How to Rocket Wall Jump in Team Fortress 2

Do you want to rocket wall jump in Team Fortress 2 but never get to do it right? Learn how to easily do one of the game's most famous actions in this article.

Updated on Aug 19, 2023
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How to Rocket Wall Jump in Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is famous for a lot of unique movements and possible actions players can do in the game. In fact, there are thousands of memes related to the characters' skills. However, some are harder than others, and one especially hard ability is the rocket wall jump. Players cry out loud that they can't do it even after training a lot. If you are one of them, don't worry. Let's see how you can quickly learn to rocket wall jump.

What is Rocket Jump in Team Fortress 2?

The Rocket Jump is an exceptional ability discovered by the game's community in which the character Soldier can jump much higher than the average jump skill allows. Players use this advantage on several occasions, such as reaching higher ledges, dodging enemy attacks, going through the map faster, and more.


Just like the name explains, the rocket jump is based on the character being propelled upside after shooting a rocket into the ground. So, you basically fly for a bit. It is like you are a rocket. There's no surprise why players love this ability so much.

This is an easy skill, yet it is necessary to practice it a lot and have patience. Also, it is vital that the player test their reflexes so they can correctly use the skill required to jump higher. But how do you do it?

How do you Rocket Jump in Team Fortress 2?

  1. First of all, you need to select the rocket launcher weapon on the Loadout page. This is the only Soldier's weapon that allows you to do this jump. Besides, it is an excellent weapon overall.


  1. Once you have selected the correct weapon, look in the direction you will jump in. Of course, you can also jump in place, so the direction won't matter much in that case. However, since this is a tutorial, it is better to start taking the easy steps to get used to this jump.
  2. Now, move forward in the direction that you've picked. All you have to do is press and hold the "W" key on your keyboard.
  3. It is time to jump. Just press the space bar as you do in an average jump. This step is essential since it reduces the damage that you take once you fall from the rocket jump. Remember that rocket jump is basically flying upwards like a rocket, hence the name. Therefore, once the character returns to the ground, they usually get some damage hits.
  4. Once you are in the air, look toward the ground. This movement needs to be very quick, so you'll need to practice your reflexes. Do this immediately after jumping. Well, immediately after getting in the air, but before reaching the maximum height of the usual jump. It doesn't seem very easy, but once you try to do it in the game, you'll see that it's quite easy.


  1. Then, shoot a single rocket once you've looked at the ground. Once again, this needs to be done immediately after the last step. Don't hesitate. To fire a rocket, you'll need to have the "rocket launcher" weapon in your hand and push the left mouse button.

And that is it! If you follow all these steps, you'll be able to rocket jump in TF2. Don't be upset if you don't get it right at first. It can be a bit tricky, but you'll get it right pretty soon. Yet, that isn't a rocket wall jump, is it?

What is Rocket Wall Jump in Team Fortress 2?

The Rocket Wall Jump is quite similar to the Rocket Jump. The only difference is that, instead of jumping on the ground, you'll rocket jump next to a wall, and once you do the steps stated earlier, you shoot at the wall so you can keep yourself in the air.

There are many types of rocket wall jump since each one depends on which side you get your impulse from. For example, if you shoot the right side of the wall you are facing, you are doing a rocket right wall jump. That goes for the other sides as well.

How to do the Rocket Wall Jump in Team Fortress 2?

To do the rocket wall jump, you follow all the needed steps for the typical rocket jump, and once you start to fall back to the ground, you shoot the wall. Be careful since the wall needs to be very close to you so this skill can work.


This ability needs even more practice than the original one, but it gives you access to even higher places and can be a great advantage in battle. Hence, it is crucial to learn it if you want to master Soldier's abilities.

What is a Double Jump?

As you probably have noticed by now, there are several types of jumps in Team Fortress 2. However, the double jump is famous for being allowed in several games. It became a cultural practice in the gaming scenario.


In Team Fortress 2, you can only do the double jump using the Scout character since he has it as an innate ability. Many Scout's items allow you to do fun and valuable jumps variations that will be explained later. Right now, let's see how you can double jump.

How to Double Jump in Team Fortress 2?

  1. Pick the Scout clbutt.
  2. Press the space bar, so Scout can normally jump, as any character does.
  3. Then, press the space bar again while he is in mid-air. That's all.

Very simple, right? This ability allows Scout to explore places on the map that other characters usually cannot. Besides, it is an excellent help during battle and perfectly fits the character's background since he is the most active clbutt in the game. There's no surprise that the double jump is so loved.

A terrific tip is to test this skill during a battle with bots, so you can naturally do it during the actual match. See our article on how to play with bots in Team Fortress 2 if you don't know how to create a match with them.

Which Characters in Team Fortress 2 Have Special Jumps?

At this point, it is no surprise that Team Fortress 2 is a great game for those who are fond of unique jumps. The greatest thing about this curious feature is that multiple characters have unique jump sets, so TF2 maintains the player's experience positively, even while jumping. See ahead which characters have unique and special jumps.

What are Scout's Jumps in Team Fortress 2?

As stated earlier, Scout is the only character in TF2 with the innate ability of double jumping. However, this skill allows him to do many unique jumps, which are:

  • Triple Jump

As you may notice by its name, the triple jump is like a double jump, but you get to jump once again in the air after double jumping. To do it, you'll need to have the Atomizer equipped.

  • Bonk! Jump


The Bonk! Jump is possible if you equip the Bonk! Atomic Punch weapon, which is a can of what seems like energetic. It makes Scout invulnerable to damage for a while, so Scout can use the recoil from the enemy's fire to propel himself up. Therefore, he will be jumping by using the enemy's attack. Isn't this awesome?

  • Force Jump

The Force Jump requires the item Force-A-Nature to be equipped. It is a higher triple jump that can be achieved by using the recoil of a shot mid-air. However, this jump can be quite hard to control, requiring a lot of practice.

  • Quad Jump

The Quad Jump combines two weapons to achieve a significant jump. You'll need to do the Atomizer's triple jump with the Force-A-Nature's leap, making Scout jump four times in succession.

  • Winger Jump

Equip the Winger as the active weapon so that Scout can gain the stats of 25% additional height in his jumps. That way, once you jump, you'll jump much higher. You can combine other jumps with this so you can reach unthinkable air distances.

  • Basher Jump

This jump will hurt you, but it will be worth it. Equip the Boston Basher or the Three-Rune Blade and hurt yourself with one of them while mid-air. This is one of the hardest jumps in the game, so be careful.

  • Hype Jump

Finally, the last of Scout's jumps is the hype jump which requires you to both fills and activate the Soda Popper's Hype meter to do five air jumps for a short period. Yes, five, each higher than the other.

What are Soldier's Other Jumps in Team Fortress 2?

If you don't remember, Soldier is the only character who can do a rocket jump and a wall jump. However, besides those, he can also do other special jumps.

  • Overload Jump

The Overload Jump is reachable by using the Beggar's Bazooka. With it, you can do three rocket jumps in the air without shooting at a surface. It is a great alternative to the rocket wall jump. However, it will make damage you, so be careful.

  • Different types of Rocket Jumps

The truth is that there are several types of rocket jumps beside the rocket wall jump, such as the Pogo jumps, the double and the triple rocket jumps, flicking, water jumping, bouncing, ctapping or crouchtapping, jump surf, and edgebugging.

What are Demoman's Jumps in Team Fortress 2?

The Demoman is a character known for his unique set of skills. He is the official bomber in Team Fortress, and his remote grenades make the game more interesting. There are several jumps you can do with them, including:

  • Basic Sticky Jump

Using the default secondary weapon of the character, you can jump higher than you would with the basic rocket jump. However, you lose more life points. To do it, you'll need to place a sticky bomb on the ground, jump over it, and activate it. You can crouch while jumping to go farther.

  • Advanced Sticky Jump

This type of jump is pretty similar to the rocket one. It has lots of variations, like the double and triple sticky jumps, wall jumps, mid-air pogoing or normal pogoing, and more.

  • Caber Jump

Use the Ullapool Caber to strike the ground or a nearby wall to be launched upwards. It damages a lot, but it is easier to do than most special jumps.

  • Cannon Jump


Equip and select the Loose Cannon to do an explosive jump that causes 25% less self-damage than the sticky bomb jumps.

  • Rampsliding

Also known as trimping, you'll need to use the Slendid Screen, Chargin' Targe, or Tide Turner to achieve this jump, which is based on jumping off inclined surfaces.

  • Grenade Jump

Last but not least, one of the game's most-known abilities is the grenade jump. It is basically the Sticky Jump, but using the Grenade Launcher instead of the sticky bomb weapon.

What are Pyro's Jumps in Team Fortress 2?

You probably didn't know that Pyro has unique jumps since his primary weapon is a flamethrower, but he does, and they are pretty fun, and some use fire as well.

  • Thermal Thruster Jump

This jump needs the use of the Thermal Thruster, so Pyro can charge himself in the direction that he is looking at. It is a short distance. Yet, it can be advantageous during fights.

  • Deflect Rocket Jump

Yes, he can do a rocket jump! Well, a deflect one, but still a rocket jump. Do you remember his compression blast? Pyro can aim and use it at his own feet so he can redirect a Sentry Guns' or Soldier's rocket into an incredible jump.

  • Flare Jump


Select the Scorch Shot or the Detonator weapon to jump. The results are lovely and will significantly impact your game's strategy.

What are Engineer's Jumps in Team Fortress 2?

Even the Engineer has some unique jumps. Valve really put a lot of effort into TF2, which we can't deny. Let's see what he can do.

  • Sentry Bullet Jump


This is one of the hardest jumps. Luckily, it doesn't cause a lot of damage to the player. To do it, stand on top of your sentry gun, aim where you want to go, crouch-jump, and shoot the bullets that make you go higher in the air.

  • Sentry Rocket Jump

Once again, we see a character that can do a rocket jump. Unsurprisingly, this is one of the game's most famous abilities. Many characters can do it, and all of them do it differently.

You can do it by advancing your Sentry to level 3 and making it fire rockets while you crouch-jump on top of it. Or, you can do the harder method in which you jump with your Sentry. To do it, fire the rockets and pack up the machine before you get out of range.

  • Building Step Jump

If you have ever played with the Engineer, you probably noticed that he can stand on top of his machines. So, the building step is jumping while being on top of one of your structures as the Engineer. Very simple but helpful on many occasions.

  • Energy Orb Jump

You'll have to use the Short Circuit's self-damage near the enemy's range to do this jump.

What is a Quick-Fix Jump in Team Fortress 2?


Impressively, it is a jump that you can do with the Medic clbutt by using his Quick-Fix while the player you're healing does an explosive jump. While the player gets damage points, the Medic doesn't, so it is a great help. It doesn't work with the Engineer, though.

What is a Pumpkin Jump in Team Fortress 2?

All characters can do this special jump since it uses the Pumpkin bombs item.

How Can an Enemy Assist My Jump in Team Fortress 2?

Sometimes, you can use the enemies' attack to make unique jumps. Some examples were stated earlier, like the Bonk! Jump.

Why Can't I Jump in Team Fortress 2?

There are some occasions in which you are incapable of jumping. For example, if you are taunted, crouching, underwater, in the air (besides the Double Jump), stunned, or have something in your head, you won't be able to jump.

Now you know everything possible about jumps in Team Fortress 2, but do you know how to spin? Check it out in our article to learn more incredible abilities in this wonderful game.

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