Shroud Apex Legends Settings + Gear Revealed

Shroud is one of the most beloved Apex Streamers. Being a streamer, Shroud's Apex Settings are usually tuned to the max, as he prioritizes quality over FPS.

Updated on Nov 28, 2023
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Shroud Apex Legends Settings + Gear Revealed

Shroud's Mouse Settings

Shroud's mouse settings are nothing special really. His normal sensitivity is set to 3.0, with his Aim Down Sight sensitivity being set between 1.0 - 2.0. Additionally, his DPI is usually set within the 400 - 450 range, which is the usual for competitive gaming. 

Mouse SettingValue
Normal Sensitivity3.0
Aim Down Sight Sensitivity1.0 - 2.0
DPI400 - 450

Shroud Mouse Settings

3.0 is often considered the best mouse sensitivity for Apex, as it feels "just right" for almost every occasion. You also have to consider the fact that Shroud is currently one of the best Apex Legends streamers on the planet, with thousands of hours invested into the game. It's actually quite common for Apex Predator-ranked players to set their sensitivity lower than usual, as it exponentially helps with their aim.

Shroud's Video Settings

Shroud has a beastly gaming PC. I'll admit it, it kinda makes me envious. Because he has such a beastly PC, he doesn't really have to worry about his video settings too much. Usually, Shroud has everything turned to the max. If you have a weaker PC and want to improve your FPS in Apex, you probably shouldn't be doing the same thing that Shroud is doing.

Shroud Video Settings

What is unique however is his FOV setting, which Shroud keeps at 90. This is particularly strange to me, as he has quite a big gaming monitor, 2560 x 1440 to be exact. On such a big monitor, 90 FOV feels very zoomed in. However, on the plus side. If you have your FOV set to low on such a big monitor, you're more easily able to distinguish far-away targets, which is a big advantage.

Shroud's Keybindings

Finally, we come to the meat and potatoes. Shroud's Keybindings. Here's a handy table for each unique key bind that he uses.

Weapons & AbilitiesMovement
Melee - Mouse 4Jump (Key 2) - Mouse Wheel Backward
Phoenix Ki5 - X
Shield Cell - 3
Interact - F
Holster - E
Med Kit - H
Syringe - 4
Shield Battery - Mouse 5

Those are the only unique key binds that Shroud uses. Everything else is set to the default. 

Shroud's Gaming Setup

Since Shroud is affiliated with Logitech, he obviously runs with a lot of Logitech gear. Here's a handy list of every piece of equipment he has.

Shroud's PC SpecsShroud's Gaming Hardware & Paraphernalia
Motherboard - ASUS ROG Maximus X FormulaMonitor - Asus ROG PG27 AQN
CPU - Intel Core i9 13900KMouse - Logitech G303 Shroud Edition Wireless
GPU - GeForce RTX 4090Keyboard - Logitech G PRO X
RAM - G.Skill Trident ZHeadset - Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset
Storage - Samsung 960 EVOChair - Herman Miller Embody Gaming Chair
OS - Windows 10Microphone - Blue Yeti
Case - Corsair Obsidian Series 750DWebcam - Sony Alpha A6000
Capture Card - AVerMedia ExtremeCap U3Mousepad - HyperX FURY S Pro

Do you see what I mean when I say that I'm envious of Shroud's gaming setup? Frankly, it makes me ask myself: "Do I really need two kidneys?" 

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