What Are the Worst Weapons in Team Fortress 2?

If you have ever wondered what are the worst weapons for each character/clbutt in Team Fortress 2, these are!

Updated on Sep 12, 2023
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What Are the Worst Weapons in Team Fortress 2?

Since every character has a unique set of skills, and they are all very different to play with, it wouldn’t be fair to compare Heavy’s gun with the Medic’s gun, or the Engineer machines with the Spy’s gameplay. So, to make the list fair, we’ve picked the worst weapon of each character. Let’s see what they are.

What is the worst weapon overall in Team Fortress 2?

1 /10

Engineer’s Worst Weapon - Pomson 6000

The worst weapon in TF2 is the Pomson 6000. You probably saw it coming, right? The Pomson 6000 is one of the most hated weapons in the game for a good reason.


This is a primary weapon for the Engineer, and although it has a cool visual, it is ridiculously weak. It causes 52 to 60 damage points at point blank, but it deals 80% damage less toward buildings. It doesn’t even make sense why it is purposely weak, but at least it is fun to play with.

Just to clarify, most characters have three sets of weapons: primary, secondary, and melee. To pick the worst one, we’ve researched every weapon except those that don’t cause damage, only adding some special skill or effect, like the beloved Buffalo Steak Sandvich.

2 /10

Scout’s Worst Weapon - Fan O’War

This promotional hand fan is a community-created melee weapon inspired by a large metal gunbai war fan, a type of Japanese hand fan weapon. Although the gunbai offers your a bonus since hitting an opponent with it “marks them for death” during 15 seconds, making any hit taken by the target a mini-crit, the weapon is the least powerful among the Scout’s set.


The critical damage caused by Fan O’War is 26 points only, while the point blank damage is 9 points. That’s stupendously low, even for a melee weapon. However, Fan O’War is still a nice and charming weapon.

3 /10

Soldier’s Worst Weapon - Liberty Launcher

As the name shows, the Soldier is a character that always causes so much damage, so even the worst of his weapons is still good. The title of worst weapon goes to the Liberty Launcher, a community-created primary weapon quite similar to the standard weapon in terms of appearance.


At point blank distance, it causes 79 to 84 points of damage, while it causes 38 to 68 at medium range and 91 to 114 at long range. It is pretty decent, but Soldier has many other good weapons.

4 /10

Pyro’s Worst Weapon - Hot Hand

“Set the world on fire and let it burn” is a line that can define Pyro’s players pretty accurately… They like to be the chaos and surely know how to make everyone panic. Overall, his weapons are consistent, varying only on the side effects. Yet, one, in particular, falls behind the others, which is…


The Hot Hand. This fire-resistant glove matches the character’s lore, but it doesn’t cause a lot of damage. It is one of the weakest weapons in the game, actually. Although you can give two consecutive melee attacks with it, each one causes only 28 damage points. However, Hot Hand is one of the funniest weapons in the game for sure. If you are a Pyro fan, you must play with it.

5 /10

Demoman’s Worst Weapon - Loose Cannon

Demoman is a fun character to play, especially when you are feeling angry. His weapons are also pretty consistent, so the worst one is not that bad at all. Its name is… The Loose Cannon, which is a community-created primary weapon.

Yes, we are seeing a lot of community-created items. Of course, most players care about the fun more than they care about causing damage, so community-created weapons are usually very fun to play and have a unique visual.


This weapon is not bad since it pushes players back on impact, giving them time to get away. Besides, the bomb explosions after it cause mini-crits. Yet, this weapon still causes fewer damage points than the others. It causes 30 to 60 damage points on the splash and 50 points after it if you shot at point blank.

6 /10

Heavy’s Worst Weapon - Eviction Notice

Heavy is the stereotypical big, large, dumb, and strong guy, and we absolutely love it. He’s certainly one of the most loved characters in the game. He is a very strong character, yet one weapon isn’t great as him, which is…


The community-created melee weapon Eviction Notice. It is great, but it only causes 26 damage points and 78 critical damage points. However, it helps to make Heavy a little bit faster, which is already a wonderful help.

7 /10

Engineer’s Worst Weapon - Short Circuit

Engineer players may have been one of the first campers in history. It doesn’t make much sense to talk about his weapons since his strength comes from his machines, yet he can be useful in “real combat”.


His weakest weapon is the promotional community-created secondary weapon called Short Circuit, which causes only 10 points of damage at point blank.

8 /10

Medic’s Worst Weapon - Overdose

Just like the last one, the Medic isn’t a face-to-face combat character since he is… well… a medic. He does cause damage tho, especially if the player knows how to use him properly. However, there’s a weapon that makes it much harder for the Medic to cause damage, which is…


The primary weapon Overdose. It only causes 9 to 10 damage points at point blank, although it helps with the Medic’s move speed.

9 /10

Sniper’s Worst Weapon - Bushwacka

The Sniper is known for his incredible and creative weapons. He is amusing to play with because of this wide variety. There aren’t many differences between his weapons in terms of damage tho, so I’ve picked his community-created melee weapon, the Bushwacka, since it causes 65 damage points and doesn’t cause mini-crits, while the other melee weapons cause a bit more.


10 /10

Spy’s Worst Weapon - L’Etranger

Finally, we got to our king of memes, the Spy. Who is he? We will never know, but we can discover what his worst weapon is. Please remember that Spy’s gameplay is the most different from all characters, so the way he causes damage isn’t the same. His worst weapon doesn’t mean much.


Yet, we have a name. Spy’s worst weapon is the L’Etranger, a community-created second weapon that’s very beautiful but causes 20% less damage than the default weapon. Although all of these weapons are very fun to play with, they might not be the smartest choice in a serious match.

However, all of them have their valor and are community-loved. Keep on track to see more articles about Team Fortress 2.

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