Team Fortress 2 Best Server Hosting Prices in 2024

It comes down to more than just money regarding the best TF2 server hosting prices, since Nitrado is for beginners, while GTX Gaming is better for eSports.

Updated on Jan 04, 2024
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Team Fortress 2 Best Server Hosting Prices in 2024

How Much Does it Cost to Host a TF2 Server?

The services offered by the third-party server hosts depend on a multitude of factors, the biggest of which is the maximum number of players that can join the server at one time.

Usually, hosting a Team Fortress 2 server costs between 10$ and 40$ a month, with the most optimal options landing in between. At the best server host site, the services are accompanied by DDOS protection, and free trials, so make sure to check out all of the competition before deciding.

HostPriceOptimal Usage
Nodecraft 9.98$ - 39.98$Perfect for beginners wanting to host their first servers
Gameserverkings9.90$Hbuttle-free server hosting, for casual friendly matches
GTX Gaming6.40$With a priority on stability, suitable for large, tournament-focused servers, or long-term mod servers
Nitrous Networks4.5$ - 10$The most optimal price for a 32-player server
Nitrado1.69$ - 200$High-end hosting, suitable for hosting even esports events, with a deep breath of customization options

Nodecraft offers a simple and easy free trial to check out the kind of server you'll be hosting, and to even see if you're up for the task of doing so, making it perfect for beginners that just want to ensure they have control of the server they play on with their friends, trying out the worst weapons available in TF2, the most basic payment plan is more than enough!

TF 2 - Nodecraft Hosting

The same goes for Gameserverkings which allows you to set up your servers without a single line of code, due to the TCAdmin control panel, and can focus on blasting away without worry that cheaters are coming to ruin your game.

TF 2 - Gameserverkings Hosting

The starting price of this hosting service is 9.90$ per month. Unlike the previous entry on our list, the basic package only covers a 10-player server. Still, that only makes this option a good and quick way of setting up a casual server for friends!

On the other hand, GTX Gaming are one of the oldest hosting companies in the world, and prices for the standard package start at 6.40$, for a 10-player server slot. Unlike most hosting companies, GTX Gaming offers a variety of customization to the services they provide.

TF 2 - GTX Gaming

By prioritizing stability, it's the perfect hosting option for those that stay intend to stay loyal and host long-term servers, as there are discounts in order, as well as monthly TF2 giveaways.

And, when it comes to Nitrous Networks' selling points, the first one is the free voice server, on top of their low prices which start out at 4.5$ a month for a 10-player server.

TF 2 - Nitrous Networks Hosting

The biggest selling point though, is that you'll only come out at 10$ a month when hosting a 32-player server, due to their special offer. Making this the perfect host for those on a budget, who still want a lot of player slots to play around with.

Finally, unlike the others on our list, Nitrado offer server hosting that only lasts 3 days, and it can be reflected in the price, with player numbers restricted to as low as 4 players. A perfect way to organize a 2v2 weekend with some friends, for the low low price of 1.69$

TF 2 - Nitrado hosting

Of course, the price scales with the options picked, and can go up to 200$, and their servers support up to 200 players, allowing you to create more complex servers, that will always show TF2 ping in the low digits, due to their worldwide coverage.

It's actually on par with the actual Team Fortress 2 server locations, and they have an excellent support team capable of helping you in multiple languages. It's the best host by far for those who have a vision of what they want their server to look like.

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