[Solved] How to disable crossplay in Apex Legends

Here's how to turn off crossplay in Apex Legends!

Updated on Nov 03, 2022
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[Solved] How to disable crossplay in Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment Apex Legends, one of the most played Battle Royal of all time, features cross platform play, launched some time later with the release of a limited-time "Aftermarket Collection" event on 6th October, 2020. Being able to play with your friends who are on different platforms drastically cuts down matchmaking time as long as cross play is enabled in-game.

Having said that, some may find cross-platform play unfitting due to various reasons, no matter how beneficial the feature can be. Here's a simple guide for you to revert it back and party up with your friends on the same platform to enjoy a balanced gameplay experience.

How to disable Apex Legends crossplay?

If you are so worried that the Apex' crossplay feature is hidden under a pile of settings, you'll be relieved to get rid of it just a few steps ahead. Remember that turning off this feature will limit you to do matchmaking with the players who are on the same platform resulting in waiting longer queue times. But still you can enjoy your gameplay with PC players sharing the same lobby.

You'll be automatically joined to the crossplay pool by default when you hot-drop to your first match in Apex Legends unless you disable it on your own. Once it's being disabled you can follow the same steps to enable cross play if you wish to hop into a match in no time.

If you play Apex Legends on one of the platforms, PC, PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch, the same set of steps need to be followed in order to disable Apex Legends crossplay.

  1. Launch the game on the preferred platform and navigate to the lobby screen

  2. click on the cog icon located in bottom right corner of the lobby screen to open in-game settings menu

  3. Under Gameplay tab, scroll down to locate the option, "Cross Platform Play"

  4. Click on "Disabled"

How to turn off crossplay if you are on XBOX

However, if the option is grayed preventing you from altering its status, it signals that you may need a workaround by simply restarting the game or working on system's privacy settings on your platform only if you are a Xbox player. Follow these simple steps to change the privacy settings on Xbox and turn off crossplay on both the platform and in-game.

  1. Navigate to Xbox settings from the dashboard

  2. Click on "Online safety & family" on General settings panel

  3. Go to "Privacy & online safety"

  4. Click on "Xbox privacy"

  5. Navigate to "View details & customize"

  6. Click on "Communication & multiplayer"

  7. Navigate to "You can join cross-network play" and choose "Block" from the dropdown to turn off crossplay

How crossplay works in Apex Legends

Before you step forward to turn off crossplay, your time is worth spending to figure out how crossplay manipulates matchmaking as long as it's activated. Because some misconceptions among the gaming community may lead you nowhere, ending up disabling the crossplay and leaving you in a player pool that takes minutes or may be hourse for matchmaking. Unlike other crossplay supported games, you as a Console player will never find yourself in a PC lobby.

While almost all the platforms are crossplay supported by default, you cannot invite a friend to your party who plays Apex Legends Mobile. PC players and Console players will not share the same player pool during the matchmaking times. Instead, Console players are allowed to play with players who are on other console platforms, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch which is highly beneficial for them by being rewarded with short queue times. A PC player can hop into the same lobby with other players competing from different platforms on PC, Steam or Origin.

Turning off Apex Legends crossplay will still not retain you from inviting a PC player or a Console player who is not on the same platform as yourself. But being able to pair with players on the same Console platform will definitely make you wait for longer than you would imagine during matchmaking if you are a Console player especially.

However, you can enable cross platform play whenever you decide to restore it back and changes will affect the next gameplay immediately.

How cross-progression is affected by disabling crossplay

Either you are on Steam or Origin, you can disable crossplay in Apex Legends as long as you are linked with your EA account on PC. This will also affect the cross progression, meaning that you are no longer capable of carrying the progress of the game, purchased Skins, Apex Coins, Legend Tokens etc. with your EA account when switching between Steam or Origin.

However it's worth noting that the cross progression is still not available in Apex Legends between other platforms, PC, PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch nor Apex Legends Mobile which is a standalone game. For example, if you play Apex Legends on both PC and Xbox One, you cannot move your progress between these two platforms, forcing you to maintain separate profiles for each platform.

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