The Best Loba Skins in Apex Legends That Make You Standout

Enjoy our collection of the top Loba Skins in Apex Legends!

Updated on Mar 10, 2024
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The Best Loba Skins in Apex Legends That Make You Standout

Loba’s aesthetic is the definition of sharp and sleek, and her skins reflect that perfectly.

Loba was born into a family of thieves, and her entire upbringing has been based around that fact. Her outfit design even plays into that role. She’s light and stays in the shadows, almost manipulating the very nature of darkness in order to steal. Respawn Entertainment introduced her back in Apex Legends Season 5, meaning that we’ve gotten a fair share of skins for her as of today.

Off The Record

The Off The Record skin for Loba was added as part of the “Loba Starter Bundle”, and it was available for purchase in 2021. It’s a legendary skin, and the bundle it came with cost 3950 Apex Coins.

Off The Record is a very solid legendary skin for Loba. The design is simple and sleek, which complements the original aesthetic that the developers released her with. The color pattern is also something that deserves praise. The red and blue stripes perfectly accentuate the black that covers the entire outfit. It’s nothing out of this world, but it’s definitely something to consider if you’re looking to switch mains.

Purple Reign

The Purple Reign skin for Loba was not part of any specific event. It’s a legendary skin that can be crafted for 1200 Crafting Materials, or bought in the Apex Item store when available for 1800 Apex Coins.

Purple Reign is a hell of a legendary skin, especially considering the fact that you can craft it with only 1200 crafting materials. It was once available in the in-game item store in March 2021, but has since then been removed from the store. The design is to die for, and anyone that loves violet and pink color patterns will absolutely adore this skin. Even though the colors are vibrant and colorful, the stripe design on this skin also gives Loba a very badass look.

Arms Dealer

The Arms Dealer skin for Loba is a legendary rarity skin, and is only available upon purchasing the solo edition pack Apex Legends - Loba Edition for $19.99.

The Arms Dealer skin is a one of a kind legendary skin. This skin somewhat strays away from the sleek Loba outfits, and adds a bit more layers to her outfit. Now, we’re not saying this skin wasn’t designed with her original aesthetic and look in mind, but it’s definitely a slight divergence from it. Nonetheless, she looks amazing in it, and if you’re a fan of Bangalore’s militaristic aesthetic, this skin will definitely suit you. You don’t only receive this skin with the Loba Edition pack, so we believe it’s worth the $19.

Rose Gold

The Rose Gold skin for Loba was part of the claimable Prime Gaming loot for Twitch Prime subscribers in December 2021. It was an exclusive epic rarity skin, and was only claimable through the aforementioned source from December 16th, 2021 - January 19th, 2023.

Here we have a very special skin for Loba, one that’s loved by many. The Rose Gold skin’s status as Prime Gaming loot gave it a sense of exclusivity, and many of the newer players still want it due to that fact. Not only is its exclusivity appealing, but the skin itself gives Loba a cute and beautiful look. It’s definitely a refreshing design, given how we’re so used to seeing skin designs that put emphasis on intimidation and violence. It quickly became popular amongst all players, and those who managed to snatch it are lucky. Let’s hope it makes a return to the in-game store sometime soon.

Gold Standard

The Gold Standard skin for Loba was not part of any specific event, and it can be crafted with 1200 Crafting Materials, or unpacked through an Apex Pack.

This skin is exactly how you would expect a legendary skin for Loba to look like. It’s simple, yet exudes class and style. The reason why this skin is legendary should be self-explanatory, but our hunch tells us it’s the golden color that serves as the selling point of this skin. Most of the skins covered here today can only be claimed or purchased through a bundle, but luckily for you, the Gold Standard skin can be crafted and unpacked. Our recommendation would be this skin, as it’s still widely available.

Self Reflection

The Self Reflection skin for Loba was added as part of Apex Legends Season 7’s Fight Night Collection Event in 2021. It’s a legendary skin that was featured in a bundle for 2400 Crafting Materials, or 1800 Apex Coins.

The name is exactly what this skin offers. The material of the outfit acts as a mirror of sorts, reflecting light off of it. The jacket has a nice scale design that plays into the reflection theme, and the pants are equally as reflective. The cherry on top is the vibrant red lining on the coat, which completes it nicely. We’re not sure if this skin can be purchased right now, but we hope the bundle comes back into rotation soon enough. 

Red Handed

The Red Handed skin for Loba was added as part of Apex Legends Season 8’s Anniversary Collection Event. It’s an epic skin, and can be crafted for 400 crafting materials, or bought for 1000 Apex Coins.

The Red Handed skin might not be legendary, but it’s in the top 3 best-looking epic skins for Loba. The red color pattern is without a doubt the selling point of this skin, and not only does the design look great, but parts of the sleeves and pants are animated. This skin is a recolored version of the epic “Torrent” skin for Loba, and it’s better in every way in our opinion. It made a comeback during the Lunar New Year Sale recently, so it may still be available.

Haute Hoplite

The Haute Hoplite skin for Loba was added as part of Apex Legends Season 8’s Chaos Theory Collection Event in 2021. It’s a legendary skin, and could’ve been crafted for 2400 Crafting Materials, or 1800 Apex Coins.

The Haute Hoplite is unlike anything we’ve ever seen for Loba. We’re used to clean and simple Loba skins, but they went in a completely different direction with this one. Hoplites were elite infantry troops from Ancient Greece, and their status as legendary fighting forces is so widespread that we still know about them today. We’re not sure why Loba was chosen for such a design, but it still looks decent. Many players are hoping for the return of the Haute Hoplite. 

As we all know, Loba isn’t the only legend with skins in this game. We’ve also created lists like these for other legends:  the best Lifeline skins, the best Mirage skins, the best Crypto skins, and finally, the best Gibraltar skins. Respawn Entertainment is innovative when it comes to character skins, and that’s mainly why so many people continue playing Apex Legends. With all that being said, we not only want to show you the best skins for Loba, but also the best skins for all of the Apex Legends.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best Loba skins in Apex Legends. If you’re not already a Loba main, we strongly urge you to buy her the next time you’re unlocking a legend.

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