[Solved] How to Bind Kill in Team Fortress 2?

Learn what it is and how to kill bind in Team Fortress 2 by following a few easy steps that'll turn you into a professional scripter.

Updated on Jul 29, 2023
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[Solved] How to Bind Kill in Team Fortress 2?

Unlike many games, Team Fortress 2 actually allows you to mess a bit with its code. That way, you can configure your game to your liking. You can enable a mode called "developer-console", in which, by writing easy codes, you can configure your game to do certain things. But for most things, you'll need to bind a letter or symbol on your keyboard to the action you want to do.

What is Bind in Team Fortress 2?

Bind is binding a certain key in your keyboard to a certain action in Team Fortress 2. For example, imagine that every time you press "P" on your keyboard, you send a "good game" message in the chat during the gameplay. That seems pretty fun, right? And that's completely possible! All you have to do is to enable the console mode and use the right code line to bind a letter on your keyboard to the phrase you want to say.


If you're having trouble with enabling the console, don't worry. Read our article about how to enable the console in Team Fortress 2 so you can solve this problem easily.

So, in short, binding in Team Fortress 2 is the act of binding any button of your keyboard or control to a certain action in-game, which brings us to the famous kill binds.

What is a Kill Bind?

In Team Fortress 2, kill bind is to bind a button on your keyboard to the action of killing, which can lead to funny ways of killing in the game. You know, like, in some games, there are different scenes for characters dying? Although Team Fortress 2 doesn't have scenes, you can see the characters dying differently, and it gets better by using this code.


This game has two main kill binds: the kill itself and the explode. Using the first one, your character will die by letting a lot of blood out, which isn't as fun as it looks. However, the second one is a community favorite, and it makes your character explode.

But why would someone want their own character dead?

What is the function of kill bind in Team Fortress 2?

It seems pretty useless, right? Yeah, it is fun to see your character explode, but why would you do that during gameplay?

Well, there are actually quite some reasons why kill bind is important in this game. As you may know, Team Fortress 2 maps are quite big and have many hidden spots or hard-to-get places. Sometimes, you get stuck in some of these places, and there's no way your enemies can reach you to kill you. It stinks to disconnect from the match just to debug yourself, so what do you do?

You kill your character, preferably by exploding it. That way, you can respawn at your team's base, and everything goes back to normal


Team Fortress 2 is one of the few online and multiplayer FPS that allows you to change clbuttes during the gameplay. However, you can only do that during the respawn phase. But what if the respawn phase is taking too long to come? What can you do?

You can kill your character so it goes to the respawn phase, where you can pick your new clbutt. That's what makes this feature so popular. Most professional or old Team Fortress 2 players don't live without this configuration, and we can understand why. It is pretty useful.

Sometimes the enemy has a weapon that gains benefits by hitting you. There are quite some weapons that do this, actually. In this game, many players choose to die by pressing the key to kill their own character when there's no way of running away from their enemies attack. Of course, sometimes this can be considered cheating, which will certainly stress your enemies out. Yet, it is still a possibility.


Another way of technically cheating through the use of this command is to make sure that you still have your dominations. In case you don't know, you are dominating an enemy if you're killing them or buttisting in their death without having them buttist in your death or kill you.

You can kill your own character if you're in a situation where the enemy you are dominating will probably kill or buttist in your death. Again, this will be considered a very wrong behavior by many players, and it does break a bit of the competitive spirit of the game.


Finally, this command can help the user achieve some of the game's missions because of the domination scheme we've explained above. There are other commands you can use in Team Fortress 2 as well, such as the aimbot command and the infinite ammo or infinite health. TF2 is already a fun game, but with commands it gets even better.

How to Kill Bind in Team Fortress 2?

Kill bind is one of the easiest, if not the easiest, commands in Team Fortress 2. You just need to follow these three easy steps.


  1. Open the console tab
  2. Type "bind [key] kill" exactly as it is written, only changing "key" for your preferred key
  3. Send the message by hitting "ENTER"

That's it. You've successfully bound a key in your keyboard to the command "kill" in Team Fortress 2. This command will make your character die normally. If you want to make your character explode, use this:


  1. Open the console tab
  2. Type "bind [key] explode" exactly as it is written, only substituting 'key" for your preferred key
  3. Send the message by pressing "ENTER"

Now every time you press the key you've picked, your character (no matter the tf2 clbutt) will die through an explosion that will throw all its pieces into the air.

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