Top 5 Best Places to Buy TF 2 Items Securely

Check out the best sites to buy TF 2 items online such as, and more!

Updated on Oct 03, 2023
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Top 5 Best Places to Buy TF 2 Items Securely

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Starting off our list of the best places to purchase TF 2 items, we have, one of the earliest and best TF2 trading sites. All the way back in 2012, started their bot trading practices, which have persisted until today.

Players can bank their items for refined metal, which can then be exchanged for the items the bots have in stock, for everything from weapons to hats and keys! Home Page

The most competitive prices found on this site revolve around weapons, as even the worst weapons of TF2 have their buyers. So, if you've got any scrap to bank, and wish to get some weapons at a cheap price, this is the site for you!

In addition, has an active community and forums, and their customer support is timely and quite willing to help!

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Now, if you want to buy stuff other than weapons, we recommend It's from the founders of, and they've learned from their previous experiences in facilitating an exchange between buyers and sellers.

If you want to buy TF 2 items, and don't want to pay extra for the privilege, here's the site for you, as buyers are not charged any fees for their purchases. And even sellers only pay 10% of the item value. Home Page

In addition, while some sites may practice having a minimum wallet, does no such thing. You don't need to fill up a wallet before buying your items, and only pay the amount you intend to actually spend, on the best prices you find.

In addition, the community is well-connected, with a dedicated Discord server there to connect you with fellow players, and a live chat to answer your questions! is a versatile site, that sells everything from cosmetic items, to weapons!

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Dedicated sites are usually better than those that cater to a variety of titles. And while does have options to trade items for other games these days, its very name should clue you in as to what game they originate from catering to.

Like the previous mentions on our list, has a variety of items for sale, with more than 10 currency options to choose from as your payment, and just as it is easy to change languages in TF2, so it is at this site with 6 language options. It all makes the site incredibly user-friendly and simple to use.

Mannco TF 2 Items

Unfortunately, does not have a live chat, and customer support can get unreliable at times. On the other hand, frequent giveaways are often organized, giving customers the opportunity to win some free TF2 items!

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On another note, we have a site that primarily specializes in CS: GO items and especially skins of multiple games, but their services are too good to pbutt up and not get mentioned even for Team Fortress 2. We are, of course, talking about Dmarket, and the selection of tf2 skins and items they offer!

The biggest issue with Dmarket is that their commission is not competitive, but it is in line with most others, standing at 3%. And the options they offer are numerous.

Dmarket TF 2 Items

Aside from the multiple languages provided, they also offer bot trading, making for quick and easy buying of Team Fortress 2 items, if they have them in stock. In addition, purchasing options include digital currency such as Bitcoin, and the site itself has embraced the blockchain completely. It's definitely one to check out. Plus, you can also use our code "TGG" for a special bonus and safe a bit of money!

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Now, the final entry on our list is there for the players that just want to clear out their inventory as quickly as possible, and, ideally, trade it for the items that catch their eye.

Tradeit does precisely that, by offering you the option to trade your items directly for the items available in their bot inventory. And, if nothing catches our eye at that moment, any extra value you have will be placed as your account balance so you can buy even more Team Fortress 2 items.

Tradeit Home Page

In addition, Tradeit is one of the most popular trading sites for games, with millions of users. And while it has a reputation as the best seller website, for it to actually gain that reputation it must also allow for a good buying experience, which is definitely something to take advantage of.

The commission fee is a bit steep compared to the others, at a flat 8%, but it's worth it for the convenience the site offers. If you're looking for some quick trades, that is.

All in all, the best sites to buy TF 2 items depend on the types of items you need, and, as is in all economies, supply and demand. Even the Steam community market can land you in the black if used patiently and with some rare items to buy or sell.

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