Apex Legends Dictionary: Explaining All Abbreviations From Apex

We curated a list for You explaining all abbreviation you might hear in Apex Legends!

Updated on Nov 03, 2022
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Apex Legends Dictionary: Explaining All Abbreviations From Apex

It’s all about teaming up with legendary characters and fighting for the ultimate survival of glory in Apex Legends. Whether you are stepping up to the fresh hero shooter battle grounds or you are thrilled from random gaming clips of famous streamers of Apex Legends, you come to grips with some common abbreviations of lingo used alongside the game.  

Here is a list of abbreviations to find out the hidden definitions:

TP: TP stands for “Teleport” or “Teleporting” which is the ultimate ability of Wraith where two portals are made in two locations to enable teleporting for the team.

SBMM: SBMM stands for Skill-Based Matchmaking. Apex Legends has implemented this system to let you be matched with opponents who have similar skills or tiers during the matchmaking process.

KP: KP is the short form of Kill Points of a ranked match in Apex Legends which is composed of assists and kills. It is a multiplier which counts both kills and assists regardless of their individual contributions to the total.

XP: XP is the Short form of Experience which is gained by playing matches and determines the leveling mechanism of a player.

RP: RP Stands for Ranked Points in a ranked match. The more you earn kill points in a match the more you multiply the Ranked Points.

HP: HP is one of the most common short forms used in gaming that stands  for Health Points. In Apex Legends each character is entitled with 100 health points and can be increased using Evo shields.

BR: BR stands for Battle Royale, a game genre that Apex Legends belongs to.

Q/Q-ing: Q or Q-ing doesn’t specifically stand for a term. But this is used as an expression among PC players to imply that the player is activating the tactical ability of the legend by using the key ‘Q’ in the keyboard. 

TT: TT stands for Town Takeover/ Triple Take. Town Takeover is a particular location in a map which turns into a story of a legend of Outlands temporarily. Triple Take is one of the marksman rifles that has a triple barrel.

NT: NT is a widely used short form of ‘Nice Try’ during in-game chat. This is used to convey sarcasm or to compliment the effort of a team mate who closed for a clutch but failed.

TY: TY is a quick way of conveying gratitude to a teammate in in-game chat instead of ‘Thank You’. This also stands for Train Yard in the World's Edge map.

AFK: AFK is another common short form to indicate a particular teammate is ‘Away from keyboard’ but still shown online.

K/DR or KD: K/DR or KD simply indicates the kill to death ratio of a player in Apex Legends. 

Banga: Banga is a short form that is used to call the legend, ‘Bangalore’.

Gibby: Gibby is the short form used for the legend, ‘Gibraltar’.

BH/BLOOD: BH or BLOOD is a short form referring to the legend, ‘Bloodhound’.

Path: Path is another word to short ‘Pathfinder’, a legend’s name.

LL: LL refers to the legend, ‘Lifeline’.

Rev: Rev is a short term used for the legend ‘Revenant’.

TTV: TTV stands for Twitch.tv which is a live streaming or broadcasting platform, specifically used by streamers. Streamers in Apex Legends tend to use this short form in their user names along with the name of a main character.

Pubs: Pubs is a short form of public games that refers to the non-ranked game modes in Apex Legends.

ALC: ALC is a shortened term for Advanced Look Controller settings that let the player control over the overall aiming and sensitivity of a game play.

GCE: GCE stands for Google Computer Engine. The short form is seen as a tag in most of the data centers’ names in Apex Legends.

LTM: LTM refers to Limited Time Modes, available for a short period of time in the game.

Ult/Ulti: Ult or Ulti is a shortened form of ‘Ultimate’ ability which is the most powerful ability and unique for each legend.

Now you can keep this as a good reference of abbreviations for a worry-free gaming experience  in Apex Legends.

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