When are you going to get your Ranked Rewards, answered!

Find out which is the average RP rating in Apex Legends and compare it to your rank!
When are you going to get your Ranked Rewards, answered!

As you probably know, Apex Legends has a ranked matchmaking system and a casual one. There are some differences that make these modes distinct from each other and for that reason they attract different kinds of players. The players that want to take it slow and just enjoy some “hot-drops” usually go for the casual matches, and the people that are in it for the competition go for the ranked ones.

We have to remember though that the Ranked games will not only award you with Ranking Points or Ranked Badges. We have to take into account the Ranked Rewards that Apex Legends offers to the players that decided to grind through the Ranked matches. So, there are many players that are going through the living hell that is the Apex Legends Ranks to get these prestigious rewards.

If you are one of these people, and you are wondering when you are going to get your ranked rewards, then you are reading the correct article. Just continue reading and everything will be made clear.

What are Ranked Rewards?

Ranked Rewards, as the name suggests, are the rewards that the game will award you for reaching a specific Apex Legends rank in the span of a Ranked Season. These rewards vary according to the rank you achieved and they exist only for one reason. To show off your accomplishment.

Like in many games, the most skilled players don’t put all this effort into rising to the top just to keep it for themselves. Some bragging rights are always welcomed and this is exactly why Ranked Rewards exist. We have a separate article diving deeper into the topic of Ranked Rewards so we will not dive deeper into this topic here.

It is important to know that these rewards are separate from any individual rewards you will get through loot boxes or for completing anniversary quests. For that reason, it doesn’t matter how you play the game, as long as you are playing ranked matches and you are climbing the ranks.

When do you get your Ranked Rewards in Apex Legends?

The Apex Legends Ranked Rewards are awarded to the players at the end of each ranked season. Since there is a new Apex Legends season approximately every 3 months, this means that you have pretty much 90 days to get to the rank you are aspiring for.

Depending on which Apex Legends Ranked Mode you are competing in, each rank has its own difficulty in achieving it. The positive thing is that just barely reaching a rank makes you eligible to get this rank’s rewards. In other words, it doesn’t matter how many ranking points you have at the end of the Ranked Season, you are still going to get the Apex Legends ranked rewards for the highest badge you managed to achieve.

For example, let us say you managed to get more than 15000 Ranking Points in the span of a ranked season. This means that according to the following table, you should have reached the rank of Masters.

Rookie0 RP
Bronze1000 RP
Silver3000 RP
Gold5400 RP
Platinum8200 RP
Diamond11400 RP
Masters15000 RP
PredatorThe top 750 Players in the Region

As it is natural due to the fee for entering a ranked match in Masters (75 RP minimum) and the level of competition in Masters Rank you lost some matches leading to a quick derank back to Diamond.

Even if you never reached the Masters rank again, at the end of the season, you would still get rewarded with all the goodies that a Masters player deserves. Of course, the same applies to every rank in the game, from the lowest to the highest. We are all trying to at least touch a bit of the Apex Predator glory!

When to grind for the Apex Legends Ranked Rewards?

The best time to start working towards these rewards is at the beginning of the Apex Legends season. The main reason is the Apex Legends Ranked Split problem.

The Apex Legends Ranked Battle Royale Split problem!

As you probably know, in the middle of every Apex Legends season, there is a soft reset. This happens so the ranks get a bit deflated and the Apex predator rank points cap gets reset to the original, 15000 RP. But as you can guess, this creates a certain problem.

If you are, let's say, Gold i, just a few ranking points away from Platinum iv but this was the time where the ranked reset happens, you will lose your progress and derank all the way down to Silver iii. For anyone that had this happen to them, they can understand how painful it is. All this work for nothing.

The moral of this story is that you need to be informed of when the ranked split happens so you don’t waste all your effort. Don’t be like us, be better.

Apex Legends Ranked Arena Split!

If you got scared that you might lose so much of your progress in mere moments, don’t worry. There is a ray of light for you too. That is the ranked Arenas mode. Apex Legend’s Ranked Arenas offer their unique Ranked Rewards but without the danger of the soft rank reset. Why, you ask?

Well, Ranked Arenas doesn’t have a soft reset or a ranked split. At least for now. That means that you have a full, 3 months to try to get the rewards you are looking for.

Although the Apex Legends Arena Points AP system is harder to use to climb the apex ranks faster, the fact that there are fewer people playing Apex Legends Ranked Arenas makes it easier and more reliable to actually get the rewards you want. If you play enough ranked matches (and you are in fact a good player) sooner or later you will get there.

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