The mysterious experience points of Apex Legends explained!

If you still don’t know what experience points (XP) are in Apex Legends, now is the time to find out!

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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The mysterious experience points of Apex Legends explained!

For many games, experience points (XP) are everything, and as gamers, we have spent countless hours of our lives getting these precious points. It makes you wonder if these hours could have been invested differently. But who cares?

In this article, we will focus on XP in Apex Legends, because even though during a match these points will not make a difference at all, it is still a mechanism in the game that is quite important. There are various reasons why you need XP and you might be surprised just how satisfying it is to max out on your levels. 

Of course, the players with the highest RP in the Apex Legends are always on the top when it comes to XP as well.

What are experience points in Apex Legends!

Experience Points XP in Apex Legends measure your progression through the game and are used to get levels that give you various rewards. These rewards can vary between levels but one thing is constant. They don’t change the way the game is being played.

The developers of the game wanted everyone to have an equal chance at winning, no matter if it is their first pub or their 100th. This is why they decided that each match will be its own world and the experience points will not have an impact there.

What are the rewards you can get with XP?

The main reward you get for XP, and as a result, levels, is Apex Packs, Legend Tokens, crafting materials, and Battle Pass levels. All these rewards have different uses in the game that will give some extra color to the Apex Legends experience. Oh, don’t forget that the Apex Legends ranked requirements for playing ranked Battle Royale or Ranked Arenas are also tied with your XP.

Legend Tokens

With Legends Tokens you can quite simply unlock Legends. You get 600 Legend Tokens for each level and unlocking a Legend costs 12000 of those. So, by getting 20 levels you have practically unlocked a Legend.

Crafting Materials

With the crafting materials, you can buy some exclusive cosmetic upgrades for your Legends. Crafting materials are quite hard to come by, so you should use them wisely.

Apex Packs

The free Apex Packs you get in some levels are very useful since they can contain any reward. Like all loot boxes, the really “precious” rewards are almost impossible to get but still, Apex Packs are something you should be on the lookout for.

How do you get experience points in Apex Legends?

The short answer to how you get XP in Apex Legends is by playing pubs. Of course, the more you play the game the more XP you will get, but there are specific things that Apex Legend measures while you are in a match to calculate how many points it is going to give you after the game is finished.

For example, your first kill of the day will get you 500 XP, if you were at some point the kill leader, you will be awarded 50 XP. If the game presents you as the champion squad at the start of the match, then you automatically get 500 XP. You are even going to have XP awarded equivalent to 3 times the seconds you stayed alive in the match.

Don’t forget to add to that the XP bonus you will get from battle pass rewards. Then the total XP you will receive is a simple addition of all these numbers. Did you get confused?

No need to panic, we have created a table containing all the actions that give you XP in the game.

Time Survived3 XP for each second survived
Kills50 XP each kill/assist
Damage Done(Damage done)*0.25
First Kill of the Day500 XP
Killed Champion500 XP for killing the champion squad
Kill Leader50 XP for being the kill leader
Revive Ally25 XP for reviving an ally
Respawn Ally25 XP for respawning an ally
Champion Squad500 XP if the player was the champion squad going into a match
Top 5 Finish300 XP
Won Match900 XP
Play with Friends5% XP bonus to Time Survived for each friend

As you can see, there are some hefty amounts of points you can get, especially if you are winning many matches. There are some things that are quite inconsistent like if you are the current killed leader or to kill the champion squad, but there are some things that you can actively aim for which we are going to see in the next part.

How to get XP faster in Apex Legends?

Same as the Apex Legends Ranked RP system that has its own way of how to rank up faster, there are some basic things you can do to get XP faster!

Try to stay alive as long as possible

If you are looking to get more XP in each match you should try to survive as long as possible. The reason for that is both the XP bonus you get for time survived and also that you will have more opportunities to try to achieve other XP-giving goals. Moreover, a longer time survived means that you are closer to a top 5 finish which is even more XP earned.

Respawn your allies

Even though reaching the point that you have to respawn an ally is not a good sign of how the game is going for you, but if you find yourself with your teammates banner in your position, you should  to a beacon head fast and press E to “respawn ally” for easy 200 XP.

Get involved in many fights

Getting involved in fights will do many things for you. You get the XP bonus for the damage you do, you have the opportunity to revive your allies if they get knocked down, get points for the kills you get, and even get the reward for being the Kill Leader. Add to that that with all the fighting you might even see the achievement “killed champion” at the XP breakdown which is another 500 XP and you can understand why getting into many fights is so important.

Playing with friends

It seems that Respawn Entertainment really wanted you to not feel lonely while playing Apex Legends, so they decided to give an XP bonus to anyone that is playing with friends. This is another 5% XP bonus to the time survived for each friend you are playing with. The same applies to the Battle Pass XP boosts to the top 5 and Win XP that can stack up to 300%! 

So one mystery solved, and now let's solve another one – how to make money by just playing Apex Legends?

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