. The new player will immediately join the party for online and offline play

Repeat this process to connect all of the controllers. Then you can all set-up the game you want to play and enjoy some sweet local-multiplayer time together with a split-screen Rocker League. We do advise that you connect all the controllers to the Xbox One first before stating to connect them to the game. The easiest way to do this is wireless as there’s no need to purchase any cables.

How to play Rocket League Split-Screen on PlayStation 4

Just like with the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 is very straightforward for setting up a split-screen game which is perfect considering how popular this console is. PlayStation 4 is a great console for local multiplayer so co-op with split-screen is no surprise. This is a great console for setting up a games night with Rocket League with a few friends or just for spending some one-on-one time to tag-team some multiplayer with just one person.

  1. Connect all the controllers
  2. Log in with the Player 2 or guest account for that controller
  3. When the game is open, press Options on the new controller

Once done, the second player will immediately join the party and is ready for offline and online play. You can do this for as many controllers as you like to get a full group of 4 players so don’t feel as though you can only share Rocket League in split-screen with only one other person.

However, the main account you log into for Player 1 does need to have a PlayStation Plus subscription. This player needs to have the console set as their Primary PlayStation 4 but no one else needs an account to play offline together. For online, however, all accounts need to have a PSN account to connect to and play on the PlayStation Network.

Be sure to connect all of the controllers to the console first but you can do this once you’ve launched the game as well. Doing this then will jump you straight into being able to log in for each controller.


Rocket League is the perfect game for split-screen and while this might not be as common as online multiplayer, there’s very little that can compete with the feelings of local-multiplayer. Being in the same room playing the same game is an old gaming classic which is impossible to replace. Online gaming might be easier and it’s not something that will be going away.

While local-multiplayer might be in decline but being able to play a game with a sibling, friends, roommates and anyone else is very important. It adds a layer of intimacy that can’t be found through online gaming. Setting up for split-screen gaming is easy no matter the platform and while some platforms are made for local-multiplayer, any of them can work.

There might be a few differences when it comes to adding more than one extra controller but overall it’s very simple and anyone can set this up. We advise connecting all controllers to the platform before starting the process of setting the game up for local-multiplayer. This makes the process much simpler and you can also double-check the instructions on how to do this from the developer or the platform manufacturer. If you only want to add one controller then the above instructions are all you need but make sure you connect the other controller first.