How much RP to get to Apex Predator? Is Apex Predator a good rank in Apex Legends? Find out here!

The Apex Predator Rank is the most talked about rank in Apex Legends. In this article you will find out what all the fuss is about!

Updated on Nov 03, 2022
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How much RP to get to Apex Predator? Is Apex Predator a good rank in Apex Legends? Find out here!

Even if you have never played Apex Legends, one of the first things you are going to hear about the game it’s the Apex Predator rank. This rank is very infamous amongst the players of the game and there is a lot of hype around what it means to reach the Apex Predator rank and how good are the players that manage this,

Stay with us if you want to find out more about the crazy rank of Apex Predator, why it is so famous and who in their right mind would ever dedicate their time to reach it.

Is the Apex Predator a Good Rank in Apex Legends?

YES, the Apex Predator is a good rank. In fact, it is the highest RP rank that anyone can reach in Apex Legends, and not that many people have. Being an Apex Predator puts you in the top 0,07% of all Apex Legends players. 

The way this rank is created is a bit different than any other rank. Only 750 players can be Apex Predators at the same time per gaming platform and this creates some very big challenges for the players that want to not only reach this rank but stay in it. Yep, that’s right. You can actually derank from the Apex Predator rank without doing anything.

If you don’t regularly play ranked matches to earn Ranking Points, eventually you are going to fall below the Apex Predator Cap since there are more than 750 players competing for these spots. Thanks to that, at the beginning of the season or the ranked split, you only need 15000 RP to become an Apex Predator, but by the end of it, you might even need double this amount. The players that fail to do that will end up in the Master Rank.

How much RP to get to Apex Predator?

To get to Apex Predator you need about 16000 RPs. However this number varies hugely during a season, between each season and depending on the platform, so practically it’s difficult to give an exact number.

For every 1000 RP after the 15000 RP mark, you will have to add 5 extra RP to the Entry Cost of a match which starts at 75 and can reach all the way up to 175 RP. Reaching Apex Predator Rank #1 or even just maintaining your position requires commitment at the level of a full-time job. Of the total number of players, only 0,07% are in the Apex Predator Rank. Think twice if this is what you want from your Apex Legends Ranked experience.

The same applies to the Apex Predators in the Arenas mode, although the arena points AP system is a bit different than the RP ranking system.

How to reach the Apex Predator #1 Rank?

You need to play a lot of matches with a team of amazing players. That is the only advice we have for you at this level of play since there is almost nothing else you can do to rank up faster. You probably are much better than us in the game, so the only extra thing we can tell you to do is something that you probably already know.

You just need to keep playing and winning constantly. Actually, if you are already an Apex Predator, you should consider streaming on online platforms, since you are one of the best players in the world. This, plus probably you are going to need the money since you have to quit your job to achieve the Apex Predator #1 Rank. You are going to need some form of stable income to sustain yourself in your herculean effort. You have been warned!

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