How to Change Clbutt in Team Fortress 2? [Answered]

Learn how to change clbuttes in Team Fortress 2 without any complications, be it on PC or a console.

Updated on Sep 14, 2023
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How to Change Clbutt in Team Fortress 2? [Answered]

Is it possible to change clbuttes in Team Fortress 2?

Yes, Team Fortress 2 is one of the very few multiplayer FPS games that allow the players to change clbutt mid-game. This feature helps you to use different clbuttes in the same match, being highly effective to play with other clbuttes so you can check their primary weapon, try a balanced crew comp, check all weapons, pick a good team using certain clbuttes, and get to play with many mercenaries at once.


To change clbutt inside the game adds chaos to each match, making it funnier. After all, you never know what to expect. Keep reading to see how to pick a certain clbutt in Team Fortress mid-game.


Remember that you can only change your clbutt in team fortress during the respawn part of the match. If you want, you can add even more chaos to a match by killing your own character on random moments.

How to Change Your Clbutt in Team Fortress 2?

So, let’s see how you can change your clbutt during the game. Notice that the game usually comes with this feature already prepared, and you can find in the menu which button you need to press to make it work. However, sometimes the game bugs, and you need to configurate this clbutt change so it’ll work. Don’t worry tho, it is quite simple.


To change your clbutt, you just need to click the key set to this function, then pick your desired clbutt. You can also change your weapons in-game so you and your team can make the best comb.

When Can You Change Clbutt in Team Fortress 2?

You can’t change clbuttes anytime during the match, only during the respawn phase. See what are the best clbuttes in Team Fortress 2 so you'll always know which one to pick.

On Windows

The key “,” on your keyboard is the standard key to change clbutt mid-game, but you can set another one if you prefer.

  1. Go to the game Main Menu and click on the gear icon to open “Settings”


  1. Then click on “Keyboard” and search for the “Change Clbutt” option. It is usually near “Call for help” and under the “TEAM FORTRESS” category


  1. Click “Change Clbutt” and select the “Edit key” button. Remember that the default key to change clbutt is “,”


  1. Select your desired key, click on “Apply” and then on “OK”
  2. Exit Settings and start the match
  3. During the respawn, click on the bound key and select your character. You may need to click on the key several times to get the desired character

On PlayStation

The PlayStation is one of the cases where none of the controller keys is bound to change clbutt by default, meaning you need to configure it by yourself.


First, decide which key you’ll be using for this specific purpose. Then, follow the next steps.

  1. Go to the main game menu and click on “Settings”
  2. Select “Advanced”, then select “Enable Developer Console”, and confirm it by clicking on “OK”
  3. Exit the Settings tab and start the game
  4. Press all the triggers in the controller at the same time to bring up the command input box
  5. Type in “bind [key] changeclbutt” exactly as it is written, just replacing the [key] with your desired key, and close the command input box
  6. Finally, just hit the bound key until you find the clbutt you want to play while in the match

On Xbox

The Xbox already has a default key to change clbutt in Team Fortress 2, which is the back arrow. However, you can bind another key if necessary. To do it, follow the same steps used on the Playstation tutorial.


Now you are all set and ready to play with whichever character you prefer, any time you want. Check out how you and your friends can play Team Fortress 2 together, even if using different platforms.

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